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by Superchao (talk)

Hello, 'Shroom readers! For once, I'm actually back! And this time, I bring you a double feature - I interviewed both GalacticPetey and Toadbert101.

Here's the interviews, one after another. Enjoy the read!

The First Interview - GalacticPetey

Superchao: Hello, 'Shroom readers! This month, I'm here with one GalacticPetey!
GalacticPetey: As opposed to two?
Superchao: Yes, because that would just get confusing.
GalacticPetey: I can assure you there's only one me.
Superchao: That makes it easier, I don't have to worry about them switching out on me while I do this.
GalacticPetey: If you want another GP, I'll gladly make a sockpuppet.
Superchao: Sounds like a good time to move on and start asking actual questions!
Superchao: How'd you find the wiki and forum, way back when?
GalacticPetey: Hmm. Must have been back in late 2008 or early 2009. I remember finding and lurking Bulbapedia first. It was cool place all about pokemon. I figured they may be a Mario equivalent and I found this place.
GalacticPetey: I lurked for a little bit and then joined in June of 2009. I joined the forum later in 2010.
Superchao: Well, that was a logical assumption. Good thing you ended up here rather than at, I dunno, the Mario Wikia.
Superchao: Nobody likes the Mario Wikia.
GalacticPetey: I think even when I was younger, I knew this place was better.
GalacticPetey: Wikia just seemed less official.
Superchao: It doesn't have forums or a newspaper either, and that's what's REALLY important.
GalacticPetey: Or a dead spin-off site full of OCs.
Superchao: Hey, Userpedia is... okay, yeah, it's pretty dead.
Superchao: But we try!
GalacticPetey: Yep. It's mostly just sparse edits with a reboot by tabuu every few months.
Superchao: And Edo and Walkazo's thing, nowadays.
GalacticPetey: Oh yeah. That's pretty funny. I mostly keep up with it on the forums though.
Superchao: Anyhow, if you don't mind, I'd like to discuss your early days on the forum! When, well... no offense, but when you were a bad user.
Superchao: Not too much to discuss, at least.
GalacticPetey: Oh yeah I was awful.
GalacticPetey: Pretty sure I was in that angst-y 12-13 year old phase.
Superchao: Yeeep. Got a couple bans out of it, if I remember right.
Superchao: Good thing the lessons stuck and the ban didn't.
GalacticPetey: Two bans to be exact. First was a month long one for all around shit-posting and flaming I believe.
GalacticPetey: 2nd one was for being an idiot and making the same mistakes again.
GalacticPetey: There was also that whole "I agree" thing.
Superchao: And if you had kept making the same mistakes, this interview wouldn't be happening.
Superchao: Oh god, I remember that thing.
Superchao: or should i say, I agree, even though that makes no sense in that context
GalacticPetey: I'm really thankful for my bans though. It really sent me straight.
GalacticPetey: In fact, Tabuu sent me a PM not long ago congratulating me on how much I've improved since then. It was really nice.
Superchao: Well, he wasn't wrong. I can definitely say that you are one of the Marioboards success stories when it comes to improving.
GalacticPetey: Well thank you.
Superchao: So, once you got things turned around, what would you say is the main draw for you to the forums? The community, the discussion, what?
GalacticPetey: Probably the community, even though a lot of the people I remember are no longer active.
Superchao: Happens to all of us once you hang around for a while.
GalacticPetey: I don't even talk that much about Mario. I've used the forums as a general discussion place for just about anything.
Superchao: Confessions of a Moderator: I rarely dip into the Marioverse board
Superchao: Explains why when I do I don't even recognize some of the people.
GalacticPetey: I'll post there, but not as much.
GalacticPetey: You'll find me a lot in the Smash board though.
Superchao: I've noticed you are quite a fan of Smash! We will get to that later, though.
GalacticPetey: Indeed I am.
GalacticPetey: I'll save my Smash comments for later then.
Superchao: Hmm.. how about the Wiki? Do you venture much on there, these days?
GalacticPetey: Not as much. I feel like one of these days I may make a grand return and actually start being productive, but I haven't had as much time to be a really dedicated editor.
GalacticPetey: Heh. Just looked at my contributions list. Haven't edited at all since April and haven't made a non user page edit since September of last year.
Superchao: I getcha entirely. Anyone who looks at my contributions would notice 95% of them this year were 'Shroom.
GalacticPetey: I actually recently did a review for the 'Shroom not that long ago.. Packy asked me to review the new Godzilla movie so i did.
GalacticPetey: It's in the June issue I believe *shameless plug*
Superchao: Considering I was the one who suggested it to him, I'm not surprised :V
GalacticPetey: Oh really? Cool.
GalacticPetey: I had never written for the 'Shroom before so that was a new experience.
Superchao: Yup! It was during the CC drought so we talked about it and decided "this guy is doing reviews, we need reviews, let's get him in on this"
GalacticPetey: Well thanks for letting me do that. It was nice to put my thoughts out. Maybe I can review the sequel in like 2018 or whenever it comes out.
GalacticPetey: Assuming the 'Shroom is still a thing by then.
Superchao: Hopefully it is! We'd need something for Special Issue CL!
GalacticPetey: How old would the wiki be by then? 13 or something?
Superchao: Uhh... shit, it'd be 13, yeah. Goddamn, this site is old.
GalacticPetey: We'd have users younger than the wiki itself.
Superchao: We might already have that! zing
GalacticPetey: Hah.
GalacticPetey: I'm just imagining the wiki several years from now.
GalacticPetey: "Damn youngn's! I was editing before you were even conceived!"
Superchao: And somehow, I'm still there, telling people to get on my level.
Superchao: Hmm, for now... let's dive into discussion of some of your interests! Media and the like.
Superchao: There's a couple that jump to mind, but let's start with probably one of the most notable. Namely; how'd you get into Dragonball Z?
GalacticPetey: My friend in 6th or 7th grade introduced me to DBZ. It caught on with me pretty well.
GalacticPetey: I still like it but I acknowledge it's no masterpiece.
GalacticPetey: It does have fun characters and cool action so it's still enjoyable.
Superchao: It may not be a masterpiece, but it was certainly defining. How recognizable is the term "Super Saiyan"?
GalacticPetey: Very. I knew about Super Saiyan before I really heard about DBZ.
GalacticPetey: Honestly, it deserves credit for making anime more widespread here in the states.
Superchao: Oh yeah, definitely. There's a reason it's so well-known, and being the gateway anime for a lot of people is definitely part of that.
Superchao: I wouldn't be surprised if catching stuff like DBZ as a kid is why I got interested in anime later on.
GalacticPetey: It's funny with DBZ. As a kid, my favorite characters were the super strong guys who blew up planets. As I get older and look back, my new favorite characters are ones like Piccolo and Vegeta who go through character arcs and have defined personalities.
Superchao: Maybe it's just interest shifts? As a kid, you like the big flashy guys, but when you get more appreciation of story, you like the characters who aren't simply one-note.
Superchao: That's just my guess, though.
GalacticPetey: Probably. It's like that with most shows or films I look back on.
GalacticPetey: Even with something silly like Spongebob, I begin to see that spongebob is the villain and Squidward is just trying to live his life.
Superchao: Especially in the later seasons, from what I've heard.
GalacticPetey: We don't talk about the later seasons.
Superchao: Except for Krusty Towers.
GalacticPetey: There are no later seasons within the walls of Ba Sing Se.
Superchao: That sounds like a good excuse to shift topics to our next subject of discussion.
Superchao: Namely, Avatar!
GalacticPetey: Ah yes. Favorite TV show of all time.
Superchao: Really? That's impressive. What gives it that honor?
GalacticPetey: Heh. Honor.
