The 'Shroom:Issue X/Director's Notes

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Director's Notes

Y'know, The 'Shroom looks a lot nicer when it's smaller, I think. Of course, it's smallness is due to lack of certain sections, yada yada, uncommitted writers as usual.... Fake News people, you better actually do your mini-section, from what I hear most of you don't ever do it. If this continues, we may have to go back to the one-man style, and I don't want to force that on you guys. Moving on... 3D quit FTMV, though I doubt anyone will want to take the job. We also have a few fresh scrubs this month to help us old weeds, I hope you like their approach to their section. I hope you are enjoying return of the Review section, reviewing none other than Super Mario Galaxy. For you writers out there, the next issue will be due Janurary 5th. As always, make any suggestions, comments, and complaints at the comments page.

Happy Holidays,
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