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Userpedia Awards Dossier

U1. Favorite Retired User

This award recognizes various retired users of the community

Nominee Summary/Description
  • Was very popular in early 2007; in a large number of comics; known for the Graveyard Drink fad and being "random".
Son of Suns
  • Was an early Bureaucrat; known for his avatar of a communist Mario.
  • Was a Wiki Sysop, also spent time editing the Homestar Runner Wiki.
  • Popularized the Cheese Craze; Founded Fantendo; currently involved in political campaigns.
  • Very popular in 2007, Userpedia 'Crat, known for his unmatchable randomness and enjoyment of Weird Al and waffles.
Ghost Jam
  • Was the second Sysop, being promoted back in 2005; Had the longest run as staff aside from Porple; Made the first joke proposal.
  • Was Fun Stuff Sub-director in 2010; also known as Z3r0 Tw0 and Luigi001.
  • Formerly Wiki Sysop and Patroller, his love of cheese was very well-known.
  • Uniju's brother; made the notable comic Legends of the Fallenstar.
  • Created the very first sprite comic, inspiring the trend; also a patroller for a short time in 2007.
  • Former Patroller and Fake News Director, also a proficient Spriter.
Time Q
  • Former Bureaucrat, contributed extensively to the Club Nintendo comic articles and the Featured Article system.
Phoenix Rider
  • Formerly known as "Monty Mole", spent two terms as a Sysop; Created the first "Status" sub-page, and one of the wiki's first fictions.
Sir Grodus
  • Early Sysop, known for contributing a lot including to the Wiki Alliance project.
  • Former #mwchat operator, known for his love of Math and Mafia.

U2. Favorite Written Fiction

This award recognizes the creative stories made by Users within this very community. They vary greatly in style and genre, but all share the fact that some characters and ideas are derived from this community.

Please give each of these stories a read to better know what they are, the styles and voice of the writers, and just general entertainment from reading these.

Nominee Summary/Description
User Soup
  • A comedic parody of a news/talk show, specifically The Soup, based on events that happened in the Mariowiki (chat, forum, wiki) and extended community.
  • The show had recurring sections, characters, and in-jokes/references, including actual interviews with Users from the community.
  • User Soup was highly popular within the community, spurring a few parodies of its own to follow its footsteps after it ended its run on January 1st 2011.
Venture of the Wiki
  • It is an on-going action/adventure trilogy.
  • Books 1 (The Five Heroes) and 2 (The Cure of Time) are completed, while Book 3 (The Judgment Trials) already has a few chapters out.
  • This is an ongoing action/disaster story.
  • There are 18 parts completed, with 25-30 planned.
New Sherlock Mario
  • This is an ongoing series of mystery stories.
  • Two are currently finished (The Case of the Toxic Donut and The Case of the Haunted House), with 15 chapters, an intro, and conclusion.
  • A third story, The Donut Shop Dilemma has the introduction completed, but has not been updated in a year.
Scorpion’s Story
  • This is an action story about a real life depiction of the community after an ‘incident’.
  • The chapters, while smaller, are easier to read and digest for people who may not be familiar with fanfictions.
Project 132
  • Like Project Aviate, this story is a reboot of the earlier action stories, The Resolutions of 132 and Typical Tragedy.
  • It uses similar plot elements and characters, but introduces new settings and variations on the storyline.
Project Aviate
  • A reboot of Tabuu’s earlier stories, Aviate and Safety, this story continues the darker action and drama style with a unique format.
  • There is a collaboration with Scarecrow, who creates the songs for the Boss Fight chapters.
Pokemon Black and White – Wiki Edition
  • This adventure story follows characters based on Users from the community though the Pokémon region of Unova, following elements of the Black/White games and animé.
  • The Users who characters are based on had a hand before the story was written, presenting the author, Dr. Javelin, with desired teams, moves, personalities, and designs.
Extinction: Rise of the Mutants
  • This story is set in a post-apocalyptic future following a nuclear holocaust.
  • There are super-powered mutants! That’s always cool.
Toadbert’s Riveting Tale of his Trip to the Grocery
  • It is a tongue-in-cheek adventure/comedy set of small stories detailing a simple trip to the grocery store that went horribly wrong.
  • It is riveting.
Lily Troof: Ace Attorney
  • A spoof on Ace Attorney featuring Users from the community and some OCs in a total of 5 planned cases, with one completed and the second nearly done.

