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From the Mushroom Vaults

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From the Mushroom Vaults: Our Heads are in the Clouds

Well, once again you click that enticing link at the top of the ‘Shroom Main Page. Sucker. But, of course, you know that this page brings you to some of the most in-depth game info you’ve ever seen outside a walkthrough. Or you just might be some n00b clicking around.

This month, the first feature will walk you through how to access all points of the Star Road, and access the *secret area* as well! The second feature covers some random Super Princess Peach info, including how to nab the annoying Stafy (or Starfish) for your Glossary. Without further ado, let’s begin!

‘’Veni, vidi, vici.’’ ~ Myself, after conquering Bowser in SPP


Ah, the Star Road. Well known, but near-impossible to find by yourself, let alone discover the secret which it holds. Never fear. Read on to unlock its mystical secret!

Star World One is very, very easy if you know what to expect. Just use a Spin Jump (press “R”) to crush the blocks. Plenty of rewards, but what you really wanna do is get the key. Just keep right by the right wall to break into the key’s cubbyhole.

Star World Two is a very easy water level. A star will fall from the screen as the level begins, and a Blue Yoshi hatches. Either use the star or have Yoshi eat it and mature immediately, then swim to the end. There’s a space under the rock with the pipe at the end; go under it for the key.

Star World Three is the smallest Mario game level. Ever. For all time. It’s only ONE SCREEN LONG. But the key is hard to find. There’s gotta be a catch. Don’t use Yoshi if you want the key; instead, bop Lakitu with a blue block and go up, up, up to the key at the top of the level, above Mario’s eyesight. Yellow Yoshi is introduced here, too!

And now, the very confusing Star World Four. Grab Mr. Red Yoshi, fill him up, then gulp a Blue Shell. Fly across the level, but when you start seeing platforms with tubes and Koopas, begin flying under them. Sooner or later, you’ll come across a huge bridge of “!” Blocks. Race over them, grab the key, and bingo! Another Star World down.

Thought Star World Four was complicated? Hold onto your Nintendo socks, because this one is at least two times harder. (If you haven’t guessed by now, it’s good wisdom to have all the switch palaces stomped.) Come into the level with a cape or a Blue Yoshi, then fly along the level ceiling until you see the rows of “!” Blocks. Continue along them for the key.

So, now what? You’ve gone through both exits of the levels, what’s the prize? Why, the middle tower of the Road with open, exposing the entrance to the Top Secret Area!

Shhh! Confidential Matters!

Don’t tell no one, but our spies, after delving through 3D’s computer, have discovered the mission of the next FTMV: to help you through the Top Secret area! Come back next month to reveal the secret of the Top Secret Area!

Peachy Keen

And now, our second feature. First thing, how to cook that Starfish’s goose:

A Fish! A Fish! My Kingdom for a Fish!

The Starfish appears in three levels: 2-5, 5-4, and 6-4. Each time, it appears in a different pose, and a different plan must be used. To destroy it, each must damage it once in each level it appears in.
When it first appears, it will be swimming about in a pool of water in Hoo’s Wood. Stay above it as it swims, so that when it leaps into the sky, Peach will stomp it!
In Wavy Beach, it appears sunbathing. Hold “R” or “L” to sneak up and hit it with Perry.
Finally, in Gleam Glacier, it appears on an icy ledge above Peach. Use the “Sad” vibe to race up and hit it before it beats a hasty retreat and vacates the area!
If Peach misses the Fish, she can enter and re-enter the area until it comes back again. A bit of patience will finally defeat it, making it the star attraction in the Glossary.

And now, a quick look at the boss’s precise weaknesses and tattles to help you to reap the Bonus Levels, Toads, and money gained from them extra-quick:

Brawlingly Big Boss Battles

I Feel Love Vibe

The first boss, Petey Piranha (or Boss P. Plant) is easy enough. Just avoid his loud belches and shockwaves, and water the vines with tears. When he opens his mouth to spit Nippers, give him a mouthful of salt water with the “Sad” vibe and slap his navel when he topples over. After three hits, he charges up and jumps from one side of the field to the other. Just bide your time and spray him when the time is ripe (jump from vine to vine to find a prime spot). If Peach runs out of vibe, Petey’s regurgitated Nippers and Vibe Jewels will do the trick.
‘’’Tattle’’’: Boss P. Plant: A big Piranha Plant. Its belly button is vulnerable?

