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by RAP.pngRAP...

Hey y’all, names RAP; you can call me Ryan if you want as I welcome you to da Entertainment Section where I review clips about Mario and now games about him (again... DUH) in the vast infinite internet!!! (TA DA!!!!!!!!!!!) Well, watcha waiting for, let’s get rolling with the newest section, video games! (Goes to the castle chair of RAP’s mansion).

Game Entertainment Section

A Koopa’s Revenge

Well Well Well, there’s finally a game that is starring a Koopa Troopa; despite the story the creator has made; it’s still a pretty good game. Here’s the details!!


The story tells the player that there was a Koopa Troopa having Goomba friends in his party. When the Koopa Troopa suddenly went to the “Little Koopa’s Room” to get his time, the party was crashed by Mario, Luigi and even the scared Princess Peach without the Koopa Troopa noticing. Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach crashed the party by simply stomping all of the Koopa Troopa’s friends. When the Koopa Troopa came back from the party, he was sad that Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach crashed the party. There’s one option the poor Koopa Troopa is goanna do, RE-VENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So the Koopa Troopa has to go over the levels in the game to get revenge to Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach.


The gameplay is like SMB3, duh… Except with a few fix-ups the creator has made for the game. Despite the changes the creator has made, it’s still a good game with a Koopa Troopa around this whole worthless crazy world of “Mama-Mia!!”. The controls are... Meh; find out in the game when you play it. In that part of the game on the map, the player uses the mouse cursor to move the Koopa Troopa to a level the player must proceed to go to the next level; oh sure with not use the SMB3 style… Something has to happen very fast to make an idea. If you leave the level, you lose one life for it, ONE LIFE?? HAHAHAHA!! Plan yourself... To beat the level; it's simple, get to the exit in the level by grabbing the flagpole at the end!!!!!!!!!! However, there are obstacles that the Koopa Troopa will encounter. Some helpful obstacles include the Middle Point where you save your place; and Doors that lead to other parts of the levels in the game. Other times there are ways that you can beat the level and get to a secret level in the game (stolen from SMW, SECRET!!!).

Enemies (Da core part of the gameplay)

Here’s a quick list (as the lazy creator said to make slowly, JKing) of enemies the Koopa Troopa might encounter during levels.

  • Baby Mario: There are four of them in each level. As of, they can be defeated by simply stomping on them or by breathe fire. If the Koopa Troopa defeats all of them without losing a life, the player gets a 1-UP; good FOUR you. Notice that Baby Mario stole Luigi’s, Wario’s and Waluigi’s hat from each Baby Mario? Funny! LOL.
  • Toads (Not those toads that sound like frogs that eat flies): These “Toads” simply walk around part of the area of the level; like Red NON-BLINDED Koopas. If the Koopa Troopa defeats one of them with breathe fire; the player earns one DUMB single Coin, JKing; it’s not that dumb.
  • Yoshis: Yup, like the Toad the creator copied it from; these little critters have various colors in various levels that have different functions in the game. It includes swimming in the lava, flying, and walking, or all as combinations.
  • Birdies (as the creator once again calls that): All they do is stay at the sky with its wings, like the certain type of colored Yoshi. A simple stomp or breathe fire will defeat them.
  • Fire Balls (or Poboboos in the 15 century of NOWHERE!!!): Those living thing simply pop out from the lava, it cannot be defeated as the Koopa Troopa tries to avoid it.
  • Thwomps: Like in SMB3 as they say, they squash Mario or Luigi when they are near to them; avoid it by passing by after the Thwomp takes the hit.
  • Skeletoads: WOW, this is a new low of creating enemies that act like the Dry Bones!!! This dead… er like Toad like bones acts like a Dry Bones; live with it ever it was stomped and recovered itself!!

Remember, there are WAY more enemies ;
“Like Wayoshi’s Rocket Booster, a Rocket Booster that launches… ROCKETS!! Er, yeah; replacing Bullet Bills.!!” Oh come on, even I can make the most original card as possible for my card game. As said, there are more enemies as the creator said. (DUH, -_-)


Here’s some items and objects the little Koopa encountered once again.

