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by Superchao (talk)

For my final interview of the year, I'm interviewing an old-timer who's been around the block under a pile of different names. Namely, Palkia47!

Packy's been here for like five years and counting. Back in the day he was one of the more well-known users, and he's made a comeback lately too.

...Okay, I can't fake a good introduction even for the final one. Have fun reading this giant pillar of text!


Superchao: Hello, Shroom readers! For the final month of the year, I have successfully badgered Packy into accepting an interview!
Superchao invades Packy's personal space with a notepad
Packy flops at Porch with a broom

Packy: Howdies!
Superchao: Right, so, first and most important question: Does this mean I don't need to worry about chaining you down before you run away anymore?
Packy: No... yes... >.> <.<
Superchao: He's distracted! Now's my chance to ask the real first question. How did you find the wiki?
Packy: aaah!
Packy: Well, I found the wiki originally when I found SMBHQ back in late 2007, but all I did was mainly lurk and look at info from Brawl because it was coming out at the time and a lot of the info was finally coming out.
Superchao: Most of it thanks to Mr. Dipster, after all.
Packy: You would know better... I didn't really keep track of things like that back then hah
Superchao: Oh, well Dippy was well known in 2007 as "The Brawl info guy", pretty much.
Packy: Neat, never knew that... guess I have Dippy to thank for keeping me here at first then!
Superchao: But yeah, I remember SMBHQ! Very vaguely, in the sense that "I remember the one time we got the guy posing as Jay Resop and the story I read of its downfall." Why not talk about it a little more, before we move on to the actual wiki?
Superchao: In terms of you being there, that is. It's nice to get backstory and all.
Packy: Oh man, uhh, when I used to visit SMBHQ I would always visit SSS (Super Smash Stadium) on literally a daily basis... it was really active back then and you'd actually find me in comment sections if you looked at certain battles haha
Superchao: What was that, anyway? Roleplay battles, recordings...? Ya gotta remember I don't know anythin' about this place and all
Packy: It was more roleplay battles than anything. It was sort of a mix between SSB and this world that the guys who made SSS came up with, so it was sort of like a crossover between SSB and all of these characters that the site runners made
Packy: There was also sort of a story in certain battles, which was pretty interesting too
Packy: Although they threw in some video game characters that weren't in any of the SSB games
Superchao: Ah, I get what sorta thing you're talking about. On a related note, how'd you find SMBHQ in the first place?
Superchao: Well at least they didn't toss in Goku or Naruto, right? :V
Packy: Haha nah I don't think they went that far, they mainly threw in characters like Geno, Zero, or Tronne Bonne
Packy: How I found SMBHQ... just randomly searching Mario sites on google, honestly
Superchao: and how did you find google
Packy: I was kind of a rabid video game fan back then so I always tried to find as many sites as I could
Packy: i have no idea still
Superchao: Haha, I can relate. I'm pretty sure it was exploring Wikipedia for vidya stuff that got me to here, and all!
Packy: Yeah that's understandable, always thought it was kind of funny how a lot of people were brought together from exploring other random sites lol
Superchao: To be fair, it's always kinda interesting to look back on your life and chart the events. I'd talk about how two games heavily shaped me indirectly, buuut this isn't interviewing me.
Superchao: So instead, I shall ask why you made an account and started doin' things on the wiki! Well, your first account, Mr. Goes-Through-A-Lot-Of-Accounts.
Packy: Well, it can be if I successfully overthrow you.
Packy: Well, first account... joined as MegaMario9910 on February 22nd, 2008. I think I just decided that it was time for me to stop lurking and join and actually do something
Superchao: And did you actually do anything?
Packy: When I first joined, yeah, although after awhile I think I edited more talk pages than I did actual main pages lol
Packy: I think my first edit ever was on Jigglypuff's final smash article
Superchao: For shame. I should go back in time and give you a userspace warning.
Packy: I will slap you.
Superchao: So how many accounts have you gone through by now? I think you're on your third?
Packy: Yeah I'm on my third. After retiring in like 2009 I didn't remember anything from my old account so I made a new one in like 2011... and then I didn't use that one for anything after like a week and then I forgot everything on that one!
Packy: SOOOOO.
Superchao: Haha, don't worry. I'm on my third, too!
Packy: I'm now on my third one that I made like 5 months ago or something
Superchao: Well, second regular one, but there's the sockpuppet I made to get my password changed one time...
Superchao: Didn't you have to remake your account on the forum, too?
Packy: And you want to warn me for having multiple accounts...
Superchao: Hey, I never said anything about multiple account warnings, just userspace warnings
Packy: Yeah, I have two forum accounts, the one I used back when I first joined and the one I use now.
Superchao: And when did you lose that one, when you retired in 2009?
Packy: Same story with the first one... forgot everything on it when I left the forums a few years ago
Packy: Yep
Superchao: Good work, good work.
Superchao: So I might as well ask, did you have any early friends on the wiki and forums?
Superchao: I seem to recall you being one of the Jorge pals back in the day.
Packy: Yep! I believe the first people I ever met on the wiki and forums were ChaosNinji, Paperstriker, and Glowsquid, although the first person I ever met and befriended from the community was Groden over on Userpedia
Superchao: I recognize three of those, but who the hell is Paperstriker?
Packy: I didn't meet Jorge until March 8th, 2008... same day I met Stooben too, so that was a pretty good day
Superchao: Haha, meeting Jorge and Stooben on the same day certainly sounds exciting.
Packy: Paperstriker was just a regular user, I think, I don't think he was ever staff or anything... he was only on the forums for a year, unfortunately
Packy: Good guy, though, from what I remember
Superchao: Well he obviously wasn't important if I can't remember him!
Packy: Does this mean if I imply I don't remember you then you aren't important?
Packy: Because I'd sure like that to happen... I MEAN---
Superchao: say that to my face and not online
Packy: bring it on
Superchao: BUT ANYHOW what would you say it was like back in the olden days? From your perspective, at least?
Superchao: I seem to recall you appeared in a lot of the comics (that actually got made) at least
Packy: To me, personally... a lot more crazy than it is now, I think. A lot more... young people running around than mature people I guess?
Packy: Also yeah, although to be honest I don't remember a lot of them
Superchao: I get whatcha mean, back then we had all sorts of wildness
Superchao: To be fair there were like 9 one issue comics for every long runner
Superchao: And like 5 never-made comics for every started one
Superchao: It wasn't actually a very good at following through time.
Packy: Yeah that is true... I'm kind of guilty of being somebody who started the idea of comics but never actually did them lol
Packy: Although I do remember I was in Jorge's Friday Night Live
Superchao: Did you make signups and hype them up?
Superchao: Good old FNL. Honestly that and the tonight show are among my favorite of his comics. (I never did get around to making that bonus issue...)
Packy: I know I made one official... it was a comic based off of Fire Emblem and it was done by me and Spark, although it was a really poor decision to do because I literally had (and still don't have) any comic making skills at all
Superchao: So you were into Fire Emblem even back then?