GalacticPetey: Anyway, it's a lot of factors. It has gorgeous animation, amazing characters, hilarious comedy, and deals with very mature subject matter despite being a family animated show.
GalacticPetey: There's just a great sense of wonder with that show. It's so clever and enjoyable.
Superchao: I remember catching it all the time when it was first on. Didn't stick with it since then, but I've noticed that lots of people like it.
Superchao: I have to ask, who's your favorite character? And why?
GalacticPetey: Uncle Iroh. He's a character that can be wise, funny, and badass. He's just such a likable guy and he's portrayed very well by the late Mako. There's just this aura about him that makes him so likable.
GalacticPetey: Zuko and Sokka are also some of my favorites.
Superchao: Zuko probably got the biggest arc in the show, from what I recall... although I think all the main characters got at least some development.
GalacticPetey: Zuko is probably the most developed character. I won't give any spoilers for those who haven't seen the show though.
GalacticPetey: Though if anyone hasn't seen the show, they should do so right now.
Superchao: It's certainly been very successful, at least. The existence of an entire sequel series proves that!
GalacticPetey: Yes. The sequel series is also very good. It is very different though, but it still feels connected.
GalacticPetey: Unfortunately, it no longer airs on TV and is online only.
Superchao: From what I've read, there's a timeskip, right?
Superchao: Huh, didn't know that.
GalacticPetey: There's a reason you didn't know that. Nick does not market The Legend of Korra at all. It's not in their target demographic of mindless eight year olds.
GalacticPetey: Korra actually has substance which apparently is a big no no.
Superchao: That honestly surprises me. With how well Avatar did, you'd think they'd try to cash in on all that. *shrug*
GalacticPetey: I hope I'm wrong, but it may be because the lead is a non-white female. I hope that's not the case though.
GalacticPetey: But that's another topic.
Superchao: Yeah, that might be a tad... touchy to discuss. Instead, I will ask about the show itself!
Superchao: Do you like Korra for pretty much the same reasons as the original series, or does the difference result in different things standing out?
GalacticPetey: Korra is definitely a good show. It has a lot of those same elements. Unlike Avatar, each season is dealing with a new threat which allows for new and interesting villains. They baddies range from anarchist groups to hardcore fascists.
GalacticPetey: It is a bit more geared at older kids too. Not as much comedy.
GalacticPetey: It may not be as extraordinary as the original, but it's better than reruns of spongebob.
Superchao: So it's pretty much one-shot seasons rather than one long thread? Sounds like it makes it easier to jump in as well
GalacticPetey: A bit. Part of it was because it was planned as a one season show and then the creators were suddenly asked to make three more seasons. The second, third, and fourth seasons have some overarching elements while season one kinda feels like a spin-off.
Superchao: Well, it's better than going from four to one seasons, at least!
GalacticPetey: Yeah. It's a miracle we even got a sequel.
GalacticPetey: It's very cool to see the Avatar universe 70 years after the first series.
GalacticPetey: It also has old man Zuko, which is really cool.
Superchao: Well, Korra definitely sounds like something worth watching. But continuing things you like, there's one other thing you're really associated with, and I might as well ask about that.
Superchao: What got you to be a fan of Godzilla?
GalacticPetey: Oh man. I was very young at the time, can't remember exactly how old. I was at my grandparents house and the old Hanna Barbera Godzilla cartoon came on. It had a dinosaur in it and I thought dinosaurs were cool.
GalacticPetey: Soon after, my dad found a copy of King Kong vs. Godzilla from the video store and I fell in love with the movie. The rest is history.
Superchao: I think I saw that cartoon like... years ago, as a kid. It was something alright. Don't remember much, sadly.
Superchao: Still, it was a start, and thatss what's important!
GalacticPetey: I actually recently got a DVD of a couple of the episodes. It doesn't exactly hold up but it's nostalgic.

GalacticPetey: It's very fitting Godzilla is being brought up. Recently it was November 3rd, which marks the 60th anniversary of Godzilla.
Superchao: Oh, that's a good point. It also leads nicely into my next question!
Superchao: So the franchise is really big, and you reviewed pretty much all the movies recently. Any of them that you really want to talk about? Good or bad.
GalacticPetey: Oh man, where do I start? the movies are all very different. You have films like the original Godzilla which are very serious and dark films about the horrors of nuclear war, but you also have silly Power Rangers-like movies like Godzilla vs. Megalon.
GalacticPetey: I highly recommend the original Godzilla (Japanese version) for anyone who enjoys quality film. It's not a simple monster movie.
Superchao: I've read a lot about that one. Isn't Godzilla basically a metaphor for the atomic bomb there?
GalacticPetey: Yes. The film was made not too long after the events of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In the film, Godzilla represents the bomb but is nature's way of punishing man for playing God.
GalacticPetey: But Godzilla is not all somber. A lot of the movies like Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla are plain fun action movies and I love all of them for different reasons.
Superchao: Big G sure has a different role in the start, that's for sure.
Superchao: Also, all of them except 1998 Zilla, I take it? :V
GalacticPetey: Don't even get me started on that movie. You know how Star Wars fans feel about the Holiday special, or how Avatar fans feel about The Last Airbender film? That's how I feel about the '98 film.
Superchao: I believe I've read your forum rant, actually! Some very strong feelings there.
Superchao: Good thing they didn't fuck it up a second time!
GalacticPetey: The 2014 movie may not be perfect, but's it's miles ahead of the '98 film. When I saw the new movie, I was seeing Godzilla, something near and dear to my childhood, done justice on the big screen. It was quite the experience.
Superchao: And from what I've read, the next film is using some of the iconic kaiju. That should be impressively hype. GalacticPetey: Oh most definitely. Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah are lined up for future films. It's like the Marvel fans who got to see all their favorite characters on screen. This is what I grew up with and i'm finally seeing it in a theater.
Superchao: And I look forward to hopefully getting a 'Shroom review from you when Godzilla 2 is out! ...If we're still up in 2018 The 'Shroom will definitely be here in 2018 of course
GalacticPetey: I hope I'm even still active by then!
Superchao: Well, we've covered shows and such you're a fan of and known for, but let's not forget, this IS a gaming website. And a Mario one at that!
Superchao: So, any Mario games you'd like to talk about? We'll get into Smash later.
GalacticPetey: One of my most nostalgic Mario games is Double Dash. That game kinda launched my original interest in the series.
Superchao: Oh, how's that?
GalacticPetey: It was one of the first games I played. Initially my parents were not the biggest fans of video games. I played Double Dash at a friends house and the fun gameplay and colorful graphics and characters caught my eye.
Superchao: Friends are always a nice way to get into various series. It's happened to me! ...Although I have to ask, how'd your parents change their mind? Was it the relative lighthearted tone, or?
GalacticPetey: My grandparents got me Pokemon and a DS for my birthday. They started to care less and less about the whole "video games are awful" thing and just accepted it.
Superchao: That's always nice, rather than some big fuss. And it gives me something to talk about later... which generation, by the way?
GalacticPetey: Gen IV actually. Like I said, I kinda got into gaming later so Platinum was actually my first Pokemon experience outside of the show and cards.
Superchao: Oh, that's pretty interesting. Still your favorite?
GalacticPetey: For nostalgic reasons I love it but I think I enjoyed later games like White 2 more. Still love Platinum and I actually managed to catch every single Pokemon in that game. A full 493 pokedex.
Superchao: Good work! I haven't done that in a long time. Maybe I should give it a try... with the ones I can actually still trade with online.
GalacticPetey: I've been thinking about doing in my copy of X or when I get Omega Ruby.
Superchao: Glad you're going with Ruby, that's the one I recommend to people.
