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Mario Merchandise

by ChrisAlassal

Want to look fashionably nerdy this summer? The new 8-Bit Mario Shirt is for you! This shirt features the classic Super Mario Bros. sprite in all its pixelated glory. For old Mario veterans and new fans alike, this is a gift no Mario should be without! Most stores are charing somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty dollars, so hurry and buy one!

Retro Item - Mario Merchandise from the past! – Mario Hat

While the shirt above is new, Mario clothing has been around since the 80s! The idea of a "Mario hat" fooled many a kid, including myself, into thinking they'd get a hat like the one Mario himself wears. Instead, it's a normal cap with the Super Mario Bros. 2 art, and while it's not the "M"-emblazoned hat I expected, it was still a fine addition to my personal collection. You might still be able to find this on ebay occasionally, so look out!

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