Superchao: And Spark... that's KingAbra, right?
Packy: Oh my gosh yeah, I got into Fire Emblem back in 2009-ish I think, Ultima Bahamut introduced me to it and I'm forever grateful to him for doing so
Packy: And yep, Spark is KA
Superchao: Good old 1337. I wonder whatever happened?
Superchao: And man, I'm surprised I never talked to KingAbra much. He seemed to be all over the place, after all.
Packy: Dunno, haven't seen the guy since he dropped into chat every now and then in like late 2009... have to admit I'm still sad he hasn't popped back in yet
Superchao: Maybe he just moved on, like Son of Sons and others apparently did.
Packy: Unfortunately
Packy: (come back to us, 1337, we love you)
Superchao: (or at least think you were cool)
Packy: (chao thinks you were a terrible human being but that's okay I still love you)
Superchao: (packy is a goddamn liar just saying)
Superchao: Why not talk some more about your friendship with Groden/Ninji/Squiddy? It'll be interesting to hear what they were like back then as opposed to nowadays.
Packy: Groden was the guy who welcomed me when I joined Userpedia and was the one who really gave me advice on who to go too (which is how I met Ninji and Glowsquid)... back when he was Crypt Raider, I remember he was reeeeally talkative, I think
Superchao: Sometimes I forget that Crypt Raider and Groden are the same guy, honestly.
Packy: I think I remember Ninji and Glowsquid being easy to get along with but took their jobs seriously... I was able to actually work with the two of them when I was really active with the community; Glowsquid when I was part of the 'Shroom for literally like two issues when he was director, and Ninji when I and Stooben got promoted to sysops on Userpedia
Superchao: Sometimes I forget you were part of the Shroom waaay back when. But to be fair, I suppose people forget the same is true for me!
Superchao: But yeah, honestly that still sounds like Glowsquid today. Not so much Ninji but then again he's been retired for what, a long time now?
Packy: Yeah what's it been, 3 years?
Superchao: Yeah, and he pretty much went inactive a year and a half ago-ish, or so. Haven't seen him around this year.
Packy: Shame
Superchao: Why not talk about Jorge and Stooben as well, since you did bring them up?
Packy: I met Jorge and Stooben on March 8th of 2008, sometime in the morning I think... there was a troll called The Goomba that kept spamming Wario's article and me, Smiley, and SmartyGuy kept alerting the staff members who were on at the time
Packy: which were Jorge and Stooben
Superchao: Oh, I remember The Goomba! Didn't he turn out to be Blue Koop and have this whole dramatic history with Neptune and something
Packy: Yeah, he came back like a year later as Blue Koop and actually turned out to be a pretty cool guy, we became really close friends... and yeah, over on Bowserpedia... such fun times lol
Superchao: Bowserpedia was such a clusterfuck, it was ridiculous.
Packy: That's not even the word for it lmao, it was reaaaaaaally bad
Packy: Kind of reinforces the point of more young people running around than mature people I guess lol
Superchao: Yeah, it does. Hahaha. So what was being pals with Jorge and Stooben like? I'd imagine it was quite different between the two
Packy: Jorge was pretty crazy, like he is nowadays... we admittedly used to roleplay a looooooooot when I became active in chat. I think our best one was our first one, which RedFire Mario and James Frontier were part of. We were on some trip or something and wild things kept happening and we stopped at gay bars and Jorge lost his clothes.
Packy: ...I think we were all on drugs, possibly
Superchao: That sounds like an exciting time.
Superchao: To be fair, roleplay and Jorge seem to go together, and also be significant in friendships.
Superchao: This is what, the fourth or fifth time he's come up?
Packy: About that yeah, lol, he's honestly been a big impact on my personality today, as scary as that sounds
Packy: Stooben on the other hand... really, he's Stooben, what else can you say? Was always a cool guy, still is.
Superchao: Stooben is the coolest of cool guys and I will fight anyone who says otherwise
Packy: We got promoted almost the same time on Userpedia so we were sort of newbie brothers as sysops I guess you could say haha
Superchao: Hopefully he set you straight to counteract Jorge's wild and crazy nature
Superchao: Honestly it's kind of hard to think of Stooben as a newbie, to me he always feels like a big brother
Packy: I used to rely on him a lot and I can vouch for the fact that he was the person who suggested I be a bureaucrat on Userpedia
Packy: Yeah, he's like that to me too
Packy: He's been one of my closest friends I've ever had on the site and I couldn't ask for anyone better
Superchao: It's probably obvious, but the dude's basically my interview mentor.
Superchao: Like he's the reason I use the style I do and even went for this job, and all.
Superchao: Meanwhile Jorge is still a friend of mine too, but in a wildly different way!
Packy: Yeah... a lot of the people I met back in 2008 and 2009 have remained my closest friends, like Stooben and Jorge... a few others too, especially Volke (come back to us) and SLNO
Packy: I enjoyed everyone I met back then except you.
Packy: :')
Superchao: Don't worry, I feel the same way. :'D
Superchao: Well, I'm sure that despite all this time talking about the oldbies, they can't be the only people you're friends with!
Superchao: Why not talk about some new people you think are cool, too?
Packy: It's hard to choose... I've become friends with so many people it almost becomes hard to keep count. I've become really great friends with people like BetaMaster64, Sunscreen, and World10. There's also guys like Mario4Ever and MST3K who I sadly don't know extremely well but I think are pretty awesome guys when I have talked to them.
Packy: If they count, then there's Smasher and MCD, but... who really likes them?
Superchao: I don't think they even like each other
Superchao: MST3K and Mario4Ever, on the other hand, are pretty great guys. So great that I interviewed them in the May and August issues this year, which you should totally read! </shameless plugging>
Superchao: I don't know much about the three you listed, unfortunately. Why not tell me and the audience some more of how you became pals with them?
Packy: I gotta be legit honest... I don't really remember how we all met. I think our personalities just kind of blended in really well with each other in chat over time and now they hang out in my chat on a daily basis
Superchao: Ah, that's cool. I know Sunscreen and Betamaster some, at least, and I recognize World10.
Superchao: I'd hang out in your chat to get to know them better, but, you know.
Packy: Although I think Mario Kart 7 probably had something to do with me, Beta, and Sunscreen
Superchao: Oh? How so?
Packy: I think we used to play online a lot... I know me and a bunch of other users used to play on MK7 online a lot, like 3K, Nabber, Crash, and I think Beta played sometimes too... I think Sunscreen joined in sometime later? I don't remember to be honest
Packy: Sorry o.o My mind is that bad that I can remember things from 2008 but I can't remember things from like last year lol
Superchao: For shame, Packy. For shame
Packy: Yeah I'm sure yours is sooooooooo much better >:(
Superchao: But of course! I can remember to avoid your chat for my own safety, after all!
Superchao: Well, why not talk about what you like to do on the forum, some?
