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by Superchao (talk)

Hi, I'm Superchao, and at this rate I'm going to subcontract out introductions.

This month, I'm interviewing Shoey! Shoey is certainly one of the most... unique members of the community, and has certainly become very well known because of it. With his barrage of name changes, and his tendancy to be whimsical and unexpected, he's certainly left an undeniable impression on the users. But he's also been a solid wiki editor, and has even been made a patroller over there - as well as directing the Fun Stuff sub-team of the Shroom. If you want to know more, then just read the interview!

The Interview

Superchao: Hello once again, Shroom readers! I'm embarking on a most dangerous quest today:
Superchao: I'm interviewing Shoey!
Superchao: (that's your cue)
Shoey: hello
Shoey: it's about time
Shoey: interviewing people like 3k and fucking pi before me
Shoey: what's wrong with you?
Superchao: In my defense, I wouldn't have interviewed Threek before you if you hadn't had a bad schedule.
Shoey: in my defense
Shoey: you're still a jerk
Superchao: And besides, I needed to level grind. Can't go into a Shoey interview unprepared.
Shoey: you can never be prepared enough to take me down
Superchao: I can at least be prepared more than the last guy. RIP him.
Shoey: I've never been interviewed before
Shoey: so rip nobody
Superchao: yes, poor Nobody. may he rest in pieces
Superchao: So anyhow! How did you find the wiki? I'm sure it's an exciting tale.
Shoey: well you see I was looking up random mario things (because I have that kind of time) when I stumbled upon the wiki (this was back when there were bears on the wiki)
Superchao: pfft, bears
Superchao: in my day we still had to deal with dragons and sea serpents
Shoey: you ever fought a bear with the strength of 1000 sea horses?
Superchao: No, but I fought a seahorse with the strength of 1000 bears.
Shoey: WAIT
Shoey: is was his name paul?
Superchao: no it was george
Superchao: but i think he knew a paul
Shoey: sounds like George
Shoey: always fighting people made of blocks
Superchao: So what made you decide to register for an account?
Shoey: I believe it was proposals
Superchao: Well, that's new. I think this is the first time I've heard of someone signing up just to vote on proposals.
Superchao: Are you just that fond of policymakings?
Shoey: Probably
Shoey: tbh i'm pretty terrible at policy making
Superchao: that's our shoey
Shoey: oh you
Shoey: (enter laugh track)
Superchao: Does that have anything to do with why you like 19th century sentators?
Shoey: no not really
Superchao: Oh okay.
Shoey: WAIT
Superchao: I stand corrected.
Shoey: yes yes you do
Superchao: ANYHOW, obviously you edited and for some strange reason
Superchao: They decided to make you a patroller.
Superchao: Why in the world did they do that?
Shoey: I think your skipping a lot of time between when I started editing and when I got promoted
Shoey: like 4 years or so...
Superchao: well then tell me
Superchao: What did you do for those 4 years?
Shoey: well i've been blocked
Shoey: twice
Shoey: went on a year and a half hiatus
Superchao: Oh yeah, once of those was for six months
Superchao: Wasn't that time Q
Shoey: Love that guy
Superchao: Did he block you like no one ever blocked you before?
Shoey: no i'm sure people have been blocked for 6 months before
Superchao: Then why are you his biggest fan?
Shoey: he's got a Q in his name
Superchao: oh okay
Superchao: So during those four years - well two years considering six months + year and a half off
Superchao: I'm sure you've made many a friend
Superchao: Why not talk about some of them? And how you became pals.
Superchao: for example, bop (;_;7) and yoshikong
Shoey: well my best pal is/was bop
Shoey: he was the best
Shoey: I don't remember how we became friends
Shoey: but boy did we become friends
Superchao: You were inseperable, through thick and thin!
Superchao: and then he vanished forever.