GalacticPetey: Part of it is because my brother is getting Sapphire and we want to trade. And because Groudon is a badass.
Superchao: heck yeah he is
Superchao: Also, since nostalgia and favorites aren't necessarily equal as you just said, is Double Dash your favorite Mario game, or would you say something else is?
GalacticPetey: As terms of Mario Kart, Double Dash is my favorite, but for platforms I probably like Galaxy the most. As far as Mario RPGs go, The Thousand Year Door is a personal favorite of mine.
Superchao: >The Thousand Year Door
Superchao: *mario voice* Good choice!
GalacticPetey: It's a very fun game. Great gameplay and characters.I actually started another play-through awhile back but haven't had as much time to play it.
Superchao: Yeah, it's probably my favorite RPG too.
Superchao: On the subject, what draws you to Galaxy? And does Galaxy 2 live up to it, in your view?
GalacticPetey: Galaxy is a very inventive game. I remember when I first played the game having a lot of fun with the gravity mechanic. It also has some great music and creative level design. Galaxy 2 is a good game, but it feels just like more of the same thing.
Superchao: Gotta agree with you, it seems like Galaxy 2 was pretty much an expansion pack.
Superchao: I think Nintendo even said something to the effect of that
GalacticPetey: That doesn't make it bad per say, just kind of "eh"
Superchao: Pretty divisive, too.
GalacticPetey: Honestly if Galaxy 2 was a big expansion pack for the original like that New Super Luigi thing, that would have been perfectly fine.
Superchao: Maybe they'll do that in the future now that they've done it once, though!
GalacticPetey: Possibly. I'd also be up for a Galaxy 3 that shakes things up a bit.
Superchao: Me, I'd rather they shake things up more by making it not a Galaxy game. But we'll have to wait and see
GalacticPetey: That too.
Superchao: So, now for something more modern and relevant!
Superchao: Like Smash brothers! When'd you get into that?
GalacticPetey: Same way most people did I guess. Looked at the cover and saw Mario, Link, and Pikachu all in the same game. It must be good then!
Superchao: Nintendo sure knew how to advertise it
GalacticPetey: If only they knew how to advertise consoles.
Superchao: So, which Smash did you get in on? Melee or Brawl?
GalacticPetey: Initially Brawl. I didn't actually play Melee 'till later.
GalacticPetey: I liked Brawl more at first. It had more characters and better graphics. What's not to like? But when I revisited the game and compared the gameplay, Melee just felt faster or more fluid while Brawl felt kinda slow and floaty.
GalacticPetey: Not hating on Brawl, but after I started following the competitive scene, Melee just appealed to me more from spectator point of view and from a gameplay point of view.
Superchao: Nah, I get you. It really seems like Melee's the more popular one.
Superchao: Project M makes a good point for that view lol
GalacticPetey: I still really like Brawl and I play it, but nothing compares to high level Melee. It's a ton of fun to watch.
Superchao: Fox vs Fox vs Fox vs Fox! (nah I'm pretty sure it's a little more varied than that)
GalacticPetey: Yeah. There is a lot more to competitive smash than fox only, no items, final destination. I know some people dislike Comp. melee just because there's no items and only balanced stages are allowed, but it's still very fun to watch.
Superchao: Nintendo seems to be acknowledging it, with For Glory mode and all that.
GalacticPetey: I understand that Nintendo is trying but honestly, FD only is not that balanced. It's nice that they're trying, especially with them hosting stuff like the E3 tournament with big players and sponsoring major events like MLG Anaheim and EVO.
Superchao: I remember reading somewhere that Battlefield was the most balanced stage, or something?
GalacticPetey: Yes it is.
GalacticPetey: A stage like FD heavily favors characters like Little Mac.
Superchao: unless you duck and he jumps off the stages :V
Superchao: Anyhow, might as well ask about your personal Smash experience! Like, for example...
Superchao: Who do you main in each game?
GalacticPetey: I haven't played 64 but I play Marth in all the other games. In SSB4 I've been experimenting with a few different characters like Lucina, Greninja, and others.
Superchao: Out of curiosity, why main Marth? Simple favoritism? Plays well?
GalacticPetey: He has a relatively simple play style that's not too hard to learn. Despite this, he is a very solid character, at least in Melee and Brawl. Smash 4 Marth is kinda nerfed but we'll have to wait and see how he stacks up in the future.
Superchao: That reminds me, you've talked about Melee and Brawl
Superchao: How do you feel Smash 4 compares?
GalacticPetey: On the surface, Smash 4 feels kinda similar to Brawl, but I like it better than Brawl. The characters feel more fluid and balanced in this game.and it also looks much more appealing than Brawl's "realistic" artstyle.
Superchao: Out of curiosity, does the artstyle thing apply just to 3DS, or also Wii U?
GalacticPetey: The Wii U version as well. Brawl had a lot of washed out colors and tried to give some characters a more realistic look. Certain characters like Dedede just look dead in Brawl but he looks so full of personality in Smash 4.
GalacticPetey: Also, characters like Bowser and Yoshi look much more like how they do in their actual games.
Superchao: Hmm, I can't really compare. I'm behind on the Smash times. But I know enough to ask you... any additions you really agree/disagree with? Roster-wise?
GalacticPetey: Villager, Mega Man, Little Mac, Miis, Palutena, Pac-Man, Robin, Shulk, and Duck Hunt are all welcome additions to the roster.
GalacticPetey: Wii fit Trainer is the perfect WTF character.
Superchao: I notice Dark Pit isn't on there :V
GalacticPetey: Yeah, a couple characters like Dark Pit and Rosalina are kinda questionable.
Superchao: Huh, what's the problem with Rosalina?
GalacticPetey: She just seems like a random Mario character to chose. I would of thought Toad would get in before her. But Bowser Jr. balances that out. She's still a pretty unique character and is shaping up to be really strong in the metagame.
GalacticPetey: Dark Pit just makes me say "why?"
Superchao: Probably because they wanted a third Kid Icarus rep (but not Metroid because ?????)
GalacticPetey: Dark Pit was a late addition and was added as a last minute clone to beef up the roster. I think they could have at least given him Pit's old Brawl moveset since Pit changed so much in this game.
GalacticPetey: Ridley has no excuse for being absent.
Superchao: Heck, forget Ridley, they could have cloned Anthony Higgs or something!
Superchao: (But not Adam. Never Adam.)
GalacticPetey: Adam beats every character. He prevents you from using certain attacks.
Superchao: Don't forget the fact that if he shoots you in the back it's a one-hit KO!
GalacticPetey: But seriously, if I were to have any Metroid character besides Ridley, it would be Dark Samus. She wouldn't even need to be a clone. She has enough to be a unique character.
Superchao: Final smash: turn back into Metroid Prime?
GalacticPetey: She rides on Ridley to slam into opponents.
GalacticPetey: With K. Rool.
Superchao: Stamp it done and ship it for Smash 5!
GalacticPetey: & Knuckles
Superchao: So, I think we've talked quite a bit about Smash. Of course, the fact that it's such a collection of series makes me want to ask: besides Pokemon, any other non-Mario series that you quite like?
Superchao: Regardless of if they're Nintendo or not.
GalacticPetey: Zelda is one of my favorites. OoT3D is probably my favorite. The Batman Arkham games are also pretty fun. I've also recently been trying out Metroid.
Superchao: >trying out Metroid
Superchao: Yes, that's good. Do more of that.
GalacticPetey: I have the Prime Trilogy and I am a little ways into the first game.
Superchao: If you asked me, I'd say the second is the best, but all three of them hold up very well.
GalacticPetey: It's been fun so far. A little confusing though.
Superchao: There's always the hint system, which isn't too intrusive. They even make sure to integrate it by having various things to investigate.
