The 'Shroom:Issue XIX/Director's Notes

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Director's Note

To the four people that voted to get rid of the 'Shroom on the survey:


Thank you for your attention and have a nice day ^_^.


Who's New: Lakitu Bros/Dark Lakitu 789 is now in charge of the Fangamer Report (This is the first time this issue actually get released, infact).

Who's Gone; Both InfectedShroom and Glitchman were supposed to have their issue, out this month, but InfectedShroom couldn't get his issue in time and Glitchman retired. If anyone want to replace him, please contact me.

What's new: After harassing me to no endasking me, Garlic Man was granted sub-director position which means that he get a fancy new section under this. Tucayo is also now in charge of the "Hiding Koopa" game.

Sub-Director's Note

Hello, Garlic here, and I've been enthusiastically writing for the 'Shroom in the past few months. As you may have noticed, there is a new position on the sign-up roster called "Sub-Director". Basically, I'll be archiving any past issues, updating Subscription templates, replacing the single page, and other necessary duties. Because, yes, it does look nice when we're nice and neat in order. Anyway, this issue, we have a few new writers, with Palkia47 doing "Guess that Game!" and Luigi001 joining us with "Should Have Been". So don't be hesitant to let out your ideas, because it may just become the most popular section of the 'Shroom.

Whenever Blitz isn't available(well, he usually is), feel free to ask me questions, I will answer them to my full abilities.