Superchao: he'll be back someday, i'm sure ofit
Shoey: after you interviewed him that is
Superchao: are you implying something
Shoey: yes
Superchao: mcd and mst3k are still around
Shoey: i'm implying that you kidnapped bop
Shoey: those are all robots
Superchao: Then why is there no Bop robot?
Shoey: no robot could capture bop's amazingness
Superchao: are you implying a robot could be as much of a chill bro as mst3k
Shoey: yes
Shoey: chill penguin
Superchao: ...I don't actually have a response to that.
Superchao: How about you just tell me about being buddies with YoshiKong.
Shoey: yoshikong currently serves as the new bop in my eyes
Shoey: he's someone I can talk policy with
Superchao: Bop 2.0
Shoey: he's probably the admin i'm closest with
Shoey: pretty much
Superchao: So sort of like me and Craisen, except I imagine you don't call him a dumb bunny all the time.
Shoey: but yeah he's cool except he likes yoshi
Shoey: that makes him kind of lame
Superchao: who's your favorite mario character
Shoey: Probably Tatanga (always stick with the obscure)
Superchao: tatanga's not as good as waaario
Shoey: you shut up
Superchao: no you
Shoey: this interview is over
Superchao: oh no it's not
Superchao: get back here
Shoey leaves
Superchao lassos
Shoey: alright wonder woman
Shoey: i'll stay
Superchao: In other areas, you actually got promoted to Fun Stuff Director. Why'd they pick you and why'd you accept, anyway?
Shoey: I have these incriminating pictures of Gamefreak75
Shoey: and I threatned to reveal them to the world if he didn't give me his job
Superchao: Well no wonder he gave it up.
Shoey: Or it could have had something to do with the fact that I wrote consistently for a year or something like that
Shoey: plus I have a pretty favorable wiki reputation what with being an admin
Superchao: Nah, I'm sure it was the incriminating pictures.
Shoey: probably
Shoey: that's why Gamefreak has to pay me 20 pounds every month
Superchao: What's it like, anyway?
Shoey: a lot like being a wiki staff member but with more dippy
Shoey: and less glowsquid
Shoey: we also have free wayoshi plushies
Shoey: and chat meetings sometimes
Superchao: So did you actually have any good friends back in the day?
Superchao: i.e. before you came back from your hiatus
Shoey: no
Superchao: that was quick
Shoey: I wasn't around very long
Shoey: and I wasn't the most social guy
Shoey: also I was a dick
Superchao: But aren't you still a dick
Shoey: yes
Shoey: but now i'm a dick with friends
Superchao: True.
Shoey: by the way blocky
Shoey: that sweater looks awful on you
Superchao: you shut up, my grandma knitted this for me
Superchao: >:(
Shoey smokes a cigar
Superchao: Actually, you never answered my original question.
Superchao: why did they think /you/ were a good choice to promote
Shoey: Mostly because I sponsor the admin ocean volleyball team
Shoey: but also because I was the most active user by far
Shoey: I have a way with proposal votes
Shoey: i'm active on the forums
Shoey: and i'm one of the most active users in chat and one of the only admins in chat on a regular basis
Shoey: but other then that it was a terrible idea
Shoey: oh also i'm more mature then most users
Superchao: Even if you don't show it all the time :V
Shoey: being mature when you don't have to be is pointless
Superchao: Interesting life philosophy, I gotta say
Shoey: Live is all about entertainment
Shoey: and I want my life to be filled with it
Superchao: How much of the important admin equipment have you broken, anyway?
Shoey: a couple barrles full of tuckys boot leg whisky
Shoey: and like six rudnicki radars
Superchao: So that's why we couldn't catch PDI...
Shoey: no it's because you guys were lazy
Superchao: you shut up
Superchao: Activity makes sense, I guess I can see why they did that.
Superchao: And at least you're still pretty active. Usually.
Shoey: not really
Shoey: i'm a lot busier then I used to be
Shoey: what with work and school
Superchao: True. There was all that kerfluffle last month.