GalacticPetey: That's nice. As long as that stuff isn't in your face *coughcoughSkywardSwordcoughcough*.
Superchao: Prime 3's a little more upfront about it, but that one's a lot more story-driven than the first two.
GalacticPetey: Well I certainly look forward to playing these games.
Superchao: As well you should. The Arkham games are slightly similar too, right?
Superchao: Free-roaming and all that
GalacticPetey: Yeah. The Arkham games are a bit more open and not as isolated as Metroid.
Superchao: Probably because they're set in an actual city and not on alien worlds, I take it
GalacticPetey: That too. The combat is also very different. They combat in Arkham is similar to Assassin's Creed in some ways.
GalacticPetey: Arkham also has full dialogue and more story, which makes it feel bigger than Metroid.
Superchao: True, Metroid's all about the isolation, while it sounds like Arkham... isn't. Still, whatever works best for a given game!
Superchao: Which one's your favorite of the Arkham games, if I may ask?
GalacticPetey: You're still alone for the most part, there's just a few more side characters.
GalacticPetey: Arkham City. Arkham Origins is still fun, but it just doesn't feel as good. That may have to do with the different voice actors. Haven't played Asylum though.
GalacticPetey: If I had one of the systems it's on, I would be hyped for Arkham Knight.
Superchao: The curse of not being on the cutting edge!
GalacticPetey: Eh. I may be able to live without it. If I ever end up buying a PS4, I'll probably get it.
Superchao: Sounds like a sensible solution to me!
Superchao: Also, Ocarina of Time. As long as you brought it up, might as well talk about it, right?
GalacticPetey: Yeah. I really like it, and i'ts not even nostalgic for me. A lot of people like Ocarina due to Nostalgia but I really like it as a game.
Superchao: Then again, if you jumped in with 3D, you wouldn't have the chance to have it be nostalgia.
GalacticPetey: Yeah. I'm glad I went with that version. It's pretty much just a better version. It's the same game but with better graphics and a less frustrating Water Temple, plus the Master Quest. What's not to like.
GalacticPetey: It also has the boss rush mode, even though i never really used it.
Superchao: I didn't even know there was a boss rush mode!
Superchao: Then again, I haven't played it, which might contribute to that.
GalacticPetey: It's basically a time trial mode where you fight the bosses. Nothing too extraordinary.
Superchao: Yeah, sounds ordinary.
Superchao: So, we've talked at length about things you play and things you watch, as well as being here at the boards.
Superchao: Any real hobbies outside of media?
GalacticPetey: I do acting and theater at school. The reason for all my conflicts recently has been because of rehearsals.
GalacticPetey: It's something I started doing recently and I've met some great people and have had a ton of fun through it.
Superchao: Ooh, I know a couple theater people. From what I hear it's fun but demanding.
GalacticPetey: It really is. Some nights I'm rehearsing 'till 9:30. It's difficult but the people are great and it's fun.
Superchao: Any plays you want to talk about? Like, what are you working on now?
GalacticPetey: Currently doing Suessical. I'm playing everyone's favorite Christmas hating green guy.
GalacticPetey: As for plays I like, Les Miserables is one of my favorite.
Superchao: You must be a mean one, then.
Superchao: Oh, why's that?
GalacticPetey: It's just so grand and massive. I actually saw it on Broadway and it was breath taking. The music is some of my favorite. Kinda indifferent to the film version.
Superchao: Hmm, maybe I should watch it someday.
Superchao: In the meantime, how about that old interview favorite: Would you say this is the last question?
GalacticPetey: Wait what?
Superchao: Just what I asked!
GalacticPetey: Umm. I guess.
Superchao: Well, in that case, looks like we're done here!
Superchao: Thanks for being on the paper.
GalacticPetey: Thank you for having me.
GalacticPetey: And remember kids, don't feed the plants.

The Second Interview - Toadbert101

Superchao: Hello, 'Shroom readers! For this interview, I'm bringing you someone actually associated with the 'Shroom! Toadbert101, Peddler's Place writer and longterm veteran of the MarioWiki.
Toadbert101: aw yiss Superchao: So, considering that as mentioned you're one of the oldest people still around on this site, I might as well as start with the obvious question.
Superchao: How'd you find the place so long ago?
Toadbert101: I guess it's probably a bit different from what everyone else always seems to say during these interviews
Toadbert101: but I was messing around on a wikia wiki for a few years
Toadbert101: and I got interested in taking charge of one of these places
Toadbert101: for some reason, there was an ad for editthis on wikia which I found
Toadbert101: so I got to make my own wiki for free, and decided to make it mario based
Toadbert101: it was a piece of junk though because I was like 10
Toadbert101: and about a month in someone from the mariowiki found it and pointed out the actual wiki to me
Superchao: Well one thing's for sure; that's definitely a unique way of coming here!
Superchao: ...I wonder if your wiki is still up? I mean Editthis UP is still around as far as I remember.
Toadbert101: it is
Toadbert101: and scarily enough people keep finding it and editing it sporadically
Superchao: That's... something.
Toadbert101: there's a link to it on userpedia actually
Superchao: I mean there's us and there's the wikia, how do they decide "yes, this mostly dead clearly-amateurish wiki is where I want to go"
Toadbert101: must just be kids like me who don't know how to properly do a google search
Toadbert101: or the logo
Toadbert101: the logo was pretty good artwork for a 10 year old me
Superchao: The only way to properly test that theory: Get Steve to change the logo to that. Then we'll have empirical evidence!
Toadbert101: my first reaction of the mariowiki was that my place had a better name and a fancier logo
Toadbert101: I would be in favour of a logo change
Superchao: Well considering you're here now I take it that reaction didn't define your future decisions
Toadbert101: it almost did
Toadbert101: I tried to work on the wiki but I couldn't find a whole lot to do
Toadbert101: I think the only reason I really got stuck here was the wiki drought in 2007
Superchao: The time the wiki nearly died and we all had to evacua-
Superchao: Wait, no, that was the comic
Toadbert101: all the servers were down and the only accessible page from the wiki was that picture of mario with the caption "mario is not amused."
Superchao: Hahah, what about that kept you around?
Toadbert101: the link to the chatroom below that
Toadbert101: it was pretty intense to actually be talking in real time to people here
Toadbert101: that good old java applet
Toadbert101: from the chat I got into the forums and userpedia
Toadbert101: and then I couldn't leave
Superchao: And now we have all your sprite comics and posts to show for it
Toadbert101: please do not read my posts for verification
Superchao: Which makes me wonder, what really drew you to Userpedia? I mean you were one of the original big comic makers back when we had the major "epic" comic series, and you even still make sprite comics now (even if it's just awards presentations)
Superchao: So clearly there's something you like
Toadbert101: I was a pretty artsy kid
Toadbert101: I liked making comics on paper for all sorts of things
Toadbert101: and when I finally got a computer I found mario & luigi: super star saga sprite sheets
Toadbert101: so I just ended up trying to make comics and sprites based around that
Toadbert101: which is kind of strange considering thats exactly what was going to happen on userpedia
Toadbert101: I must've found some kind of sprite comics somewhere on google years ago
Superchao: Good thing you got in on the ground floor, otherwise you might have been preempted on being Just Luigi
Superchao: as opposed to one of the 500 recolors
Toadbert101: recolours are for bbboooring people
Superchao: Anyhow, if you don't mind, let's go into detail about your major comic series! Even if they never finish and one's mostly lost!
Superchao: There were two of them, right?
Toadbert101: more or less
Toadbert101: I'd say theres about four of them that were actually "major"
Superchao: When Sysops Attack, Wreck, and...?