U3. Favorite Comic

This awards acknowledges the several comics made by users in this community. These comics are either drawn or simply created using a variety of sprites.

Nominee Summary/Description
Uniju Holiday Theater
  • It is a sprite comic
  • It started in 2008
  • It involves a series of adventures experienced during holidays and special occasions (e.g.: Halloween)
Master Wikians
  • It is a sprite comic
  • The plot revolves around a meteor that hits the wiki and due to its radioactive energy it makes some users have super powers. Some chose to use them for good, others chose the opposite.
Brawl of the Wiki
  • It is a sprite comic
  • It centers around a user who gets sucked into the Mariowiki World
  • It has 100 issues
A Spammer's Revenge
  • It is a sprite comic
  • It is a sequel to Endgame
  • The plot is about a group of users who defend the Wiki from trolls and users who seek revenge
Trolls' Island
  • It is a sprite comic
  • It revolves around a group of users who fight off trolls on an evil island
  • It is a sprite comic
  • It is set in the Mariowiki
  • It follows the quest of a user, who upon his return, begins noticing strange things happening in the Mariowiki
Tales from the Moon
  • It is a monochrome comic, made using a drawing tablet
  • It is drawn by some guy
  • It follows the quest of a young toad with stylish hair who gets sucked into the mysterious Magical Land of Canada
The Tonight Show (with Jorge Castillo)
  • Sprite comic
  • Spiritual successor (“Season Two”) of the popular "Friday Night Live"
Three Mushketeers Kai
  • It is a sprite comic
  • It is a remake of The Three Mushketeers
  • It takes place in The Macadamian Realm
  • It follows the quest of a slightly demented magikoopa and his friends who uncover shine sprites to save a princess.
Untold Tales of the Fifth Mushketeer
  • It is a sprite comic
  • It is a remake of Anton the 5th Mushketeer (which is a sequel to The Three Mushketeers)
  • The slightly demented magikoopa became evil and it's up to his friends (and the fifth mushketeer, Anton) to stop him
Bouncing through the Multiverse- Rebooted
  • It is a sprite comic
  • It is a reboot of Bouncing through the Multivere (duh)
  • It centers around a group of users who go through several dimensions
Toadbert Plays Oregon Trail
  • Hand-drawn comic
  • Follows Bros & Snack through nonsensical adventures
The Adventure for Us
  • It is a hand drawn comic
  • It centers around the departure of a user from The Super Mario Boards

U4. Favorite User Design

This award recognizes a User who has developed a community persona that really clicks with the rest of the community. The nominations have been selected for their unique style, depth, impact, design, and other cool things.

Nominee Summary/Description
  • She is a Dragon-Koopa, an unofficial name for the species also including Bowser, with red eyes and blue hair.
  • The design is based on her OC, Bowselta, the wife of Bowser in her fanfics.
FE WalkazoSwordmaster.png
  • Known mostly by his original character, a purple ice dragon with green hair.
  • Edo changes his character appearance based on various media he finds interest in at the time, with each one taking on a creative and unique personality and style.
  • His more recent character is a Charmander, popular on the Marioboards for having a case of the cosplays.
Peachycakes 3.14
  • A dapper winged Rex who frequented the wiki around 2007 and 2008.
  • Also known as “Rex”, but took the name “Peachycakes 3.14” to jokingly impersonate Peachycakes, a spammer from early in Mariowiki’s history.
  • Everyone loves bowties.
Spirit Lies - A. Rex Official Artwork.PNG
  • Mason the Magikoopa is a Magikoopa (surprise!), with red robes, brown hair, square glasses, and a blue cape.
  • He really likes toucans, and is often surrounded by them.
  • Lives in The Macadamia Realm, a place created by him as the setting for several comics.
  • His design is based on Orbinauts, sea urchin-like badniks from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
  • Rather than spiked balls, ABXY buttons hover around his main body.
  • He appears in many comics, and is also the creator of several popular ones like Uniju Holiday Theater.
Chillin at the beach.png
Crocodile Dippy
  • Dippy is a cyan Pikachu carrying a blue electric guitar, with more a more recent design being worked on.
  • This newer design, which he calls “outback Dippy”, is still a cyan Pikachu, but instead has an akubra, rifle, and backpack.
  • His backstory includes being abandoned as a toddler, raised in the way of the Crocodile gods, and taught how to use weaponry.
  • Toadbert resembles Luigi with shades, an open business suit, and a loose tie, presumably to show just how serious he is about absolutely everything ever.
  • Being quite well at drawing expressions, Toadbert draws comics depicting his everyday adventures, from Oregon Trail to grocery shopping.
  • Founding member of The Silly hats Club.
Master Crash
  • Despite being named after a Bob-omb from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, he more closely resembles Luigi / Mr. L.
  • According to Derpy_Hooves’ (the IRC bot) ramblings, Crash is quite often a victim of Anton’s hypnoshenanigans, revealing the memory that had been erased.
  • Because he is a User who has been around for many years, he is featured in many classic Userpedia fictions.
  • Groden is an insane pigman and that pretty much sums up everything.
  • Being a very active member on the Marioboards (and recently made an admin), his design pops up in all sorts of scenarios.
  • This
  • Originally a Bowser that was half-grayscale, he is now fully gray with red eyes which totally looks more hardcore totally.
  • This design, which he refers to as his Dark Bowser form, has some variations in appearance, particularly with the eyebrows, which is probably because of something evil maybe. Eyebrows are weird.
  • Allegedly over 40,000 years old, he has a boisterous, violent, and larger-than-life personality which some pass off as “cute”.
FE N99Fighter.png
  • Despite his name, MCD is a regular Cyndaquil with a posh monocle and top hat.
  • Because he is a demon who can hypnotize anyone upon eye contact, his eyes remain shut until necessary.
  • He is Edo’s hat.

