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Beta Elements

by Pikachu SSB artwork.pngPaper PikachuPikachu SSB artwork.png

Super Princess Peach

The Facts
• The Koopalings were originally going to be in the game, but were taken out for unknown reasons.
• Oddly enough, Morton's sprites were spread around the internet long before those of his siblings.
• Finally, a very early screenshot shows the "Peach's face" screen, which ended up on the bottom screen, to be on the top screen and totally devoid of Heart Panels and also having a bright green, solid background and a different design for Peach. The fact that the Heart Panels, which were used to change Vibes in the final game, are lacking from this screenshot suggests that Super Princess Peach was once planned to not use Vibes and be a more average side-scroller.

Fact 1. This could lead to multiple conclusions. First off, this could be the Koopalings big break. Who knows? They might go on to appear in other games such as New Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Paper Mario.

Fact 2. Not a Beta Element, but still interesting. We can assume that he might have played a larger role then his other siblings. Maybe a reoccurring boss? The mastermind? For this we can only guess.

Fact 3. Like they say, it was probably going to be an average side scroller with no vibes used. There wouldn’t nescesairly be no powerups. It could possibly take more of the Mario feel, with Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, and Stars. Peach’s look seems eh… bad, and the background behind it doesn’t help the graphics out.

OK, so the better facts? Hard to tell. Fact 1 could have been a good addition, but in the manner of their previous game, Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, Nintendo could have screwed up and use them as bosses in the current Bowser’s Villa area. Fact 2 would, in my opinion, would have screwed things up with the Koopalings. The way I figure, if one is a mastermind, all have to be. Fact 3 is definite no. The vibes are what make the game fun, and unique. Without them, the game would, in my opinion, soon become a bore.