Toadbert101: Toadbert101's Doofus Adventure and the sort of unnamed series of these award presentations
Toadbert101: TBDA was my rise to power on userpedia
Toadbert101: and then WSA was my rise to glory
Toadbert101: even though it was a mess
Toadbert101: I did actually recover about 12 issues of it off picoodle though
Toadbert101: I should upload those I guess
Toadbert101: it was sort of a subspace emissary kinda thing
Superchao: Fun fact: I don't actually remember TBDA, although I think I can guess from the name what it's about. :V
Toadbert101: it was the typical style of new users
Toadbert101: something cheap in ms paint, titled mis/adventures of _
Superchao: Seen one, you've seen 'em all.
Toadbert101: pretty much
Superchao: So, I'm going to go ahead and guess that WSA was a mess because...
Superchao: it didn't really have a planned-out storyline?
Toadbert101: it was planned out
Toadbert101: but only in terms of the big cool things I wanted to have happen
Toadbert101: or what plots I could rip off from other places
Superchao: Well, that's better than some cases. I remember a few sprite comics were completely made up as they went along, lol
Toadbert101: so basically each issue became a bit of a subspace emissary kind of thing
Toadbert101: there's five different groups of people in different places, supposedly advancing the plot a little, but a lot of it was just fluff
Toadbert101: I'm still kind of surprised at how many page views it got and why people seemed to like it
Superchao: I think back then people just liked anything that had a big ongoing storyline considering how much that outweighed the "comedy" comics.
Toadbert101: it was almost more like a parody of actual epic genre comics with all its humour and editing slapstick or whatever you'd call it
Superchao: ...That and seeing themselves in the comic, probably
Toadbert101: yeah that was another thing
Toadbert101: I never made much of a plan on how to incorporate new people
Toadbert101: next issue all the sign ups were typically in
Superchao: At least it prevents the age old problem of "the comic was cancelled before you could appear"!
Superchao: Man, there were so many one-and-dones back then
Toadbert101: I still managed to disappoint people anyway with the news I was cancelling so
Toadbert101: yay?
Superchao: Well, it shows they cared!
Superchao: So why did you cancel?
Toadbert101: if the comic had continued on in it's subspace style I probably could've continued it for years
Toadbert101: but I decided to bring all the users together to hopefully advance the plot
Toadbert101: which meant I had to get a plot
Toadbert101: and I just so happened to be watching Lost at the time
Superchao: Ohhh boy,
Toadbert101: so I rather transparently took a lot of plot points and events from the show
Superchao: I can tell where this is going
Superchao: Lemme guess: That made it ridiculously convoluted, remembering Lost
Toadbert101: I don't think it was actually as convoluted as before Lost
Toadbert101: I did actually have slight plans on how to tie all the stuff into the comic
Toadbert101: but I just sort of realized that what I was doing with this new story arc was kinda stupid
Toadbert101: I guess I could've restarted from an earlier point but the comic had probably been going for a full year and I thought it was high time for a break
Superchao: And that break just never ended!
Toadbert101: and so I just never came back to it
Toadbert101: pretty much!
Toadbert101: I went on to some cheap userpedia fan games and then userpedia's server crashed along with all the issues
Superchao: rest in peace scribb
Toadbert101: so I couldn't continue if I wanted to
Superchao: *scribble
Toadbert101: which is probably for the better
Superchao: It's kind of weird to remember how short the Golden Age of Userpedia was, in a way
Toadbert101: It's pretty unbelievable
Superchao: Like the place got more activity and shit in a year than it has in the past six years combined
Toadbert101: Adriels/whatever domain it's on now has been up for probably twice the lifespans of all the other userpedias
Toadbert101: looking back it probably would've crashed in 2009 just like it did
Toadbert101: even if scribblewiki hadn't died
Superchao: Oversaturation? Too many comics, too many people trying to make stuff, and then it all falls apart at once
Toadbert101: something like that
Toadbert101: people just kinda burned out all their interest
Toadbert101: it would be nice to still have all that old stuff
Toadbert101: but even if we did I don't think we'd be any better off right now
Superchao: It would be, but in some cases, it might be for the best that it's gone
Superchao: Either way, though, at least some of the stuff afterwards seemed to be... higher in quality? At the very least more consistent
Toadbert101: yeah
Toadbert101: a lot more definitive userpedia things were probably created afterwards than ever
Superchao: I guess you can say that the crash traded quantity for staying power, really
Toadbert101: it'd be interesting to know for sure
Superchao: On that note, how about your own sprite comic creation! The lasting one you created afterwards, that is. Namely, why don't you talk about Wreck?
Superchao: It certainly had a unique premise, at least
Toadbert101: I wanted to relive some of the old days
Toadbert101: and I had some ideas rolling around for a while
Toadbert101: so perhaps a little too late, I started planning it out
Toadbert101: and came out with it
Superchao: Why do you say "too late"?
Toadbert101: I guess there just isn't as much faceless mass on the site now
Toadbert101: back on scribblewiki I remember there being new people wanting to sign up quite a lot
Toadbert101: and to know these people wanted in on the project was cool
Toadbert101: now it's a little easier to know who's reading it and whether they would want to be a part of it
Superchao: Probably the relative difficulty of getting attention to Userpedia these days? Like, back in the old days chat and forum and UP all seemed to be pretty much the same people
Superchao: Nowadays they're solid communities of their own
Toadbert101: yeah it split up quite a bit
Toadbert101: even on the forums there's pretty distinct groups between sub boards and stuff
Superchao: Whenever I go into Marioverse my primary reaction is "who are you people"
Toadbert101: someone with "mario" or "luigi" with a big number in their name
Toadbert101: and scary fan art
Superchao: But yeah, that's probably the issue. Userpedia just doesn't have the same draw these days than it did with the old guard
Toadbert101: looking back I think I was looking for traffic in the wrong place
Toadbert101: I had made a forum topic for Wreck and that was where I got almost all feedback
Toadbert101: but back then I didn't do a whole lot on the forums and sort of disregarded it a bit
Superchao: Yeeeah, I can see the issue.
Toadbert101: I think it's not such a lost cause though
Toadbert101: I feel like if you start a decent thing on userpedia you can typically get some good attention from the forums now at least
Toadbert101: like Edo and Walkazo's comic
Superchao: I really need to read that comic at some point, jeez
Superchao: But yes, advertising is important
Toadbert101: me too
Superchao: Anyhow, you decided to count the Awards Presentations series as your fourth so far. Why don't you talk some about them, then?
Superchao: They're pretty unique at least, in premise
Toadbert101: thanks
Toadbert101: I dunno why I took so long to get into the Awards Ceremony
Toadbert101: it wasn't until Turb or someone basically pushed me into the comittee
Superchao: Hahahah, I remember that
Toadbert101: and then the next year they badgered me to make a presentation
Superchao: It was after we kicked a couple people out in 2012
Toadbert101: yeah
Toadbert101: I had been there for every meeting despite not being an official member for most of it
Superchao: So we decided "let's just add TB to the committee" and here you are
Toadbert101: that's probably why that first presentation ended up pretty centered around the actual committee
Superchao: (2spooky)
Toadbert101: no that was next year
Toadbert101: my first one was a silly little thing in 2012
Toadbert101: lets see if I can find it
Superchao: Shit, really? That I don't remember, hahaha.
Toadbert101: here it is
Superchao: Oh yeah, now I remember!
Superchao: It lacked the impact of your big ones from last year and this year, no offense.
