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Review: Mario Power Tennis

by Phoenix Rider

Out of 5 stars. * = 1 star, + = .5 stars. E.g. ***+ = 3.5/5

Monty Mole presiding over the Review Corner once again. This month I’ll be taking apart and analyzing each bit of Mario Power Tennis.

Gameplay- ****

What else can I say. Almost perfect. No story or anything, but it’s a sport game. What can you expect? Other than that, it’s very good. The characters are very responsive as you control them, and the special Power Shots just add to the fun.

The many courses of MPT offer lots of variety. You can choose between a regular match and special Gimmick and Item matches. The former adds wacky qualities to the match, such as moving conveyor belts or a tilting stage. The latter lets you use Shells, Bananas, and even Lightning to try and trip up your opponents. For a tamer match, a regular exhibition can also be played.

The mini-games are all quite fun and you’ll have a good time trying to clear them all. From smacking ghosts back into their paintings in Terror Tennis, to trying to clear away sludge in Tic-Tac-Glow, the mini-games are a nice and welcome addition to this game.

Sound- *****

Sound quality is nothing short of superb in this game. The whacks of shots, the grunts of lunging players, the groans of a loss, it’s all here. Particularly standing out are the Power Shots, each having their own unique sound. Everything just blends and creates a harmonic that fits this game perfectly.

Graphics- ***

Not bad in this department. The graphics are generally-anti-aliased well, but getting down to the granular level, spots and flecks show up. The audience seems blurred as well. Still, the character models are impressive, on the high end for the Gamecube, and the way tons of effects, such as splashes and fireballs, are generally executed well, given their great number.

Replay Value- ***+

It has replay in that there are many Tournaments and characters to unlock. Beating the game with all of them could prove a challenge, but chances are you’ll get bored long before that. This game really shines in its multiplayer. After all, video gaming has always has a social aspect. This game may be no Smash Bros., but it still boasts a good multiplayer value.

Overall- ****

I highly recommend this as an addition to the gamer’s sports collection, but only if you want something really rather…out there. This is Mario after all, and players looking for a more realistic tennis game might want to consider a game such as Virtua Tennis. MPT, on the other hand, delivers great bonus features that Virtua Tennis does not. From the mini-games to the Power Shots, this game was executed well.