U5. Favorite Artist

This Award recognizes the various visual artists in this community, each with unique talents and styles.

Nominee Art Sample
Master Crash
Castle Toad

Animation Gallery

Super Luigi! Number One!
Princess Alyson Koopastool

U6. Favorite Musician

This award is for members of this community who express their creativity through music.

Rather than drabbling on about what they sound like, I suggest listening for yourself!

Stooben Rooben

U7. Favorite Community Event

Nominee Summary/Description
Awards Ceremony
  • Held in August 2012, covering 60 awards broken between Mario, Fail, Userpedia, and Shroom categories
  • Can be reread here
April Fool's Day
  • For April Fool's 2013, the wiki changed the front page to humorously false/misportrayed information
  • The April Fool's pages were saved in BJAODN
TF2 Tournaments
  • Multiple Team Fortress 2 tournaments have been held for MarioWiki TF2 players
Apples to Apples
  • A card game involving playing nouns that fit adjectives
  • A bot using various #mariowiki injokes is currently run by Turboo
Awards Mafia II
  • Large mafia game played as part of the Mario Awards ceremony tie-ins last year
  • It had 37 players and lasted for 15 phases, ending with a joint Mafia/Werewolf win
MK7 Tournament
  • A Mario Kart 7 tournament was held last year for the Awards
  • It had appromimately 15-20 players, and was won by Lakituthequick

U8. Favorite Non-User

This award acknowledges characters and personalities created by Users for various comics, stories, or just general entertainment.