Toadbert101: oh yeah
Toadbert101: it felt like some kind of Wreck spin off
Toadbert101: but it did give me some ideas on what I could do for the next year
Superchao: You sure put those ideas to use
Toadbert101: and no one told me that the actual results didn't need to be included in the comic
Toadbert101: I'm not really sure where I got the ideas for 2013's comic anymore
Toadbert101: comics always feel a lot different in your head than once they're actually plotted out
Superchao: That's a shame, it'd be interesting to know how you came up with the idea of "everyone vanishes over time"
Superchao: it was like some twilight zone shit
Toadbert101: I think it might've been some kind of Lovecraftian influence
Toadbert101: something supernatural you couldn't stop
Toadbert101: some kind of mystery that kinda coincidentally tied into the award at the very end
Toadbert101: and of course it had the benefit of being the very last presentation
Superchao: That classic rickroll twist
Toadbert101: and TFP's prank part 2
Toadbert101: still grateful that it won that award this year
Toadbert101: you people are wonderful
Superchao: It earned it, of course
Superchao: And then we got the 2014 comic, and that was even more off the wall in some ways. mysterious murder mystery
Superchao: although it wasn't really a mystery
Superchao: It was mysterious and there was murder, so 2 out of 3 ain't bad!
Toadbert101: I tried to make a whodunnit
Toadbert101: but to kind of elaborate on that more would've needed a part 3
Toadbert101: and I practically killed myself getting it all done in time
Superchao: Hopefully this year you and TFP'll be less horribly pressured
Toadbert101: 2014 I remember more details about though
Toadbert101: I kind of liked the bleak outcome of 2013's comic and wanted something like that again
Toadbert101: morbid as it may be I guess
Toadbert101: yeah I'm definitely planning to get some more stuff done ahead of time this year
Superchao: I can't wait for 2015's comic to follow on the Adventures of TB and TFP In a Parking Lot!
Superchao: (I imagine it might need a reboot or something considering you literally killed off 99% of the cast)
Toadbert101: MAYBE
Toadbert101: I wondered where I could continue off with in that story
Toadbert101: but yeah I kind of made it so everyone died or was trapped there forever
Toadbert101: I think I had Stephen King on the mind while I wrote that
Superchao: clearly 2015's comic is about you two collecting the seven magical spheres to wish everyone else back to life
Toadbert101: and we also revive userpedia
Toadbert101: and kill trolls
Superchao: 2015: Wait, I Misread It As 2008
Toadbert101: featuring an all-star cast of people no one remembers
Toadbert101: in leet town, the place no one remembers
Superchao: So, despite discussing the hell out of your sprite comics, you also created another work! That being an award-winning story known as Toadbert's Riveting Tale of His Trip to the Grocery.
Superchao: What even inspired you to write it?
Toadbert101: literally just me taking a trip to a grocery store and being asked to document what happened
Toadbert101: Series of Unfortunate Events is probably what subconsciously gave me ideas on how to write absurdly
Toadbert101: pretty happy that won awards too
Superchao: And somehow you got something really popular out of it. Funny how things work!
Superchao: confession time i still haven't read it because i'm a lazy fuck
Toadbert101: me neither
Superchao: tb you really should read the things you write, it's just good form
Superchao: I'm disappointed
Toadbert101: its like that anecdote where monkeys are on a typewriter
Toadbert101: except Im the monkey
Toadbert101: I might come out with part 4 soon but I found out that unless I have some basis on things that actually happen to me I can't really write the story
Superchao: Clearly, part 4 is Toadbert Gets Interviewd
Toadbert101: next part was supposed to be me getting a job at the grocery store to tie in with my job at Costco
Toadbert101: which could still happen
Superchao: Well, just make sure you never give up! You'll find some inspiration to write about it eventually!
Toadbert101: just like Oregon Trail
Toadbert101: theres like two more playthroughs of that game that still need to be drawn out
Superchao: Well that one's easy, hitch up a covered wagon and try to make it to orego- oh okay
Superchao: At least you won't run the risk of dying of dynstery
Toadbert101: everyone else does though
Toadbert101: whole time I played that nothing happened to the leader
Toadbert101: which makes for good comic writing
Superchao: It is more interesting than "We tried to leave but immediately failed to ford a river and everyone drowned"
Superchao: That'd be hard to draw out
Toadbert101: that's an easy but plausible way to end the whole series though
Superchao: If you go by the game, it's hard to believe the West was actually settled, really
Superchao: It seems like everyone would have died on the way
Toadbert101: I don't understand how people get exhausted along the way
Toadbert101: I guess they're walking beside the wagon
Toadbert101: which makes no sense
Toadbert101: you have typically six oxen who are hauling hundreds of pounds of food as it is
Superchao: obviously the oxen get tired, and it's their turn to ride in the wagon while you pull it
Toadbert101: the same thing happens in Organ Trail though
Toadbert101: you can't tell me people are walking beside the Sedan
Superchao: yeah I got nothing there :V
Toadbert101: I feel like this has been a longer interview
Superchao: It has been, and I'm barely even through some of the material!
Superchao: Like normally I'd ask you about your friends, video games, that kinda thing, but this just had a lot of material
Toadbert101: I branched out a bit lately
Superchao: Oh?
Toadbert101: with all these forum projects
Toadbert101: I guess lately is a bad word since it's been years since I started them all
Superchao: So it's more juggling and less branching, really.
Toadbert101: Yeah
Superchao: Besides the ones we've talked about, any others you wanna namedrop?
Superchao: Unless we already did bring them all up, haha.
Toadbert101: that about covers everything I've been doing I think
Toadbert101: except maybe the Minecraft Puzzle map
Superchao: That at least has a self-evident name! Like most things you've been working on!
Toadbert101: I'm a pretty down to earth guy
Toadbert101: It's probably pretty generic as far as puzzle maps go, but it does have a relatively interesting plot, I think
Superchao: What's the plot, then?
Superchao: Unless that is spoilers that people must discover for themselves
Toadbert101: Basically the town you live in gets teleported to the Nether by accident and you have to escape
Superchao: And yet, that's miles more plot than Minecraft normally has.
Superchao: This is probably a bad point to shift subjects but I can't think of any followup questions and I've been meaning to change the topic anyway. Honesty!
Superchao: So, why don't we talk about your friends on the wiki! I mean you're part of the famous bros, and I'm sure you've become pals with many people over the years.
Toadbert101: it's a strange tale
Superchao: In fact, you seem to be one of the most nonconfrontational people I can think of. At the very least if I had to name someone who I knew disliked you, it'd take me a long time.
Toadbert101: when I was younger I was more of an ass anyway
Toadbert101: I tried to rise above that
Toadbert101: the people I first really met here were the big 2007 celebrities
Superchao: Uniju, Dippy, Jorge, those guys?
Toadbert101: Pokemon DP and Bean and Plumber and Knife and 3dejong
Toadbert101: yeah
Superchao: man 3d, I forget about 3d these days
Superchao: rest in potatoes
Toadbert101: he's living out his life carving out the smiley faces into those breakfast hash browns now
Toadbert101: anyway comic sign ups were what really got people to meet me
Toadbert101: TBDA was a bit strategic I guess
Toadbert101: I went around and specifically asked the most popular people to try and rise to their ranks
Superchao: hahaha, that's a pretty good strategy
Superchao: "Read this! It has everyone you care about!"
Toadbert101: it was basically Dragon's Den where no one really cared
Toadbert101: "I will prove myself to you with this comic"
Toadbert101: no one said no because it was 2007
Superchao: 2007 was where you wanted to appear/sign up for as many comics as you could
Superchao: ...Mostly to increase the odds that you'd be in one that actually started
Toadbert101: it was all about the publicity
Toadbert101: you could basically become a low tier movie star if you did it right
Toadbert101: Xzelion probably came out on top of that
Toadbert101: but now that I knew some people and had comics going people knew me
Superchao: And then you struck with your grand creation?
