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Brawl Tactics

by FunkyK38 (talk)

What’s going on, everyone? FunkyK38 here with your XL Issue of Brawl Tactics!

This month, I will be discussing the stage Summit.

First up: the platforms. The one to the left is a trapdoor. If you hit the hinge that anchors it to the mountain, it will snap off and fall. The ice ledge on the right is easy to take care of – all you have to do is smash the ice and it’ll break.

Next are the icicles that form where the stage slopes down at the left. If you’re not careful, they’ll do a lot of damage to your character if they fall on you. If you’re paying attention, though, you can shove your opponents under them as they fall so they’ll get hit with quite a bit of damage, and launched fairly far.

The clouds, I pretty much ignore. They’re great if you need to rest to recharge your jump, but they’ll push you off the mountain if you stay on them too long. Better just avoid them if you’re not too confident about them yet.

Now, the journey this mountain makes once again defies the laws of physics, but it’s pretty fun. Try pushing a rival off the right side and watch them go flying. If they’re not expecting it, it’ll be a KO for them. This is also a bad way to lose items. About half a million times the Dragoon parts have fallen onto the left side, and they just stay there. If you try to get them, you’ll get slammed with a lot of damage plus you’ll go flying.

The fish is an interesting character. It’ll eat you, resulting in a KO; it’ll hit you when it leaps out to try to eat you, resulting in a lot of damage; and it’s generally just irritating. Push opponents into the water and the fish will jump out to eat them. It’s not a pretty way to go down, but it works. Stay out of the water near the edges when the water on the stage gets deeper, or you’ll get eaten if you’re not careful.

That’s all for this month! See you all next month for another issue of Brawl Tactics!