What a Hoot!

Next up, Hoo the owl. By far the easiest of all bosses, he shoots eggs which hatch into mini-owls for Perry to absorb and dive-bombs Peach. When he comes homing in, jump on him to damage. After three hits, he destroys the platform and sends himself and his opponent flying. Use “Joy” to get above him, then stomp twice, avoiding his egg barriers. His eggs explode in the air now, exposing Vibe Jewels.
‘’’Tattle:’’’ Hoo: The protector of Hoo’s Wood. Attacks when threatened.

Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiights Oooooooooooooon!

King Boo is up next. His weakness is light, and what to we do when he need light? We light up those lantern-ghost cameo lanterns, that’s what! Just leap by him and use “Rage” for a couple seconds on each lantern. When all four are lit, Big Boo will take damage. Need vibe? Poundbrella the chandelier for a Jewel. After three hits, he’ll gain the “Sad” vibe, allowing him to put out lanterns. Just tease him from the lighted ones, then race in and set the others off for two more hits. He implodes, including his crown... but we all know... ‘’’’’ghosts... don’t... DIE...’’’’’
‘’’Tattle:’’’ King Boo: The boss of the Boos. It fears the light!

Rampaging ‘Pillar

And now, the ferocious Wiggler. He’s one of the most annoying, tedious bosses ever. Use “Rage” to pound one of the many springs on the floor down so that it’ll flip Wiggler on his side when he passes on top of it. When he’s flipped, stomp his flashing part, but avoid his head; that will cause him not to take any damage. After stomping, he’ll rampage around a bit, throwing boulders that contain Jewels. Repeat the process five times to destroy him.
‘’’Tattle:’’’ Wiggler: Usually quiet, but it gets angry when stepped on!

Gooper Scooper

Here’s the classic Gooper Blooper, back for another game outing. He uses his tentacles to attack: when they come into the field, damage them. The tentacles can grab Peach and flip her into the air, or snatch her up and slowly drain her HP. To avoid this, when grabbed, toggle all the directions on the D-Pad and “A” “B” “X” “Y” to get free. He also spits ink, which can be mopped up with “Sad”. When all his tentacles are damaged, hit his mouth to take off a hitpoint. If he starts blowing a bubble, pop it with “Rage” before he recharges himself!
‘’’Tattle:’’’ Gooper Blooper: The Blooper boss. It can attack with its tentacles

Icy Reception

An all-new boss! Finally! Blizzrasaurus is one of the most original baddies yet. When it charges up to race across the room, use “Rage” to melt the ice barrier around the dragon until a hitpoint is taken off. If left to itself, the creature will cause icicles to grow up, then rampage through them, exposing Jewels. It can also freeze Peach with ice breath! After three hits, it will transform into a small sprite. The rules for damage are the same, but it now makes icicles fall from the ceiling, and Peach must bash them herself. It also throws mini balls of ice. Two more hits and it’s another big boss down the drain. ‘’’Tattle:’’’ Blizzaurus: The dragon of Gleam Glacier. It used to be a sprite.

Return of the Magikoopa

Uh, oh. More old favorites... or rather, nemesises. Kamek. Made huge. With vibes. This does not bode well. At first, Mr. K. has a cloud circulating around him. Damage is easy: use “Joy” to spin around his head until he becomes dizzy, then hit him once stars appear around his head. He’ll attack by throwing those classic shape-spells and summoning other Magikoopas. After three hits, he’ll use the “Sad” vibe to destroy the cloud. Two more hits, and bingo! Bowser’s Villa is opened. ‘’’Tattle:’’’ Giant Kamek: A Kamek made huge with magic! It can teleport!

Raging Rampage

Finally, Bowser. But first, Peach must dispatch his bodyguards. The best strategy is to use “Rage” to steamroll them all. The red Army Bro. needs five hits, so single him out. ‘’’Tattle (for Army Bro.):’’’ Army Hammer Bro.: The Hammer Bros. leader. Stronger than the others?