  • ? Blocks: Yet simple enough, they normally contain Coins for greedy people to take as their pride. Occasionally, ? Blocks can contain power-ups. Hit them by jumpin’ N punchin’ to get your greedy reward out!!
  • Coins: Another simple thing everyone now knows, you wanna know cuz you don’t play any type of Mario game? Oh fine, 100 coins = 1-Up as math tells you!
  • Shell: Like the mushroom, it’s not nothing like a MUSHR-oom that moves but gives the Koopa Troopa another shell to fit in. Yet, it let’s you break “Brick Blocks”.
  • Fire Flower: Instead of getting to throw fireworks to people, you get to breathe fire to foes like you.
  • Feather: Like said, but instead it gives the Koopa Troopa to grow wings as he uses his wins to reach “Hard to reach” places.
  • Switch: Acticvates a special type of function in the level for a limited time, some are reusable like your trash while some are not like more piece of… garbage!
  • Yoshi Egg: This stolen item from ‘’Mario Kart: Double Dash!!’’ pops out a random item after defeating a flashing Yoshi; it could be a single of COIN-nA! A Shell, a Fire Flower, a Feather; or “ze 1-up na!!”.
  • 1-up: Like the name says, sheesh.
  • Bowser Coin: Yet another new low, it’s worth ten Coins but the tricky part is theya re placed in some unreachable spots; like your computer as your lazily sat on your bottom.

Again, there are some more; GOOD LUCK living yourself!! Well, the thing is the gameplay can be a little glitchy like Super Mario Sunshine; but that’s the point. It can be glitchy like the rarely laggy jumping like from playing a game that feels like RPG MAKER. As of, there are actually bosses at certain levels, like Wario (even though what’s involed with him…)

Final Words (Like that minor)

The graphics of characters and enemies look like they are made from MS Paint almost one uses (no offense), the other graphics are a professional type of gaming. Additionally, there’s some blood every time the Koopa Troopa defeated an enemy which many people don’t wanna have it in the game. The game-play also put in a bit of too much lifes; (just incase novice players lose many, many lives). There’s also a save option the game has recently installed, good for players who really WANT TO PLAY IT! This game is created by MCSMstudios, yet another person from Newgrounds (Newgrounds ROCKS!?) and it’s audio is provided by DarkSepiroth, Fadeliss, Kroth, LoneHunter-FsZ, MasterFury, MDJ182000, ParagonX9, PizzaFence, Uberbot27, and ZENON for giving it’s loving music to the game. I give it a 4 “1-ups” out of FIVE.

  • groan*, NEXT!!!

Flying Mario

What the? It sounds like a power-up to me, but not to the creator… Well; it sounds like that involves Mario… And uh-huh; *goes to the core*.


Here’s the story, *looks at the middle of the game*; wait; there’s no actual story as of. It’s more like a mini-game from the MP series. Well, I’ll tell you a made-up story… “One time, Mario decided to have some free time so he used a Feather (which acts like a Wing Cap; Booo! DUPLICATE!) to fly at the sky. Then suddenly one of Bowser’s Fire Breaths flies by to ruin Mario’s parade. The thing is that Bowser’s Fire Breaths is shot by a modified cannon by “The Froggy Wart” or “Wartguy” for sure. Mario decides to go after him during his flight. The clouds he pass by got hit by the flames; but suddenly, the Mushrooms that are dropped by a lousy Lakitu help him grow. It’s up to Mario to get Wart to be kicked it’s butt!!!”


The graphics came from MS Paint; another program for users to childishly play with. Despite that, some sprites are kind of being ruined. Well, the clouds look good, like it’s face.


Here’s the thing, it’s about flyin’ and if you know how to pilot; you’ll know how to play the game. Just JKing, Well its simple, use the arrow controls to move Mario and his cape. There’s that “Following’” arrow that indicates Mario’s desperate health.

  • Green: Your fine, that’s just it.
  • Yellow: Uh-oh, your starting to fall down a bit
  • Red: Whoa, one more hit and you’re plane is DOWN!

Obstacles in the mini-game include blinding clouds that block’s the eagles’ eyes, mushrooms that make Mario grow a bit and gives a point and just fire breath that appeared from your local fire throwing store. That simple, once you get hit for the last time, you get how many points you got from fat making mushrooms.

Sound & Music

Hmmm, Meh; not really like it. The voices of Mario sounds incorrect as it came from some recorded music from some user.

