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Geometrical Addiction

by Stargazing (talk)

As 2014 is a year, the gaming industury has made games during it. Whether it be Microsoft, Playstation, or Nintendo, there have been many games that have come out for people to enjoy. But, I am here to talk about one game that has come from a platform, an addicting game that swept through my class a quarter in 2014. And, while it may of died in classes, I am still playing it today. The game is: Geometry Dash.

Geometry Dash is a simply-controlled "impossible" game released for iPhones, Androids, etc. You tap to jump on platforms, and you are trying to get to the goal. Seems simple, right? Wrong. There are many obstacles, hard ones too, and you have to go through differently controlled areas. You go in a hoverboard, a hoverboard that flies weirdly, a weird arrow thing (I don't understand myself), and many more. You can race against your clone, and excecute neatly timed jumps. Plus, there's customizations of your character and machines you fly in!

This game may seem boring and a waste of time, but it's addicting. I keep coming back to beat every single level, and for the music. Oh man, the music. Such beautiful dubstep in a free game, it chills me. And my friend, who bought like every single song, but that's off topic. Many DJs make the soundtrack and its jazzy tunes.

The other thing that I love are the missions. They are wacky, crazy, and sometimes just plain weird. Like, "finding the hidden treasure", or "destroy a player". I spent days figuring out what those were. There are some social media ones, and some that involve jumping or dying a whole lot. One is "crash at 95% or over". I did that one by accident, damn you Can't Let Go, I was 5% off! ... So sorry about that. Now, where was I? Ah, yes.

I have beaten the first 7 levels, and am working on Time Machine. I like the song that goes with Time Machine the best. The flute is so calming.

So, with that, you guys are probably eager to read the other articles, and not ones about "time wasters". I hear you. But, this is not an ordinary time waster... It's a time-waster that I myself am addicted to. And if someone here is talking about a free app, then you probably should too, unless you don't have access to it, and in which case I should just go.

I hope you have a geometrical holiday season!

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