Packy: You're already crazy, Porch, staying away from my chat isn't going to help >:(
Packy: On the forum... lately, lurk. I just normally watch random threads and pop in whenever a thread needs some good Packy involved... because that's what I do... and I'm good at it.
Packy: ...don't deny it.
Superchao: >good Packy
Packy: I used to play Mafia a lot though, but barely play it anymore :\
Superchao: you and your oxymorons
Packy: yeah like i'm sure good porch exists...
Packy: bunch of lies
Superchao: I dunno, depending on who you ask...
Superchao: But yeah, same here. Lost interest in it over time, probably due to playing too much, maybe.
Superchao: Still willing to play in certain games but not all the time. ...Aren't you in the hosts guild, though?
Packy: Yep; was accepted into the guild after I hosted my first game (which was based off of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance) and everybody that was part of the guild thought I did a really good job with it (MG1 was especially positive of it when I thought I didn't even do that great of a job lol)
Superchao: Well, I guess that's why they call it the Hosts Guild and not the Players Guild.
Superchao: Then again, if it was the Players Guild it would be way too large...
Packy: Then we'd just kick everyone out :)
Superchao: Power abuse! Power abuse!
Superchao: How drunk was I when I approved of you getting this 'Shroom job, anyway...
Packy: Pretty drunk. Think I was drunk when I thought about working for you...
Superchao: So what got you interested in hosting mafia? Besides the feeling of control, I assume.
Packy: I honestly have no idea o.o When I asked about mafia a few months before I actually signed up for one and Stooben explained it to me, I was so confused and uninterested in it
Packy: I guess after awhile I was just like "eh what the hell" and decided to try it out after watching a few games
Superchao: And look where that got you!
Packy: Kind of paid off, got MVP in my first three games o.o
Superchao: I guess you're just a natural at deception and trickery.
Packy: Yeah I don't think I am anymore... I've gotten really bad with mafia games lately lol
Superchao: Happens to the best of us, I suppose.
Superchao: But you're still hosting it, right?
Packy: I haven't officially hosted a game since PoR Mafia, but I have started sign-ups for two more FE games but I haven't really touched either of them in awhile... been way too busy lately to handle hosting a mafia
Superchao: I would wag my finger at you except I think it's been almost a year since we opened signups for Paper Mario Series Mafia. So, welp.
Packy: Such a great host, ladies and gentlemen.
Superchao: Hey, you can half-blame my co-host for that!
Packy: Such a great responsibility-taking person, ladies and gentlemen.
Superchao: *lang-reaction.gif*
Superchao: Now that we've discussed mafia and aren't coming back to it let's talk about some of your other historical community positions!
Superchao: Such as how you became Critic Corner Director approximately a month ago.
Superchao: (newbie)
Packy: I don't know how it happened and I think you all are a group of druggies or drunks for ever considering me.
Superchao: From what I remember it involved booze, your past experience with the 'Shroom, and you being level-headed and generally appealing to everyone.
Superchao: So clearly, they didn't ask me.
Packy: Clearly you were on booze if you considered that last one as something.
Superchao: I think they might have just locked me out of the building.
Superchao: I could have stopped this
Packy: Nobody wants your help...
Packy: Jerk.
Superchao: Packy, Packy, Packy. You need to stop projecting how people feel about you, onto me.
Packy: But it's fun.
Packy: And it's the truth.
Superchao: But seriously, what's it been like being Critic Corner Director? Even if you've had the shortest term in a position so far of anyone I've ever interviewed.
Packy: To be honest I don't think I've really done... anything o.o. Sending out warnings is always fun and compiling sections is always nice when I actually want to do it
Superchao: Like I said, that's the problem when you get promoted approximately a month before I interview you.
Superchao: You should have gotten promoted either a while before or just after the interview. Dammit, Packy.
Packy: Hey, wasn't my fault! Should have considered that when you guys were considering me.
Superchao: Well, you have a regular 'Shroom job too. That got your toe in the door!
Superchao: What's that like, anyway?
Packy: Pretty fun, although I honestly think I get a bit sloppy sometimes with themes and whatnot, but it's always fun coming up with them and then doing it.
Superchao: At least it's generally faster than Interviews to do. Especially when SOMEONE doesn't make you wait multiple days to finish.
Packy: Hey, Thanksgiving happened. And extra days happened...
Superchao: That was one of five days.
Packy: SHUT UP.
Packy: I WAS BUSY :'(
Superchao: Suuuure you were. But I'll leave off picking apart your story and instead ask you to tell us about your Userpedia administrating history!
Packy: WELL, where to start... I got promoted in October of 2008 to sysop on Userpedia and moderator on the forums
Superchao: I always forget about the userpedia forums in these accounts, to be honest.
Superchao: Anyhow, why'd they promote you?
Packy: From what I know, because I was really active and hard-working I was apparently really nice back then and didn't flame anybody... snap what's happened to me.
Superchao: Probably gradually getting older and more cynical or something. At least you're still active!
Packy: Advice to the young: stay young.
Superchao: Trust me, that's not always the best solution. Take young me, for example. He was even worse than current me!
Packy: You're still a horrible person. :')
Superchao: You know just the right thing to say. :)
Packy: Anyways, I know sometime during 2009 I was promoted to bureaucrat
Superchao: Which is pretty impressive, I'd say. Technically, you're the first bureaucrat I've interviewed.
Packy: It was kind of a trio of 'crats, I think, between me, Stooben, and 1337
Superchao: Of course, I was a 'crat at another wiki too, so, that probably devalues it at least some.
Packy: You should be honored to be interviewing me >:(
Superchao: >honored >you
Superchao: *daryanlaugh.gif*
Superchao: So why not tell us some of what it was like, being UP staff in those days?
Packy: I remember it being really fun, I think... to be honest I don't really think there was any big difference working-wise between sysop and 'crat. It was really laidback although there was the occasional spam attack here and there from what I remember
Packy: Although I do remember it being really bad when the community moved to Wikia because of how many spam attacks we got... I think I was still sysop at that point
Superchao: Yeah, the various moves were known for being a wreck.
Superchao: God damn it, ScribbleWiki.
Superchao: Of course, I can't really speak from experience, since I'm pretty sure that was during the time I was MIA.
Packy: I remember helping with the move to Editthis and then there was the move to Referata(?) which I know I didn't really help much with x.x
Superchao: There was a move to editthis? I thought there was only the move from the very first Userpedia to Scribble.
Packy: Yeah, we tried moving to Editthis because of the problems on Wikia but we found out that image uploading was disabled on Editthis so it really didn't last long
Superchao: Hahah, considering Userpedia, no wonder that'd be an issue.
Packy: And then there was the move to Adriels when Neu got it all set up for us
Superchao: Thank you, Neu. Theu.
Superchao: To be fair, one of the few advantages I've noted of the new Userpedia is 99% less cases of signups being promised for something that never happens at all.
Packy: Well yeah that's certainly true, although to be fair there aren't really as many signups out and about now as there were years ago lol
Superchao: That's also true!
