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by RAP.pngRAP...

Hello, welcome to the ENTERTAINMENT section. I’m RAP, you call me Ryan also if you want. Here, I review funny Mario clip from all over this crazy world. Let’s get rolling. Be advised there may be some crude humor I used to live now...

Mario and the Lost Coin

The thing is, Mario attempts to get all the coins he sees like he wants all the coins to be collected perfect… Until, he forgot the coin way back there. The “game wall” won’t let him pass to get it. And so Mario attempts to do the dumbest stuff he could possibly do to get that last coin, like beg… (HeeHeehee…). There are 12 attempts you could laugh it when you get bored and… STUFFFFFFFF!!!! Credit goes to Radioactive24, GlassBomb, Nintendo-Ninja, Zielak, Trinidex, Bendo, CIA, Atarah for making this movie!!! Bravo!!! Also audio credit is given by Bendo, Chr1sTh3G33k, and ZombiePosessor All of these people came from Be sure to vote for the approval!! Oh BTW, here’s the link if you wanna watch it... Eh??

Mario’s Blocks

Well, Well, Well... It looks like one of the blocks are goanna to teach Mario a lesson when it comes to stealing someone’s personal property, just joking... However, every-time Mario hits the block; it would be bad to worse when it comes for comedy..., which you’ll laugh it. There are 7 scenes he’s going to try to survive (If he can...) Each time; he gets really messed up as he’s frightened at the block at makes Mario so miserable; you’ll might be dead if you’re Mario... Eh?? Credit goes to UberAoC for this movie he sent to Newgrounds. Here’s the blah blah blahing link of ours to provide:

Baby Mario’s Adventures

When time comes, Baby Mario and Yoshi are goanna have a funny adventure but not like Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, you know; not that sort-a thing... Well, this movie consists of the funniest scenes Baby Mario & Yoshi are having this time of their lives. Additionally, there are jokes on shy guys that hang on scene names... You know... dirty jokes. Including, Fred... the loner Shy Guy... Credit goes to Bigfoot3290 for this movie, another member in Newgrounds. Here’s the link to see it,

That’s all folks, maybe next time... I’ll review two fan-made games next time... So see ya late-ta!!!