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by RAP.pngRAP...

Entertainment Section

Hello, it's a-me RAP! You can also call me Ryan, as my actual first name; as most of my friends in this big wacky wiki you all love to be in :P. And some people know Hooktail as my dragon pet and friend, nice and what a girl dragon I had with. Welcome to my Entertainment Section that is worth many users having some free time playing fan made games and watching cool Mario videos!

This issue consists of Mario fan made games only, because of lack of videos I tried searching on mostly on Newgrounds; I'm currently thinking up some ways to expand my Entertainment Section for Mario Fans to enjoy having them simply entertained. So let's go onto these two games I recently played over; go with the flow!

Super Mario Galaxy Pinball

Ah, Super Mario Galaxy with stunning gameplay and platforming interactivity... it would be blessed by many Mario fans from the main series that would play such platforming madness... Wait, this is a pinball game!? Sounds like one of the first fan games to have a combination of Mario objects and pinball gameplay isn't? This would be good, and yes even with Mario!

A pinball game is like a game that came from the arcade, so technically there's no story whatsoever. You would have thought this wouldn't you? In the gameplay, there is a typical pinball table filled with interesting Mario objects that fit well into this fan game. You control the flippers and launching the pinball into gameplay just by using the mouse. With a simple hold of the mouse button, and letting it go; you just launched one; and also controlling the flippers just a click, flipping both of them.

And then there is a question above your mind, you simply asked, “Why use the mouse as the primary controller?”. Well actually when your pinball hits one of the ? Blocks during gameplay, A Star Bit pops out waiting for the cursor of your mouse to catch it; just like the Star Cursor inspired from the actual game. This game had nice interactivity concluding with the mouse interactions. In addition, the pinball can also gather Star Bits when passed by.

The playfield has a lot of objects nicely fit into a typical pinball game. For instance, when the pinball breaks the Crystal, a Star Chip is released and appears floating around the gameplay. If the player gets all five of them, a Sling Star will appear between two of the flippers meaning the main ending is blocked; pretty nifty eh? Another one is when you go to the Loop-De-Loop Galaxy Bonus; a Silver Star will appear on the Star section. If you collect five of them, a Power Star will appear.

This game is worth a shot, but there are some glitches such as the pinball stuck on an object like a ? Block. Do not fear, which rarely happens, if that really occurs; use the space bar to get rid of it. And another thing, don’t use it too much... If so, you lose a life. :P

This fan game is created by Toodles Team. Yeah, it's a team of people that works on great games as they appear in MFGG! Yep, that's that; if you know what I mean. So, if you want to play the very first Mario pinball game nicely playable in this PC, go here!

WarioWare Mou$e Workz

Oh look, up in the blue pitched sky! Is it Mario? Is it Yoshi? Is it Hooktail? Oh wait, she’s with me actually sleeping near to me while I'm wrapped up by her nice heartwarming tail. Oh look! It’s a Wario game! And it isn’t just a Wario game, it’s a WarioWare game! The WarioWare series conclude of playing simple microgames, it’s simple but addictive to all players alike.

The main thing about this WarioWare game is using the mouse. That’s the main focus on playing microgames actually, nice and sweet. There are about 12 microgames worth playing for seconds; it would be nicely addictive for us. Microgames include defending a castle from a missile, clicking on Goombas for Mario to lazily pass by and dropping a boulder. The sad part is that’s only it, 12 microgames. At least it’s actually one of the first WarioWare games created fan made; and cool too.

This game is created fanatically by... Yep, "The Wallz"... Wrong! Fool'D you! It's actually once again Toodles Team, the team from MFGG. My, my, two games created by that team; lucky you. Toodles Team, if you’re reading this; you are awesome when making innovative games. No doubt about it. Be proud that your games are reviewed in this newspaper!! So, wanna have a quick WarioWare game you’ll love? ...or a newbie to the series? Go here!

Well, this wraps up nice and well. And including being wrapped by that dragon’s tail... Awwwwwwww... ^_^ Looks like I’m going to be with her for a while. Good bright! Or Good night! :P