Packy: Anyways I know after we moved to Adriels that I was 'Crat, although I'm not sure for how long
Superchao: And then what happened?
Packy: I think there was a period in late-ish 2009 that I left UP and instead lurked around in chat, so I lost my position then
Superchao: And did you ever come back to the wiki, or have they remained bright and free?
Packy: I came back sometime in 2010, I think mid-2010, and I became more active and got re-promoted to Sysop in September
Packy: and shortly 'Crat in October
Superchao: And thus your bulk blocked out all sources of light. Truly, these are dark times.
Packy: That's my job!
Packy: So I was crat until April of 2011
Superchao: Was there even anything to do in those six months
Packy: I don't think there was o.o There really was not anything to do on Userpedia after 2009 ended I think
Packy: I think there was more time spent trying to improve the site at that point then anything else
Packy: Apparently I got repromoted in May to 'Crat and then I retired again in June...
Superchao: Yeah, Userpedia's had a really really rocky road.
Superchao: Do you have no recollection of that, or something?
Packy: ...and un-retired in July, got repromoted to crat, and left again in October in 2011...
Packy: I really did a good job making up my mind!
Superchao: Well, they say the mind is the first thing to go. Maybe you just kept forgetting what you wanted to do
Packy: On the rocky road? Not a lot, but I do remember things like the Jaime incident and the nuke incident
Superchao: I wasn't here for either of those, but I've certainly picked up a lot about those since then. Like back in September's interview, when I talked about the nuke incident!
Superchao: *advertising intensifies*
Superchao: Although I was actually asking about the switching around. Do you have any memory why you kept resigning and returning?
Packy: Ohh, it was probably just I didn't have enough time to balance it, I think. I know there were a few times I got really frustrated with the other admins and I actually did demote myself out of anger one day because of something really stupid
Superchao: Oh? What was it?
Packy: I got really angry at SMB one day and I made a really dumb and antagonizing post about the staff in the staff board one day... just wasn't a good thing I started by any means
Superchao: Wow, that sounds... like a mess.
Superchao: Probably for the best if we discreetly move on, wouldn't you say?
Packy: Let's just say I've done a lot of stupid things when I was staff o.o
Packy: Like the last time I was 'crat, which I guess was sometime in 2011
Superchao: Oh? What happened that time?
Packy: Well, I um.
Packy: I decided it would be a great joke to let N, one of my friends on the wiki, to use my Marioboards account and post a joke topic. It was um... pretty great. -_-;
Superchao: Ohhh, yeah, I heard about that in a couple old topics.
Superchao: Let's just say you didn't have the best reputation for a time.
Packy: It was kind of a waiting game at that point because Stooben had already talked to me about it and I had yet to talk to SMB to actually see what would happen...
Packy: So I got demoted :P
Superchao: So, uh, no offense but what on earth made you think that was a good idea?
Superchao: Yeah, no wonder.
Packy: No legit idea, I think it was kind of a time where I was like "lol I don't care what happens". Teenagers, y'know. Teenagers.
Superchao: So basically your brain decided to take a hike.
Superchao: Did your rep on Userpedia ever recover from that?
Packy: To be honest I didn't really touch UP at all much after that... I think everybody has at least gotten over it, especially if I'm now Critic Corner Director and part of the awards committee and all that
Superchao: That's true, I can say with experience that I like you a lot better than I did two years ago, hahaha.
Superchao: Although two years ago I think most of my info on you was secondhand...
Packy: I think everybody likes me more now than they ever did for an understandable reason lol
Superchao: Yeah, this is probably the time when you've been the least annoying/terrible!
Superchao: Of course in your case it's all relative
Packy: Naturally. B)
Packy: Not to sound cocky or anything, of course, but I do think I've acted better lately than I have anytime before o.o
Superchao: dammit packy i was trying to mock you D:
Packy: I know :D
Packy: mocking
Superchao: Well, to be fair, I'd say that the same is true of me. Just ask anyone who knew me in 2006 and they'll tell you how bad I was.
Packy: Don't you mean 2013?
Superchao: Nah, you're probably thinking of yourself.
Packy: Nah.
Superchao: So, since I think we've gone forward, backwards, and sideways over your wiki history and exhausted it
Superchao: Why not tell us about the flagship franchise of here, the Mario series!
Superchao: Specifically: What would you say your favorite Mario game is, for a starter?
Packy: Super Mario Sunshine, undoubtedly. I grew up with it and I love everything about it (except the camera)... the open-worldness is amazing and I'm one of the people who really likes FLUDD.
Superchao: As much as it pains me to agree with you on anything, I think I've finally found something we share
Superchao: mainly /hell yeah sunshine/
Superchao: gimme a high five bro
Packy: brb hiding as far away from you as possible
Superchao drags Packy back out with a rope
Superchao: We've got to finish this interview first!
Packy: :'(
Superchao: So yeah. Mind elaborating on the reasons you like it? Especially FLUDD, I know that part's controversial
Packy: I gotta be honest, any of the GameCube Mario games are probably my favorite, but SMS stands out among them
Superchao: Even the multitude of sports games?
Superchao: Although lemme tell you TTYD is spectacular, despite what a certain person in my August interview section said. (Watch, at this rate I'll have a complete reference set)
Packy: Well, like the open-world... I love games that let you venture all over the place and I actually think FLUDD makes it all the much better with things like the rocket nozzle, so you get to go higher than you would normally and get to venture more... high places
Packy: There's just so many routes and stuff you can take and do I think it's great
Superchao: That's honestly why I argue in favor of blue coins. They reward you for exploring rather than just beelining to the Shine.
Packy: I like FLUDD... I don't know why though. I just like the use of him and, again, he offers you more exploration options
Superchao: Sadly, even FLUUD does not help when THEY ARE CHUCKSTERS
Packy: Also yeah, the blue coins are great... except in Corona Mountain with the blue coins and the boat. I never want to touch those again.
Superchao: Corona Mountain more like have fun with the OHKO everything!
Packy: ALSO, yes, even with the multitude of sports games. Mario Superstar Baseball and Super Mario Strikers are two of my favorite sports games, Mario Kart: Double Dash!! may be my favorite MK game, and Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour is pretty great.
Superchao: I never played Strikers, but I have positive things to say about the others. But we're here to hear your positive things!
Packy: Nobody cares about your positive things anyways! :') Just kidding.
Superchao: What do you like about those sports games, compared to the others?
Packy: You should play Strikers, it's pretty great. Sadly never played the sequel, though.
Superchao: I played the sequel and all I can say is the AI hates you
Packy: Well, I got to play MSB before I ever got to play Super Sluggers, so playing a Mario baseball game was mind-blowing to me, and I thought Superstar Baseball was absolutely amazing. Got it on my birthday I think in 2007 or something and fell in love with it.
Superchao: Good thing you didn't live in Europe or Australia, or you'd never get Super Sluggers!