Final Words

It’s not like I HATE it, it’s just it needs add-ons people suggested; (Like 1-ups, oh yeah… eating one and getting SO… SLEEPY) *wakes up* Wha, who? Well anyway, the mini-game like… er… game is created by Sebastien Dupras, another user in NEWgrounds and also that audio is provided by LousySpy. Well, this is it… I give 2 screaming Marios falling down from the sky… *hears Mario screaming*, out of five. Well, I’m done reviewing with those games Mario fans make; time for the clips section!!!!!!!!!!!!

Movie Entertainment Sections

Super Mario Land

Oh look, a clip of dedicating only the game, ‘’Super Mario Land’’ instead of ‘’Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins’’, a game where Wario tries to rule over Mario’s ripped off castle, no offense Mario .


Yeah; the thing of this clip is that there are various clips and scenes that the creator has made. Yeah; it’s just like watching Family Guy while the minor characters DO NOTHIN’!!! Yeah; it is everything like Family Guy, as of. The real thing is that THERE’s no plot or story to this clip although it has scenes LIKE “Famlie Gui!!!” except it HAS a storyline of themselves.


The graphics during these scenes are completely like from the game, except the custom boom bomb graphics even though it’s Bagels & Wigglers on its graphics. For example, there’s that scene that there’s two pools; one with water, and one with acid that has a “CUSTOM sign” . Heehee….

Sound & Music

The sound also sounds original like the game; but not much as it has voices inputted in from various shows and movies. Sounds include the Simpsons that has the famous of the infamously Homer’s “Wohoo!” sound and well, some cartoonish voice that is junky. Additionally, the music has lyrics that can sometimes make it “Funny!!” although it came from CDs people listen to FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER… LOL.

Final Words

It came out good for classic Mario-fans to make a laugh it, they encourage the creator to make its series…. And he DID!!!!!!! Although he’s some violence that contain in it, the fans like that as it is. This movie is made by Bigfoot3290’’’ (AKA ‘’’Jeremy Simms) and yes, another user in Newgrounds and yet his other 3 sequels he made for his movie. Hmmm, I wonder if I could start getting to other websites instead of Newgrounds… NAH… I give this 4 Marios hugging Luigi… (Mario tries to hug him as Luigi runs away and hits the pipe)… out of 5.
Link That movie’s GOOD, er-him, NEXT!!!!!!!!!

Mario’s Chase

Ooo! A movie about Mario chasing 2 Goombas in the whole game; in NES!!! Good ol' chase run. Get to the details bud! *goes*


Like the title said, despite the easy hint for 3rd grade users ho want to watch it, the scenes the creator put are simply “AWsome”. The scenes are so crazily adventure-tic with Mario chasing those two freedom Goombas, (Obviously). At the late middle of the movie, Bowser appears in the castle after Mario seen the two Goombas entering the castle. But this time, NO AX!!!! That’s a bummer, as the two Goombas try to squash him with a big piece of block dough from kindergarten class. They failed as they instead killed their own leader; King Bowser. But Bowser came back as a skeleton form to fight Mario for the LAST time. When he’s defeated, so does Mario as the two Goombas escaped from Mario’s stomping day of joy. But wait, “P1ayer 2” pings as Luigi comes in as the Goombas groan more and DA END. The creator announced that there will be a squeal to the original movie.


The graphics in the movie are simply NES like as like SMB; a first platform game. However, there’s a custom made skeleton Bowser at the scene as Mario worries. Some of the graphics in the beginning and the end are hand-draw in MS Paint style. And some from Metroid, yeah as a cameo. Sheesh, well; at least the movie’s good.

Sound & Music

The sound is seriously like from the original game if you know what I mean, as some sounds came from NOWHERE. There is some music that is unrelated to Mario however, wonders when the creator liked Power Rangers. Enough note, both were sound fine although the user hired too much audio users.

Final Words

8 words, THE
That serious, it’s great as the creator is currently making a squeal about it. This crazy movie is made by SamuriFerret, yet another user from Newgrounds, along with the audio crew with ChEsDeRmAn, Jester667, LoneHunter-FsZ, Mcgoogles101. redmaverick799, Reone662, Soundshifter and Uberbot27. Whoa, that’s a lot. Well, I give 4 Marios get killed (Mario gets killed repeatedly 3 times) out of 5. Link
That’s all folks, well it’s over! The section to be waited to be reviewed is DONE for that. Maybe next time; maybe I can add some good ol’ stuff from “ZE PAST”. So, See-ya-late-ta-guy-yas! *makes more cards for my game*