Superchao: maybe if you had had a better schedule i'd have interviewed you earlier
Shoey: oh that
Shoey: not my fault you picked the only week where I worked everyday
Superchao: i distinctly remember you suddenly losing the free time you had
Superchao: SHOEY
Superchao: NOPE
Superchao: Wait a second
Superchao: I'm supposed to be interviewing you!
Superchao: Stop breaking the mold, dude.
Shoey: not anymore you aren't
Superchao: ohhh no you don't
Superchao: i never "joined". i was always there
Shoey: (I have conquered this interview)
Superchao: not people who hijack my interviews
Superchao: You seem to spend a lot of your time on the forum. What's your opinion of it?
Shoey: it's alright
Shoey: it would be a lot better if certain people didn't exist (like that jerk 3k or that other jerk smasher)
Superchao: yeah let's talk shit about smasher he'll never read this
Shoey: fuck smasher he's never did anything good
Shoey: (or if the people I actually didn't like weren't there)
Superchao: Well, I'm sure we've all felt that way at one time or another.
Shoey: prolly
Superchao: Why do you change your name every month on the dot to all sorts of strange choices that nobody else has ever heard of?
Shoey: I have a revolving door of interests
Superchao: is it spinning as fast as a tornado
Shoey: I usually lost interest in my current name with in a few days
Superchao: I wonder, if we had unlimited namechanges
Shoey: i'd abuse the shit out of it
Superchao: Who would win the race for fastest changes?
Superchao: You or Zero?
Shoey: him probably
Superchao: welp
Shoey: unless he left
Superchao: nah i think he's still there
Superchao: not sure he does anything though
Superchao: Also, I assume that bit about maturity, from earlier
Superchao: Is why you're one of the least serious people around?
Shoey: I am indeed the least serious people around
Shoey: because I see no reason to be serious
Superchao: wait, since when were you people
Superchao: is there something you're not telling me
Shoey: i'm actually a shape shifter
Superchao: do you have to yell FORM OF and SHAPE OF
Superchao: every time
Shoey: no i'm not lame
Shoey: instead I have to yell SIMON SAYS
Superchao: That's lame.
Superchao: Sorry to break it to you.
Superchao: Denial is the first step, shoey.
Shoey: also nobody will get what i'm referencing
Superchao: shoey how is that different from
Superchao: anything else you reference
Shoey: Filthy rich was fairly mainstream
Superchao: Besides that one.
Shoey: Raven was fairly famous
Shoey: but other then that they were mostly obscure (the super hero ones were the best)
Superchao: Cornelius Van Wyck Lawrence, Rienzi Melville Johnston, Tyrannosaurus Debt, Plunderbird, Xenophon P. Wilfley...
Shoey: one robot
Shoey: a school house rock character
Shoey: a congressman
Shoey: and two appointed senators
Superchao: SEE
Superchao: SENATORS
Shoey: both from the 20th century
Shoey: not the 19th
Superchao: Dammit.
Shoey: the 19th refers to the 1800's
Superchao: Erm, well.
Shoey: not the 1900's
Shoey: idiot
Superchao: yes i know that shoey
Superchao: i'm not an idiot, idiot
Superchao: okay so
Superchao: Do you still play mario games?
Shoey: yeah I still play mario games from time to time
Superchao: Coolio. THat allows me to safely ask if you have a favorite Mario game!
Shoey: Super Mario Bros. 3 is my favorite mario game
Superchao: is it because of
Superchao: the goomba's shoe
Shoey: that and because it's amazing
Shoey: although the game I play most is Nobunaga's Ambition
Superchao: that's the pokemon one right
Shoey: no it's not the pokemon one
Superchao: Oh, well. Guess I was wrong then.