Teh Classix

Ah! Bowser at last! For the most part, he attacks by charging across the room, smashing statues with Jewels inside. He also breathes fire streams, fireballs, and throws hammers. After two hits, he’ll back off and throw down gargantuan hammers, then turn red with anger when he returns. He’ll try to recharge after a while, so use “Rage” on him when he starts to blow his bubble. ‘’’Tattle:’’’ Bowser: Mario’s old enemy. Uses the power of Vibe Island...

Bad Memories

OH, DEAR! In a battle reminiscent of the two Yoshi’s Isles, Bowser grows... uh... big. No, huge. Gargantutan. Behemothic. Ginormous. Now he throws hammers, spiked balls, breathes fire, and summons Bob-ombs. When a Bob-omb is thrown, pick it up and throw it so that it explodes in his eyes. He’ll try to recharge again soon; don’t let him, or you’ll be in deep water! ‘’’Tattle:’’’ Bowser 2: He wasn’t beaten! Hit his eyes with a Bob-omb!

Shopping Lizst

The shop of Super Princess Peach is a fun part of the game. Here’s a quick list to help you decide when to buy the goodies on display.

Umbrella Abilities:

  • Floatbrella: Allows Peach to float in the air for a bit. For only 200 coins, this ability is an extremely good bargain. This should be the first thing you buy.
  • Poundbrella: Allows Peach the slam into the ground and stun/kill nearby enemies; pretty much the Peach version of the Ground-Pound. Buy it ASAP; it allows Peach to break special blocks and gain an advantage on certain enemies.
  • Chargebrella: The most enigmatic ability. All it does is allow Peach to charge by holding “B” and release, sending a shockwave out to damage enemies. And for 700 coins, it’s wise to wait on this purchase.

Ability-Enhancing Potions:

  • Tough Coffee: This caffeinated drink allows Peach to gain an extra hitpoint, or half a heart. It’s wise to level up once before each new world, but watch out! The price inflates rapidly!
  • Vibe Tea: Essentially Tough Coffee for vibe. It allows Peach to grow her Vibe Gauge and earn more time to use her abilities.
  • Courage Soda: By far THE MOST VALUBLE ITEM IN THE SHOP. Buy it as soon as it becomes available. Every time Perry destroys an enemy, a large coin worth five coins appears. It’s an extremely easy way to make cold hard cash without hunting for gold all over the world. By the way, the beginning of World 4-2 is a money mine up for grabs! Slide down the hill but leap off halfway; the huge parade of Koopas on the high ledge will allow Peach to make some serious money. Run off the screen to regenerate the turtles!
  • Natural Power: A very strange vibe. When Peach holds still for about 20 seconds, Perry will clamp on her head and appear to suck vibe from her. If you can hold in your giggles (or your lunch) when Perry begins “Suck Factor 12”, you should find this a great way to make vibe when enemies or crystals are not available.
  • Endless Vibe: Name says it all. Once Peach completes the entire game, collecting all valuables from every level TWICE, this item becomes available. And it’s free. Too bad it’s only available when there’s nothing else to get.


Wondering where your can fill in those blank holes in the Music Room? Chances are the music is available in the shop. As the game goes on, though, the money Peach must pay for a new hit becomes bigger. Songs available are:

  • Opening
  • Title
  • File Selection
  • Area Selection
  • Shop
  • Ladida Plains 1
  • Pause
  • Stage Clear
  • Boss
  • Hoo’s Wood 1
  • Shriek Mansion 1
  • Slidebrella
  • Fury Volcano 1
  • Wavy Beach 1
  • Subrella
  • Gleam Glacier 1
  • Giddy Sky 1
  • Bowser’s Villa 1

Puzzle Pieces:

  • Puzzles A/B/C/D’s pieces 1-5 are available here.


  • The minigame levels for Toad Jump/Tote/Shot are available to buy, along with a few levels to get you going. After the game is completed once, the bonus levels contain extra levels for Peach to play.

Monthly Challenge

This time around, just beat “Welcome to Yoshi Tower!” from YIDS and get all 100 points. That’s hard enough. Not even I was able to do that.

So long. And remember to come back every month for new cheats and hints! Or else... I know where you live... Wait. You do live at 1337 Mario-Freak Drive, Wallawalla, Washington, right?

64/\/\3 0\/3|-!