Packy: Double Dash!!... well, the fact of two people on a kart practically blew my mind in the first place. I also liked the tracks a lot more in that game than I did other ones
Superchao: The funny thing is I've never owned any other Mario Kart games, so two people per kart is my norm rather than exception
Packy: I can't really compare Toadstool Tour to much because it's the only Mario golf game I've played, but it's pretty nice anyways. I'm not a big golf fan at all, but I don't mind picking it up every now and playing it
Superchao: It's pretty good, imo. Can't decide whether I like it or Advance Tour better.
Packy: Also, if you want to count them as sports games, there's also the Gamecube Mario Party games
Superchao: Did you play all... four of them, I believe?
Packy: Yep, played all 4 of them, although I honestly don't remember a lot from 4, 5, and 6 at all because I didn't get them until a few years ago after I had kind of grown out of MP games
Superchao: This is why I picked one and stuck with it :V
Packy: 7, on the other hand, I got on the same Christmas that I got my Gamecube, so I have a looooot of memories of that game
Packy: I'm one of the people who thinks the 8-player minigames were so awesome <33 Especially Gimme a Brake I remember really REALLY well
Packy: It's like my favorite mini-game in the game
Superchao: How did 8-player minigames even work
Packy: People shared controllers I guess... to be honest I'm not sure if it did work well because I've never had enough people to do it lol
Packy: You know what they say, the more the merrier.
Packy: ...Dr. Eggman would agree, at least.
Superchao: Or would he? This summer, I will take it upon myself to find out!
Superchao: How about TTYD? Make sure you answer carefully; my section of the month may potentially hinge upon it!
Packy: TTYD... played and beaten 3 times, I think, that should be enough to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I have to admit it's really difficult to judge it when compared to the others in the PM series because I love Paper Mario and SPM (I've never played Sticker Star) though
Packy: I'm one of those people who looooooooooves Glitzville
Superchao: You mean there are people who don't love Glitzville?
Superchao: Also hell yes SPM, and I need to finish PM. (Sticker Star was ugh, though)
Packy: Yeah I've seen a few people who clearly don't know what they're talking about!
Packy: I don't think I could dare pick a favorite Paper Mario game... that would seriously be one of the toughest choices ever for me
Packy: I don't know if it's I loved them that much or if they were just that amazing
Superchao: It's probably both, considering that the Paper Mario series has been 3/4 on home runs, despite what some people might say
Packy: I know :( It makes me so frustrated with the hate that SPM gets sometimes
Superchao: mhm
Superchao: Any other outstanding parts? Besides Glitzville, which you could totally talk some more about.
Packy: Really, just the entire game. Although Yoshi Kid is one of my favorite Mario characters ever <33
Superchao: >Not saying Admiral Bobbery or Goombella is the best partner
Superchao: do you even ttyd
Packy: Bobbery is great, don't get me wrong, but YK is awesome... to be honest I never really used any of the Goomba partners o.o
Superchao: >Not tattling anything
Superchao: I should have known your streak of acceptable opinions would have to end sooner or later, considering it's you.
Packy: Guess you could say I never wanted to 100% a PM game eh?
Superchao: I am so disappointed right now, I think I need to move on before it crushes me like a 100-ton weight.
Superchao: Besides the RPG, the sports, the platformers... oh, Luigi's Mansion and Melee. They may not be proper Mario but are they still your thing?
Packy: Pretty sure I got both the same Christmas I got my Gamecube... despite how short it is, I've only beaten LM twice, but I think it's an absolutely amazing game. The concept of it and the way it was executed is awesome
Superchao: It's definitely a break from the Mario norm, that's for sure.
Packy: Melee... Melee may be my most played game ever, to be honest
Superchao: But did you get all the trophies yet?
Packy: I don't know :( I haven't played it in like a year or two... I've been meaning to play it lately but I never got around to it
Superchao: That always happens, doesn't it. I've got like ten video games I'm intending to play...
Packy: Yeah... there's a game or two I bought a few months ago and I haven't even touched it yet lol
Superchao: That's mostly worse than me! *looks apprehensively at Dream Team*
Packy: There are games I've been so hyped to play and couldn't wait to buy them and now I own them and I haven't beaten them lol
Superchao: Like what, if I may ask?
Packy: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Fire Emblem: Awakening, and Pokemon X are the 3 games that really come to mind
Superchao: Hahaha, tell me more about Dark Moon?
Superchao: In fact let's try and talk about some more non-GC mario games before we move on. Gotta keep this slightly organized! As best I can, at least!
Packy: I'm on the fifth and final mansion in Dark Moon, but I just kind of lost interest when I got to it... I don't know if it was just I got caught up in real life things or if I just got into another game or something lol
Packy: Like it's almost the same with Awakening
Packy: I'm on the second from last chapter, so close to finishing it... but I just didn't do it lol
Superchao: I wouldn't be surprised if it was the latter, it's hard to keep up interest constantly after that initial spate except in rare cases.
Superchao: I've got a bunch of incomplete Paralogues in Awakening, but I just don't have the energy to do them.
Packy: I would expect a 100% game file for Awakening from somebody like you lol
Superchao: And just what is that supposed to mean?
Packy: Well, from somebody who once had their forum account named after a character from a paralogue... *cough*
Superchao: So, I was introducing non-GC mario games, but you went and sidetracked me. Besides Dark Moon, any others that stand out?
Packy: Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars probably stand out the most... they're two of my favorite Mario games, next to SMS
Superchao: SMRPG? How long have you been playing games, boy
Packy: Since I was like 4 :P but I didn't get to play SMRPG until like 2009-ish when I got it on Virtual Console
Superchao: Cripes, man, I only started playing when I was like 9 or so.
Superchao: ...Wait, that's on VC? I thought there were disputes with Square?
Packy: Yeah it's still on VC, I don't think I've ever heard of it being taken off or anything o.o
Packy: It's not like what they did with Donkey Kong Country and took them off
Superchao: Nah, I just remembered that Square had the rights - ohhh
Superchao: Yeah, it was Rare I was thinking of, not Square.
Packy: PSST.
Superchao: I would, but I think you broke it when you got on it.
Packy: >:(
Superchao: As for SMG2... That's an interesting choice, especially considering your favoring SMS. I mean, it's like the opposite in terms of open worlds and exploration.
Packy: Yeah... I dunno, I'm one of those people who isn't all that big of a fan of the original SMG (although I think I've warmed up to it lately) but I'm in love with SMG2
Superchao: Hmm, again, seems like you're going contrary to the norm. Why do you like it, then?
Packy: I gotta be honest when I say I'm not quite sure why I like it when I don't like SMG as much. I don't know if I just enjoy the platforming more or if I enjoy the levels/galaxies more or both.
Superchao: That makes a bit hard to talk about lol
Packy: I know I'm just really weird I guess lol
Superchao: not big surprise
Packy: Naturally.
Superchao: On the note of Wii games, how about Super Paper Mario?
Packy: Always enjoyed SPM... always thought it was rather underrated in the PM series
Packy: For some reason I really enjoyed not having actual battles
Superchao: See, someone gets it for once! So far I'm 2 for 12 in getting people to say they liked SPM a lot.