Nominee Summary/Description
  • He is a villainous character in The Lost Adventures, a popular comic created by Uniju on a previous incarnation of Userpedia before 2007.
  • He is basically Waluigi in a straw hat with a silly name.
  • ”Frijjle” later existed as a mindloop bot, leading the surge during the Great Userpedian-Argentinean Beef Rib Flood of July 1st, 2010.
Mastermind Troll
  • A widely used character in user comics and other fiction, often as the main villain.
  • While now fading out of use, he still represents what some people see as the height of UP comics.
Dry Bones Jr.
  • He is basically a skeletonized Bowser Jr.
  • Appearing in popular comics like Wiki’s End earlier in the community’s history, he has mostly vanished with these older comics as well as when his creator changed his name and left.
  • He is a non-user created by Neptune as a side-kick for wacky adventures.
  • He does not actually appear in much fiction, but is often roleplayed through Neptune himself.
  • While going on many raucous adventures, it is still not known how he actually does this since he has no arms.
Artwork of Stuffwell from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
  • A supporting character from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, He has attained a deity status among many members of the community.
  • Also known as “The Divine Dog”, “He Who Walks On Lava”, and “Barker of the Vast Woof”, He is an omnipotent Creator.
  • While He has gained a following of believers, there has also amassed non-believers and naysayers, but they are non-canonical.
  • He’s super cute.
Illuminati, Lunar Blaze, and Poseidon
  • Appeared in Mason’s The Three Mushketeers , in issues 27 and 95.
  • Female Mushketeer counterparts.
TTMSpecial Three.png
  • He is Scorpion999’s real life bald friend who moved to Canada, spurring Scorpion to create a thread on the Marioboards asking Canadians if they knew a Loic who moved from Florida.
  • While some people chuckled, many users began a massive search for Loic, even though Scorpion said he had found him.
  • The quest for Loic has spawned man fireside tales and urban legends, including myths of his bald head bringing luck to those who rub it.
  • Mason the Magikoopa’s girlfriend.
  • Likes meditation, yoga, and jazz; dislikes washing machines.
  • After a horrific volcano-diving incident that destroyed Mason’s right shoe and most of his sock, she was stitched up from the sock’s remains and they fell instantly in love.
  • She is a C++ IRC bot owned by Turb titled ‘Seeborg’, active in the community from late 2011 to mid 2012, occasionally making an appearance.
  • It sits in a chatroom and listens to conversations, and replies using randomly generated phrases made up from bits of previous conversations.
  • She often makes absolutely no sense, but will sometimes construct a legible statement; both hilarious, the latter more unsettling.
  • Because she repeats lines, but mixes up various details, she sometimes creates gossip or reveals things certain people weren’t supposed to hear.
FE BonesNomad.png
Jake the Facepainted Dog
  • Jake serves as NSM’s pet in some fictions and generally as a creation.
  • He is a Broggy, but with a red-painted face, hence the name.
Nice Cage
  • He is the result of a common typo of “Nic Cage”, an actor with a cult following.
  • The typo only served to develop a new personality for MW Boards users to focus more jokes and references on it.

U9. Favorite Forum Game

This award recognizes the various forum games played by the community.

Nominee Summary/Description
User Total Drama
  • A series of games based on the Total Drama cartoons
  • The first game was held between July of 2012 and February of 2013 and was won by Smasher
  • A second game is currently in progress
KO a Character
  • A type of elimination game that contains a list of characters that can be KO'd
  • Players take turns removing one character from the list until only one remains
  • Most KO a Character games can be found in the Elimination board on the forums
User Big Brother
  • A series of games based on the American version of the Big Brother reality game show
  • The first game in the series was held between September of 2011 and January of 2012 and was won by Baby Mario Bloops
  • Three more games have since concluded, which were won by Smasher, Lily, and Nabber
  • A fifth game and a spinoff based on the international versions of the show are currently in progress
  • A game in which the majority of the players, known as the innocents, must try to find and eliminate a small team, known as the mafia, before they are outnumbered
  • Depending on the game, there may be additional teams, or players who are not part of any alignment
  • Most games can be found in the Mafia board on the forums
Vote To Win
  • A type of elimination game in which characters are pit against each other in one-on-one matches
  • Players vote on the character they want to win the match, and the one with the least amount of votes after a set time limit is eliminated
  • This continues over several rounds until only one character is left
  • Most Vote to Win games can be found in the Elimination board on the forums
Hurt and Heal
  • A type of elimination game in which a list of characters all start with a set amount of health
  • Players take turns decreasing or increasing a character's health, and when a character's health reaches zero, it is eliminated
  • This continues until only one character is left
  • Most Hurt and Heal games can be found in the Elimination board on the forums

U10. Lifetime Community Achievement Award

This award acknowledges the hard work and dedication of various members of the community. They all are unique in their experiences and what they’ve done, having volunteered their time in all parts of the community in a number of ways. (For all ‘Shroom achievements, take a gander at the nomination explanations for The ‘Shroom Awards.)