Toadbert101: pretty much
Toadbert101: once I started WSA it was flashy enough that people grouped it with the other big name comics, The Lost Adventures and Legends of the Fallenstar and Shadow Chronicles
Superchao: I always think Master Wikians was the big name one instead of TLA. Dunno why.
Superchao: Wait no, was TLA Dippy or Snack?
Toadbert101: TLA was Uniju
Toadbert101: it started out on Mwuserpedia so that might be why
Toadbert101: maybe
Superchao: Yeah it's confusing now, the passage of time means that I've lost track of who did what.
Superchao: Doesn't help that half of them have been disowned lol
Toadbert101: Master Wikians was a pretty big deal too
Toadbert101: yeah I think Dippy deleted all of TSC
Toadbert101: being with the big comic people sort of formed us as a group
Toadbert101: me and Uniju and Snack and Dippy
Superchao: the Bros + Snack begin
Toadbert101: I guess it did
Toadbert101: Never thought about it that far back
Superchao: probably because it wasn't anything like the group it eventually became
Superchao: and back then it was just the Big Comic People
Toadbert101: yeah
Toadbert101: it was still a pretty transparent group because practically the whole chatroom was a clique back then
Superchao: getting kicked for using other people's text colors
Superchao: those were the days
Toadbert101: these are the things that got Xzelion his fame
Toadbert101: as for the rest of Bros I think Groden was next
Toadbert101: I was the first person he talked to on the wiki I'm pretty sure
Superchao: back when he was Crypt Raider and... well, a lot different than he is now
Toadbert101: he was one of those people who had sort of come under my wing to get oriented
Toadbert101: and then flew away to other people later
Toadbert101: like Lil'Booster who hasn't been relevant for a very long time
Superchao: you must have been so proud, he was all grown up
Superchao: Does anyone even remember Lil'Booster?
Toadbert101: one or two of us
Toadbert101: he was pretty fond of me until Stooben
Superchao: It's kinda crazy to remember how many people were relevant in 2008 who are long gone and forgotten
Toadbert101: then I was #2 Dad
Toadbert101: but then he went off and got married at the age of 16 or something
Superchao: I... okay then.
Toadbert101: Groden had signed up for WSA and stuff, but then we changed hosts and didn't talk for a while
Toadbert101: joined the Stooben club
Superchao: Everyone joined the Stooben club in those days, to be fair
Toadbert101: yeah I did too just to stay relevent
Toadbert101: well not just to stay relevant
Toadbert101: I wanted to see what everyone was so gaga about
Superchao: How'd it go?
Toadbert101: we PM'd a bit about Lost and talked about when he asked for my Fake News section
Toadbert101: later played TF2 a fair bit
Toadbert101: he's a good guy
Superchao: Was it Fake Ads, or something else?
Toadbert101: I can understand why people stuck to him
Toadbert101: yes
Toadbert101: Fake News all the way
Superchao: he is pretty damn chill
Toadbert101: Fake Ads since 2008 or so
Superchao: Well dang, you're probably one of our longest-tenured writers.
Toadbert101: there was a few month long and year long gaps though
Superchao: Oh, that explains why no one keeps playing up your record. :V
Toadbert101: yeah lol
Toadbert101: I just finished my 57th ad total
Superchao: :clap:
Toadbert101: I think I'm only marked for about 30 or so officially
Toadbert101: anyway, in the Bros TheFreshPrince was next
Superchao: Probably because of doubling up and the like
Toadbert101: I only really know what ad I'm on because I kept records of them all
Toadbert101: it's easier when each one is an image rather than text I suppose
Superchao: Yeah, that's true.
Superchao: So, how'd Frank find his way around to you guys?
Toadbert101: he tends to find his way to everyone
Toadbert101: I don't remember how this got started, but he started trying to get me set up with a SNES emulator
Toadbert101: and once we had that we'd netplay a lot of games and rom hacks together
Superchao: Whoever invented netplay was a good person
Superchao: Where would we even be without it?
Toadbert101: In a more unhappy but less stressful place
Toadbert101: getting those things to work is a pain
Superchao: Yeah, probably.
Toadbert101: and since our ZSNES games were the first thing we tried I think it legit took a week to troubleshoot it
Toadbert101: all sorts of weird things, such as him seeing himself connected to me when I had no such connection
Toadbert101: latency problems, desynching
Superchao: Clearly it was the ghost of alternate universe TB or something
Toadbert101: but getting it to work was pretty boss
Superchao: 2spooky
Superchao: I take it once it did finally work you guys played the hell out of some SNES games
Toadbert101: we did some Mario World, Mario Kart, All Stars
Toadbert101: but then we moved on to rom hacks which really spiced it up
Toadbert101: I must have a folder of about 25 of them
Toadbert101: there was the co-op mode that had Mario and Luigi on screen at once that crashed my computer
Toadbert101: and ChaosComplexx was a work of art
Toadbert101: Teletubbies Kart
Superchao: The brothers were never met to be together ;_;7
Superchao: I'm impressed someone thought that was a good idea.
Toadbert101: oh yes
Toadbert101: we made a video of it
Toadbert101: the creator of the hack commented on it
Toadbert101: all he said was "Yeah, enjoy my hack"
Toadbert101: when neither of us really enjoyed Super Mario Kart that much to begin with
Superchao: That's... something, alright.
Superchao: hahaha
Toadbert101: the controls are a lot harder on keyboard
Superchao: Then again, from what I've seen, SMK is very obviously the first try anyway
Toadbert101: that led to us attempting to create our own SMW hack
Superchao: did that end badly? Because I recall you never mentioning it to the best of my memoty
Toadbert101: Ifyoulikefish was a joint effort to make something so bad it's humourous like ChaosComplexx
Toadbert101: well, people on the wiki enjoyed it
Toadbert101: somewhat
Toadbert101: I know RFM once said he had it on his Wii
Toadbert101: but the people on SMWcentral didn't
Superchao: How cruel of them, unless they had good points lel
Toadbert101: I guess the so bad they're good rom hacks had been tried to death there with no success after the first
Superchao: Probably because too many of them fail the "they're good" half of that. It's not easy to do!
Toadbert101: TFP thought like that
Toadbert101: the one thing I got out of the experience was one guy ripping apart one of my levels with a lot of detail
Toadbert101: which counts for some internet fame
Superchao: You say that like you don't already have internet fame! In one tiny internet community!
Toadbert101: I need more
Toadbert101: more is the goal
Superchao: Just offer to put everyone on the internet into your next sprite comic, it worked seven years ago
Toadbert101: you know, if I thought no one else on the internet knew about sprite comics it might work
Toadbert101: but I've found evidence they did exist in other places which is almost scary in a way
Superchao: On the other hand, those other places didn't use sprite comics to depict their userbase! ...I think.
Toadbert101: they did actually
Toadbert101: BZPower had a lot of Bionicle sprite sheets and people could make their own Original Characters
Toadbert101: just not with actual pieces
Superchao: Oh god, that's probably how Adventures of the Toa Wakero got started
Toadbert101: oh it is
Superchao: what did they doooooooo
Toadbert101: that's why it was so full of characters and references only I understood
Toadbert101: there was also the comic series I found in 2006 that I mentioned before
Superchao: Which was that again?
Toadbert101: it was called 'Sponge Comics' and dealt with this M&L yellow yoshi with green spots on his nose
Toadbert101: I don't remember a lot about it
Toadbert101: Just characters and injokes I didn't get
Toadbert101: The one time I came close to understanding was when they did a recreation of M&L's plot
Superchao: Who was the L?
Toadbert101: which L?