Superchao: (You can read the other one aaaall the way back in the March interview!)
Superchao: But yeah, the lack of the traditional battle system... it was jarring, and I'll admit it has flaws. But it's a pretty great game otherwise!
Superchao: Also the Duel of 100 is great and I'm not gonna let anyone say otherwise
Packy: I never actually did the Duel of 100 :(
Packy: Never did it in any of the PM games to be honest
Superchao: Aren't you thinking of the Pit of 100 Trials...
Superchao: Also you've broken my heart. I hope you're happy.
Packy: I was wondering why it sounded different.
Packy: Although one thing I wasn't a big fan of (and this is also one of my peeves with Dark Moon) is how worlds are split up and how there's chapters.
Packy: I just don't feel like it allows for enough exploration like there was in TTYD
Superchao: Oh, why's that? I actually liked it somewhat.
Superchao: Exploration is a good point, but it didn't feel too restricted. (not like sticker star >:()
Packy: Yeah it wasn't bad, but I just think it was better utilized in TTYD and the original PM
Packy: Would have no idea with Sticker Star... never played it and I'm not sure if I want to lol
Superchao: I'd say you shouldn't, lol
Superchao: Before we move onto the non-Mario games, might as well ask. Any Mario games you've personally disliked?
Packy: There isn't a Mario game that I actually hate, but I'm really not a big fan of New Super Mario Bros.
Packy: Like it's alright... but I think it's really overrated
Superchao: Oh? I thought the original was actually quite good myself.
Superchao: Well, if you say overrated, then I getcha. It's a middling game, but nothing special.
Packy: Gotta be honest when I say I much preferred NSMBWii, but that's just me.
Packy: Besides that... nothing really comes to mind
Superchao: Haven't played any NSMB games beyond the first, so can't really comment there.
Packy: You should try out NSMBWii one day, it's not bad
Superchao: Right, looks like it might be time to move on to the myriad games beyond the Mario series.
Superchao: The mythical games, spoken of in hushed whispers within the Marioverse!
Packy: Oh boy... where should I start?
Superchao: Fire Emblem? Pokemon? The choice is yours, my boy!
Packy: Well, I've always maintained that my favorite video games are Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Super Mario Sunshine, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Cave Story, Portal, and The Walking Dead.
Superchao: >Echoes
Superchao: Why do you keep having such good opinions? It makes me think twice about jabbing quips at you
Packy: Because I'm actually awesome contrary to what you believe :')
Superchao: and contrary to what you've shown :V
Superchao: So let's just go through them one at a time. Why Radiant Dawn? If anything I always hear FE7 hyped up as the best
Superchao: (and FE5 hyped up as the hardest)
Packy: Radiant Dawn just takes everything good from Path of Radiance, its prequel, and multiplies it. The story is great, the characters are fantastic, the gameplay is great.
Superchao: Huh, and here I thought RD got less hype than PoR.
Packy: I think it does sometimes probably because PoR was the first 3D Fire Emblem game but oh well :P
Superchao: True, true. Although I've always felt sprites looked better on the map than models, such as Awakening did.
Packy: Yeah I can see why, although I think the only games I enjoyed the sprites on the map a lot were PoR and RD :\
Superchao: Aaand you're back to having bad opinions. You were doing so well, Packouli.
Packy: ...Naturally...
Superchao: Well, what do you think of Awakening, for that matter? You did mention it earlier.
Packy: I'm being completely honest when I say Awakening didn't impress me as much as I thought it would. I think it's a bit overrated and I really don't see what's so amazing about it :x
Packy: It's not a bad game by any means but it's not as great as I thought
Superchao: Ah. What do you think was the letdown, then?
Packy: I'm not sure... I think one of the things that really aggravated me with the game was that it felt like there was absolutely no story at all, especially in the beginning and midway through
Packy: The chapters were also really forgettable and lackluster
Superchao: Really, the midway? I think the beginning's understandable with all the Risen, but I thought Walhart was a pretty good story arc.
Superchao: I can agree with you on forgettablity, but that might have come from them making nearly 50 chapters.
Packy: I dunno the story just really didn't do anything for me :x
Superchao: Eh, guess we'll agree to disagree on that point.
Packy: And I'm not sure with that... RD had about 45-ish chapters I think and a lot of them were memorable for me
Packy: Fair enough :P
Superchao: How's about Echoes? I can understand why you'd like it over the other Prime games, but it's not time to steal your thunder. Not just yet.
Packy: I'm not sure what it was that made me like Echoes more than the first Prime... I know I wasn't a big fan of the world(s) in Prime, so some of it may be that. I think I also liked the different beams in Echoes.
Packy: I can't judge it compared to Corruption because I haven't beaten it yet, but from what I've played I still like Echoes more
Superchao: I'm surprised you were against the worlds in Prime... unless it was Phazon Minies. I can totally get dislike for Phazon Mines.
Superchao: Argh, Corruption. Still stuck on Bryyo. Need to try again sometime.
Superchao: Any opinion on the Primes overall, through?
Packy: I gotta be completely honest when I say Phazon Mines might have been my favorite world in Prime... I just loved it so much. I loved how eerie it was.
Superchao: It was eerie, but also annoying. Mainly because of that super long saveless runthrough.
Superchao: At least the Wavebuster made it so easy to cheese the boss at the end. Carthartic!
Packy: The trilogy as a whole is great... I don't think I've played many trilogies, but it's certainly one of my favorites. My only complaint is just it's a bit difficult to get used to the Wii's controls for Corruption.
Superchao: More like really difficult. As much as I try I can't get used to the Wii controls.
Packy: Yeah... after playing Prime and Echoes right after another and then jumping to Corruption, it was really weird
Superchao: As opposed to the Gamecube controls, which are muscle memory at this point. If they only had a GC controller option for Corruption, I'm sure I would have beaten it by now.
Superchao: How's about Echoes or Corruption? Any standout worlds in there?
Superchao: And if you do like Phazon Mines, what is it you dislike?
Packy: I haven't played Corruption enough to really choose a standout world, so I can't really answer that one
Packy: Echoes... Sanctuary Fortress, definitely.
Packy: It has such an interesting landscape and it has one of my favorite Metroid bosses in Quadraxis.
Superchao: I can only think of one person so far who's disliked Sanctuary Fortress, hahaha
Packy: For Prime... I really didn't like the Chozo Ruins. I thought it was rather bland :x
Packy: Whoever dislikes Sanctuary Fortress should go burn in a hole >:(
Superchao: Too much brown and gray?
Superchao: Now, now. Violence isn't the answer. Gradual convincing with words is!
Packy: I say it is. :)
Superchao: In that case I suppose I must fight you.
Packy: Yeah I guess... I just found it really boring... I also didn't really care for Flaahgra, the big boss of that region
Superchao: Probably didn't help that the NTSC version has the music glitch :I
Packy: Music glitch?