Nominee Summary/Description
  • The Proprietor/Owner of Mariowiki, along with several others—Donkey Kong Wiki, Halopedia, Kingdom Hearts Wiki, Pikipedia, SmashWiki, and, as of December 2012, Destinypedia.
  • Current Sysop on Mariowiki (13 December, 2009 – 20 December, 2009; 20 December, 2009 – 1 July, 2010; 30 July, 2010 – 17 January, 2011; 17 January, 2013 – present).
  • Former Sysop of Userpedia (5 October, 2009; 20 September, 2010 – 16 January, 2011).
  • After years of work with The ‘Shroom, he is now its Co-Director
Stooben Rooben
  • Former Bureaucrat and Sysop of Mariowiki (1 Dec, 2008 - 22 Jul, 2011).
  • Former “In Charge of the Forum” on the Marioboards.
  • Former ‘Shroom Director.
  • Current Steward of Userpedia.
  • Founder of The Xephyr Board.
Son of Suns
  • He is a former Sysop (30 May, 2006 – 27 June, 2007; 24 August, 2007 – 27 March, 2008; 19 November, 2008 – 7 April, 2009), and former Bureaucrat (11 January, 2009 – 7 April, 2009) of Mariowiki.
  • During his time, he was one of the Users with the most contributions, helping create many early articles.
Super Mario Bros.
  • Marioboards admin (17 July, 2010 – 11 March, 2013).
  • Sysop of Mariowiki (29 June, 2010 – 11 March, 2013).
  • Director of The ‘Shroom 2011 and 2012, and current Co-Director, making him the longest serving Director.
  • Poll Committee Chairperson for the 2010/2011 and 2011/2012 terms.
  • Sub-Director of the Mariowiki Anniversary Awards Committee 2011 and 2012.
  • Founder of #mwchat (10 December 2009 – present).
  • Userpedia Steward (21 August, 2010 — 18 November, 2012).
  • Former Userpedia Forum Administrator.
  • Former Founder of #userpedia.
  • Former Mariowiki Bureaucrat (3 September, 2007 – 26 January, 2008), and Sysop (28 May, 2007–26 January, 2008, 23 April, 2011 – 6 January, 2013).
  • Former Userpedia Steward (~2007 – 1 Sep, 2008), and Bureaucrat (18 Oct, 2007 — 21 Sep, 2008; 14 Feb, 2009 — 16 May, 2009).
Ghost Jam
  • Former Mariowiki Sysop (23 November, 2005 – 16 January, 2010); was the 2nd Sysop on the wiki and had the longest term aside from Porple.
  • Former Marioboards admin.
  • Former Mariowiki Sysop (7 April 2009 – 5 August, 2011) and Bureaucrat (20 July 2010 – 5 August, 2011).
  • Current Userpedia Sysop (30 December, 2010 – present) and Bureaucrat (28 January, 2013 – present).
  • Helped design Userpedia’s new theme and provides substantial technical help.
  • Current #mwchat Admin.
  • Current #userpedia Admin.
  • Current Mariowiki Sysop (21 January, 2009 – present) and Bureaucrat (22 July, 2011 – present).
  • Quite an active policymaker, known for her lengthy explanations.
  • Former Userpedia Bureaucrat (2 Sep, 2008 — 19 Jan, 2009).
  • Former ‘Shroom Director.
  • Current Mariowiki Sysop (25 May, 2010 – present) and Bureaucrat (30 Mar, 2012 – present).
  • Current Mariowiki Sysop (20 December, 2010 – present).
  • Current Userpedia Sysop (30 December, 2010 – present).
  • Current #mwchat Admin.
  • Current #userpedia Operator.
  • Director of the Mariowiki Anniversary Awards Committee in 2012 and 2013.
  • Current #mwchat Operator.
  • Current #userpedia Operator.
  • Former Userpedia Sysop.
  • Current Mariowiki Patroller (30 April, 2013 – present).
Crocodile Dippy
  • Writer and Core staff for The 'Shroom, initially as the Affiliates Manager (21 January, 2012 – 21 July, 2012) and currently as the Critic Corner Director (21 July, 2012 – present).
  • Former Mariowiki Patroller (17 August, 2007 – 31 October, 2007), and Sysop (31 October, 2007 – 20 June, 2008).
  • Former chatroom Operator.
  • Former Userpedia Sysop (2007 – 26 November; 27 June, 2010 – 5 November, 2010) and Bureaucrat (18 October, 2008 – 11 January, 2009).
  • Current Global Moderator on the Userpedia Forums.
  • Poll Committee Chairperson (21 July, 2012 – present).
  • Former Assistant Administrator (28 March, 2009 – c. December, 2010; 5 January, 2012 – 21 March, 2012) and current Head Honcho (21 March, 2012 – present) on The Xephyr Board.
  • Current Userpedia Sysop (2 March, 2012 – present), Bureaucrat (18 Nov, 2012 – present), and Steward (18 November, 2012 – present).
  • #mwchat Admin (late 2010 – present).
  • #userpedia Admin for a few years, and its current Founder (18 November, 2012 – present).
  • Served as the Sub-Director and Director of various Featured committees on Userpedia
  • Assistant Administrator on the Userpedia Forums (September 3rd, 2012 - 18 November, 2012) and current Administrator (18 November, 2012 – present).