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Brawl Tactics

by FunkyK38 (talk)

Hello, Brawlers! It’s time for another issue of Brawl Tactics!

For this month, I will be doing the Halberd stage.

The stage is small and moves along with the Halberd as it flies.

First tip! When the Halberd is still in the loading docks, having not yet taken off, lure your opponent off the side of the platform as it gets ready to take off. If you can keep their attention long enough, the Halberd will take off and leave them behind, resulting in a KO. Don’t jump on the platform too soon, or your opponent will follow you and the trick won’t work.

When the stage lands on the deck, a few things could happen. The extensible arm could reach out and grab one of the characters, resulting in a little bit of damage but quite a bit of launch power. This could be an advantage to you if it grabs your opponent, so watch out for it.

The Combo Cannon could fire on you. It will lock on to one of the players on the stage and no matter how hard that player tries to get away from it, it will always follow them until it locks on and fires. A good strategy to use if it locks on you is to stay near your opponent until it locks on, then move away in the split‐second it takes for the Cannon to fire. Your opponent will get slammed with a huge amount of damage and launch power.

The Combo Cannon can also shoot cannon balls out. You just have to pay attention to where the cannon is aimed, and stay away from that area. It doesn’t do a whole lot of damage, but it will hurt if you get hit with one, so be careful.

That’s it for Brawl Tactics this month! Hope you try out these tricks. They’re a sure fire way to get more KOs. Happy Brawling, everyone!