Superchao: Yeah, for some reason it loops the first 20 seconds or so, which is just the buildup.
Superchao: Leaves out like 80% of the song.
Packy: Huh strange, never heard of that before
Superchao: Yup. Kinda ruins the effect, honestly.
Packy: I don't even remember the music for Chozo Ruins... like the only world music I remember is Magmoor Caverns and Phazon Mines
Superchao: Chozo Ruins didn't really have very memoriable music. Surprised you can't remember Tallon or Phendrana, though!
Superchao: maybe you just have a bad memory lol
Packy: I think I remember what Tallon and Phendrana sound like, but neither of them were really memorable to me
Superchao: Again, quite surprising. Hopefully you at least remember Sanctuary :V
Packy: Sanctuary Fortress' music?
Superchao: Yes, what else do you think I would mean at this point in time
Packy: Well I thought since we were talking about Prime worlds I thought you meant a world in Prime called Sanctuary, I was going to be like "I don't remember there being a world in Prime named Sanctuary..."
Packy: Yeah, I remember Sanctuary Fortress' music, although it's not as memorable to me as Quadraxis' boss music is. It's still great, though.
Superchao: You dolt, why wouldn't I use "Sanctuary" as a shorthand for "Sanctuary Fortress"
Superchao: It is, especially the 1F music. That was a pretty great level all around.
Packy: :'(
Packy: I really need to play Echoes again, I miss that game :(
Packy: Haven't played any of the Prime games in like 2 years
Superchao: Wow, why not?
Packy: Just haven't gotten enough time to play it, or I've been caught up in playing other games
Superchao: Other games are the biggest obstacle to playing games, I always say.
Packy: I've got games I bought a year or two ago that I've barely touched (namely Viewtiful Joe, really need to get around to that game...)
Superchao: Better than me. I've had a few games that I haven't touched in over four years!
Superchao: Suppose I should ask you about a game you probably have touched more recently. What d'ya think of Cave Story?
Packy: Cave Story may be the best 2D game I have ever played... I don't think there was one bad thing about it, I loved all of it. The plot, the characters, the exploration, the gameplay... it's all great.
Packy: The 3D remake for the 3DS is pretty great, too.
Superchao: Spoiler alert: I've never played it
Packy: I refuse to talk to you until you play it.
Packy waddles away
Superchao trips Packy

Packy: :'(
Packy: I highly recommend it, you won't be disappointed
Superchao: I've got enough 2D sprite games to play already, thanks to the Touhous.
Superchao: I know about it, though!
Superchao: Well, some aspects of the plot, and who the characters are, and that the super hard secret bonus dungeon requires a complicated bunch of actions to access...
Superchao: Have you ever reached the Sacred Ground?
Packy: I haven't reached it in the original, but I have reached it and beaten it in Cave Story 3D
Packy: I don't know how... but I did >_>
Superchao: Probably through a combination of instinct and blind luck.
Superchao: That's how I always do it!
Superchao: So why don't you go into more detail about, say, why you like the exploration and gameplay?
Packy: I've always liked platformers so there's that... and I also like the weapons in the game, I think that has a big part to do with the gameplay. The use of the weapons reminds me of 2D Metroid games, which is always a plus
Packy: The exploration... I just enjoy exploring, and there's different places to explore in Cave Story that test your abilities
Packy: ...especially that damn Sacred Ground >_> <_<
Packy: but they're great anyways
Superchao: I need to play more 2D Metroids, to be honest. I've always focused on 3D.
Superchao: Although the weapons in Cave Story sound kind of confusing from what I hear.
Packy: I've never really found them kind of confusing (although you're certainly going to rely on some more than others). The Polar Star and King's Blade are, to me, the main weapons you're really going to be using
Superchao: And why's that?
Packy: Just seem to be the most useful (other weapons like the Fireball and the Bubbler(?) are useful, but not as much). The Polar Star is kind of the main weapon through the fact it's the first weapon you get so you'll become used to it the most, and also because it gets a nice upgrade later on in the game
Packy: King's Blade is pretty powerful to use, so there's that
Superchao: Alas, your words are generally going over my head since I don't really know much about them. It's like if I rambled on about Touhou to you.
Packy: Cave Story people will get it
Packy: You're not cool enough. :P
Superchao: >implying you're cooler than me
Packy: Well I am.
Superchao: Doctor, the patient is suffering delusions of grandeur! We must operate!
Packy: On you, you mean.
Superchao: Silly Packy, how silly of you to think that. But you can put off your doom by talking about Portal!
Packy: Portal is like... perfect. The gameplay is really unique, the humor in the game is fantastic, GLaDOS is a goddamn riot
Packy: Even for how short the game may be, it's still great
Superchao: It is pretty great! Even if I had to look up how to solve some of the puzzles.
Superchao: But yeah, on the other hand it makes you think it'll be even shorter, and then it isn't!
Superchao: Chamber 19 and all that
Packy: Android Hell is always fun, though :)
Superchao: It's a real place!
Superchao: What about Portal 2 and Wheatly, though?
Packy: I haven't played a lot of Portal 2, but from what I remember it was also a blast... Wheatley seemed like a great character, but it's hard to top GLaDOS
Packy: I'll have to find out next time I actually play through it a lot :P
Superchao: Wow you need to fix that ASAP
Superchao: Why are you not playing Portal 2 right now
Packy: Because it was on an old laptop that broke and I haven't installed it on my new laptop yet...
Packy: ...which is why I just decided to start installing it!
Packy: But it says it'll take 12 hours so AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
Superchao: Packy, Packy, Packy. Why d'ya do this to me
Superchao: But at least you're installing it. Progress, I suppose.
Packy: Well hey, it just reached 1%! Got to give it some credit...
Packy flops
Superchao: You can't flop now! There's questions to be asked!
Superchao: How far did you get in Portal 2, anyway?
Packy: Don't even remember... I think only a little bit after you find GLaDOS the first time.
Superchao: Wow, I'm so disappointed right now.
Superchao: It's a great game (although a little short). You need to play it. Plaaay iiiit
Packy: I will once it's done downloading... sometime... tomorrow I guess. o.o
Superchao: I will make sure to quiz you repeatedly tomorrow! :D
Superchao: What was your opinion on the tweest in Portal, anyway?
Packy: In the original Portal? I don't even remember... I know I had watched an LP before I ever played the game so my reaction would have come during that time, but I don't think I was really surprised
Superchao: To be fair, Glados is kind of. Obviously evil.
Packy: But a good obviously evil.
Packy: For the record Portal 2 is at 6% OH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH.
Superchao: At this rate, you will make it by tomorrow!
Packy: Blocky's Interview, featuring the Grammy Award winning story of Packy's download of Portal 2.
Superchao: It wins all the Shroom Awards singlehandledly, even the ones like Favorite Director
Superchao: Oh, did you ever try any of the bonus portal maps?
Packy: What bonus Portal maps?
Superchao: Like don't they have advanced maps and such?