Superchao: oh well i was asking if they did M&Ls plot with Sponge and someone else :V
Toadbert101: oh, yeah
Toadbert101: Sponge and his cast of recolour characters I'd never seen before
Superchao: Original the characters, the BEST kind of characters
Toadbert101: No one was inflated because they were all being parodies of other characters
Superchao: ...Oh yeah, we were talking about the bros, weren't we.
Toadbert101: that was a pretty big tangent
Superchao: So! I believe we brought up TFP and romhacks and then spun off into this.
Toadbert101: yeah, after the SNES hacks we went into N64 and NES
Toadbert101: with the exception of Mario Kart 64 and Mario Party years later those didn't take off quite as well
Superchao: >Mario Party
Superchao: I'm amazed you're still friends
Toadbert101: it's not easy
Toadbert101: I don't actually believe in friends anymore
Superchao: You think someone's your friend but they steal your star
Superchao: And then you know
Superchao: you know
Toadbert101: or its TFP using the warp block that constantly hits me
Toadbert101: there was maybe one instance out of 10 where it didn't swap us
Superchao: Oh that wacky TFP! laughtrack
Toadbert101: it came to become an advantage to him
Superchao: "Oh hey, TB's at the star! Looks like it's time for the warp!"
Toadbert101: yeah he tended to win over me a lot
Toadbert101: the one time I almost beat him ended with him just barely one upping me again, Itchy and Scratchy style
Toadbert101: anyway Turb was the last official one to join us
Toadbert101: I barely even remember Turb's early days
Toadbert101: or what his name used to be
Toadbert101: TheChozoYoshi or something
Superchao: yeah, that
Toadbert101: he ended up more in Jorge's group at first
Superchao: All I remember is when he helped blow up Userpedia lol
Superchao: (but that was because I wasn't around when he first joined)
Toadbert101: I think that's what put Turb on the map really
Superchao: That's one way of delivering a parcel getting your name out there
Toadbert101: looked good enough on the resume to direct the Awards show at least
Superchao: "Hi, I'm Turb. You may remember me from the time I destroyed Userpedia."
Superchao: well that was originally because ralph a shit
Toadbert101: lol
Superchao: How'd that get Turb over to #mariowiki and co, though?
Toadbert101: I don't actually remember
Toadbert101: Turb had always been in the channel but never said much from what I recall
Toadbert101: Minecraft is what really got the Bros group started
Superchao: No wonder you're doing a Minecraft map lol
Toadbert101: Moofle had a knack for finding the best things on the Internet very early
Toadbert101: he got Groden and TFP to start playing on public servers
Toadbert101: but that was a bit voliatile since we had no control over our stuff
Toadbert101: they*, I wasn't there for that
Toadbert101: but Groden had TFP host his own server since we all saw him do it for netplay and the odd Gang Garrison match
Superchao: "What happened to my house? Why is this giant crater in the shape of a middle finger here instead?"
Toadbert101: funny story actually
Toadbert101: the big Lounge they built on the first server had cut into an admin's pixel art thing
Superchao: ohhh boy
Toadbert101: they had tricked some other admin into removing it to make space
Toadbert101: three days later they got found out
Toadbert101: I think the place got destroyed or they all got banned or something
Superchao: rest in peace
Toadbert101: TFP's server was to fix all of tht
Superchao: What happened to it?
Toadbert101: It solved our problems and boredom issues for months
Superchao: Well I mean, I don't think it's still Princeton, so...
Superchao: (The active server that is)
Toadbert101: I think it was supposed to be called "Bel-Air" but TFP had put "Bros" in the actual name field
Toadbert101: which got us this name
Superchao: Ohhh, that explains it.
Toadbert101: Bros had a lot of activity though
Toadbert101: it was basically a refuge to escape chat
Toadbert101: which had become a bit turbulent once swearing was allowed
Toadbert101: Groden, Moofle and TFP later got Vruet, Xpike, Uniju, me, Neurario and even Steve to join
Superchao: >Steve
Superchao: now that;s impressive
Toadbert101: yeah
Toadbert101: he made some pixel art, dug a buttload of tunnels all over the map and even griefed a bit
Toadbert101: Uniju had built a loli in his basement
Toadbert101: and I guess Steve's first reaction was to break the block representing her neck, effectively cutting her head off
Superchao: the murderer... WAS STEVE
Toadbert101: and then later that place got flooded with lava which I think was faulted to Steve as well
Superchao: rip the loli
Toadbert101: it was a good time
Superchao: Sounds like it was full of Wacky Antics(TM)
Toadbert101: it was the oringial place for Wacky Antics
Toadbert101: TFP thought he had invented Spleef, I had terrible lag issues, Groden had the magical power of having a customizable skin, Moofle had gained client hacks letting him fly and noclip
Superchao: I can only imagine how much intentional disaster happened as a result
Toadbert101: there was the occassional lava flood and covering AFK people in sand
Toadbert101: and flooded tunnels
Toadbert101: because water is crazy destructive back then
Toadbert101: So far only me, Uniju and Groden were actively playing
Toadbert101: After Bros died off a bit, I was called upon to host servers
Toadbert101: A few months later Uniju had gotten Snack to join
Toadbert101: and I think on the same server Groden got Turb to join
Superchao: and that's where we got +Snack?
Toadbert101: yeah
Toadbert101: TFP drifted away because I guess he got bored of the game and felt the community was dying off
Superchao: >the community was dying off
Toadbert101: he wanted to move to SMWcentral which would've been pretty funny
Superchao: good call on that one lol
Toadbert101: oh yes
Toadbert101: that's been a concern for half of our lifetimes
Superchao: I'm pretty sure people have said the place was dying since 2005
Toadbert101: we obviously managed to convince TFP to stay though
Toadbert101: he popped on Minecraft sometimes
Toadbert101: that left five of us as pretty regular players
Toadbert101: we found new games to play, like the new multiplayer survival Minecraft mode, Sauerbraten and Groden's own Gang Garrison mod
Toadbert101: and from there we got into TF2
Superchao: And then everyone got into TF2
Toadbert101: yes
Toadbert101: I think only Groden and TFP had had any experience at all of the game when we all got into it
Toadbert101: but as we went on more regulars joined us
Toadbert101: and then Xephyr joined us for a bit
Toadbert101: Stooben joined our group of regulars then
Toadbert101: and that got us our dedicated TF2 server, Xephfrag
Superchao: And you never looked back (until everyone stopped playing TF2)
Toadbert101: bascially
Toadbert101: we found a lot of things to do in that game surprisingly
Toadbert101: all sorts of server mods, custom maps, custom servers, Christian based servers, and fairly regular large scale games
Superchao: Christian based servers?
Toadbert101: that always makes me laugh
Toadbert101: I had been looking for a public server to play on since everyone was gone
Toadbert101: the one I ended up deciding on had a very strange Catholic theme to it
Toadbert101: it would spout Bible verses every so often about loving thy neighbor, while you blew them up with rockets
Toadbert101: Groden and TFP joined it later and wondered what the hell was wrong with me
Toadbert101: TF2 became a big enough thing that Groden and Stooben organized big tournaments to have during the Wiki Anniversary
Toadbert101: we had some pretty big turnouts
Toadbert101: it seemed about 2/3 of the forum had been on to play at one point
Superchao: Not this year, though!
Toadbert101: sadly no
Superchao: Well, it looks to me like we've pretty much covered the entire history of the Bros.
Toadbert101: yeah, it sort of split up a bit afterwards
Superchao: Which does not lead me into my next question, but I'll ask it anyway!
Superchao: Do you think this is the last question?
Toadbert101: would it be if I was to ask you another?
Superchao: Technically, no, so that answers that.
Superchao: Nice and quick for a change, lol
Superchao: Thanks for the interview.
Toadbert101: no problem
Toadbert101: we should do this again
Toadbert101: next week

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