Packy: Uhhh I think so... I think I tried them before
Superchao: Did you ever beat any?
Packy: Yes, I think I got pretty far into them actually
Packy: I don't think I beat them all but I think I was really close
Superchao: D-does this mean... I have to concede Packy beat me at something...!?
Packy: No, because I always beat you at things.
Superchao: Oh, good. I've got him beat in the reality check department. Whew!
Packy: :'(
Superchao: Well, there's also The Walking Dead. Heard good things about that one!
Packy: The Walking Dead is one of the most emotionally-impacting games I have ever seen and played... it is the only game I've ever played that has actually made me cry
Packy: I've never played a game before that connects you so much to the story and the characters like it does
Superchao: Why not tell us more?
Superchao: Well, not too much because you probably can't tell us without spoilers lol
Superchao: (fun fact the only game that made me cry this year was a non-touhou japanese indie game. i wonder if that says something about me :V)
Packy: For any one that doesn't know, The Walking Dead is basically post-apocalyptic zombie land. Bunch of survivors all over the place trying to fight off hordes of zombies.
Packy: The game is very story-driven, which in turn is driven by choices that the player is required to take
Packy: The game is divided up by 5 episodes (and each game is considered a season), and each episode has 5 major decisions
Superchao: And they affect who dies and who lives?
Packy: I think almost every episode has a major decision that may result in somebody dying
Packy: And with how well the game connects you to its characters, it's really heartbreaking
Superchao: And I assume there's no way to save them all
Superchao: Because in a game like this, there never is
Packy: The last major decision in Season 1: Episode 1 is picking someone to save between two people. One lives, one dies.
Packy: So there's that.
Superchao: Sounds like a tough choice.
Superchao: Interesting how it gets all this hype despite being more like a visual novel - but then, some VNs are quite famous.
Packy: I haven't seen too many visual novels, but I just want to make the plug that Telltale Games is fantastic when it comes to visual novels. They've done The Walking Dead, and now they're also doing The Wolf Among Us which is based on the Fables comic book series, and they just announced they're doing one on Borderlands and one on Game of Thrones.
Superchao: These guys are really getting into it, aren't they?
Packy: They also did ones for Jurassic Park and Back to the Future, so... yeah. They're fantastic when it comes to VNs.
Superchao: The success of The Walking Dead helped, didn't it.
Superchao: Oh, when's TWD Season 2, the game, coming out? Do you know?
Packy: The first episode of Season 2 is supposed to be coming out sometime this month, before Christmas.
Packy: I think episodes are generally split up into a couple of weeks or maybe a month or two.
Superchao: And I assume you'll be snapping them up ASAP
Packy: I think I may actually wait until the final episode comes out of S2... I think it would annoy the crap out of me to play an episode and not be able to play the next one until a month or so later.
Superchao: But then you have to wait and avoid spoilers! And lemme tell you, that's not easy.
Packy: That's driving me mad with an LP of The Wolf Among Us right now, since episode 2 hasn't come out yet lol
Packy: Well
Packy: I gotta be honest when I say I watched an LP of TWD a year before Stooben gifted it to me for Christmas and the game still shocked me and made me cry, so I don't think Season 2 has to worry about that at all.
Superchao: Ah, I see.
Superchao: brb spoiling everything
Packy: Spoilers:
Packy: There's zombies.
Superchao: YOU RUINED IT D:
Packy: And they're dead. And they're walking!
Superchao: But are they The?
Superchao: I mean the game's not callied Walking Dead
Packy: It's not callied Walking Dead, but is it called Walking Dead?
Packy: :')
Superchao: well screw you too
Superchao: SO ANYHOW
Superchao: I'm sure this part will be easy
Superchao: But why not talk about what little life you have beyond games and internet?
Packy: I really... don't have a little life. All I really spend my time doing is homework and listening to music... and games... and internet.
Superchao: Oh. ...What kind of music do you like?
Packy: I really enjoy classic rock. Music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s is kind of my stuff.
Packy: Alternatively,
Packy: This is going to sound rather weird, but I'm a huge fan of music that blends rock and classical music, or at least some sort of classical instrument like a violin or a cello.
Superchao: That certainly sounds a bit of a niche genre.
Superchao: How hard is it to find music like that?
Packy: I don't think it's too difficult to find it... I may be mistaken but progressive rock seems to be like the best example of a genre that uses music like that. My favorite band, Electric Light Orchestra, are known for their use of violins and cellos (and they even went as far as to include part of Beethoven's 5th Symphony in a cover of Chuck Berry's "Roll Over Beethoven", how awesome is that?)
Packy: My second favorite band, The Moody Blues, are sometimes credited with creating progressive rock when they released their Days of Future Passed album in 1967, which mixed rock music with classical music (they had a whole big orchestra for the album), which is pretty awesome
Superchao: Alas, I have never heard of either of those bands.
Packy: Also, the song "No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed" by Yes is a great example of it too <3
Superchao: Stooben probably has, at least!
Packy: Stooben's told me ELO is his second favorite band, soooo... yeah.
Superchao: Why am I not surprised :V
Packy: They're kind of my band... I'm going through collecting all 13 of their albums on CDs right now :P
Packy: I've got... 9 so far
Superchao: Sounds like me and some things
Packy: Well nobody cares about your things so! :')
Packy: Like what?
Superchao: Oh, a few Touhou related things, some trading cards...
Superchao: And you're thinking of yourself, too! :D
Packy: Jerk. :'(
Packy: Such a meanie.
Superchao: So, since there's little to say about your music
Packy: Mhm?
Superchao: Would you say this is the last question?
Packy: No.
Packy: I'm going to leave for the night and then you won't be able to catch me tomorrow.
Packy: Or Tuesday. Or Wednesday.
Packy: I'll come back some time next week.
Packy: Just like old times!
Superchao: It's too late Packy.
Packy: NO.
Superchao: The entire reason this interview was so long was because I was calculating where you lived.
Superchao: NO ESCAPE.
Packy: Pfft like you scare me you big baby.
Superchao: I might not scare you, but the army of drones will.
Superchao: Your only hope is to sit here and be interviewed... FOREVER!
Packy: Oh.
Packy: What if I just... left my house?
Packy: Then you won't be able to find me.
Superchao: ...You sure about that?
Superchao: I'll find a way
Packy: I can just jump off the back porch you'll never find me.
Packy: I may break a leg but if it means avoiding your face then let it be the greatest leg breaking ever.
Superchao: ...Well damn. I guess that this interview really IS over.
Superchao: See you later!
Superchao: implying anyone stayed to the end when you were here


Despite all evidence against it Packy's a pretty cool guy. Been here a while so he's seen a lot, but still good to chat to.

Now that my excuse for a conclusion is over, I might as well mention something. When I took this job, I had in mind that I'd interview 12 people, and then be done and let someone else take over for 2014.

hahah that ain't happening. Enjoy twelve more months of me, people! :D Now I need to go grab some people to interview...


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