Shoey: there is a pokemon game that's based off Nobunaga's Ambition though but it's basically a pussified version of it
Superchao: yeah that's what i was thinking of
Shoey: i'd assume so
Superchao: why do you like it, then
Superchao: since that answers the question about favorite non-mario quite easy
Shoey: Nobunaga's ambition is just a fun game
Shoey: I can use ultimate strategy to conquer japan
Shoey: even though I never play as oda
Superchao: what do you have against oda
Shoey: his fief is in a terrible location
Superchao: Oh well, that does explain it.
Shoey: it's got like 4 other fiefs next to it
Shoey: 1 is technically the best but it's got a low loyalty ratee
Shoey: and everytime I use it my people rebel
Superchao: I see.
Shoey: 2 is strategically the best
Superchao: No offense but half this stuff is flying right over my head, sorry.
Superchao: Haven't ever played the series, y'see.
Shoey: it's on the virtual console
Shoey: I reviewed it at one point
Shoey: won section of the month with that review
Superchao: I should go back and read that review, then.
Superchao: Oh, did you just stop your sections because time?
Shoey: I only wanted to review games that were underrated
Shoey: however I kept buying games that sucked
Shoey: like one game had slowdown during boss fights
Shoey: another game had the worst controls ever
Shoey: so I stopped reviewing games because I was tired of wasting money on them
Superchao: And so they turned out to be underrated for good reasons!
Superchao: It was traaaagic.
Superchao: I just like calling things tragic, ehehehe.
Shoey: I wouldn't recomend buying many non first party games off the virtual console
Shoey: or let me put it this way if you haven't heard of it don't buy it
Superchao: I gotcha, then.
Superchao: So, what's it like being Shroom staff?
Shoey: it's a lot like not being shroom staff only with meeting and a secret board
Superchao: is the secret board cool
Shoey: i'd give it a 7 out of 10 (mostly because we have both a dippy and an edo)
Shoey: but we also have an mcd which makes it lose 5 points
Superchao: Those durn MCDs, always bringing down the property values
Shoey: with their bad teeth and loud tea drinking noises
Superchao: I'm curious as to why you decided to be Shroom staff, anyway.
Shoey: They offer free donuts
Shoey: it's pretty much the same reason I wanted to be an admin
Shoey: or why you wanted to be a mod
Superchao: Being a mod only gets you free crackers. The board is way too cheap.
Shoey: it's a combination of the fact that it's free prestige and the fact that you get to do something that solidifies your legacy
Superchao: Did i ever tell you i had no idea i was considered for modship until i was suddenly a mod?
Shoey: i got invited to both
Superchao: Besides SMB3 and Nobunga's Ambition, are there any other games you'd really recommend?
Shoey: um give me a second on that one blocky
Superchao: i gave you a second and you took a minute
Superchao: i feel betrayed
Superchao: hurt
Superchao: shattered
Shoey: i'd recommend Princess Tomato in the salad kingdom, DoReMi Fantasy: Milon no Dokidoki Daibouken, pokemon snap, super mario rpg, paper mario, and the Aladdin game for the snes
Superchao: Three of those are most certainly... unique recommendations.
Shoey: oh also Ogre battle 64
Shoey: probably my favorite game ever
Superchao: Oh yeah, I've heard of that one.
Superchao: And by unique recommendations I mean mind explaining why you like them/what they are?
Shoey: Princess Tomato is just funny
Shoey: I mean you kill a banana monster and use his skin
Shoey: get called a pervert by an orange lady (who is literally an orange)
Shoey: play rock paper scissors as combat
Shoey: there's a german vegetable who says "I know nossing"
Superchao: It certainly sounds much different than any other game.
Shoey: and the best part is the king has to daughter one who is a tomato and the other is a human
Superchao: but what is the king
Shoey: Broccoli
Superchao: do we know what the queen is
Shoey: nope
Superchao: Well okay!
Superchao: So yeah.
Superchao: How about DoReMi whatever
Shoey: DoReMi is a japan only sequel to Milon's Secret Castle
Shoey: only instead of a shitty puzzle game it's an amazing platformer game
Shoey: and you see I love platformers that are good
Shoey: so I loved this game
Shoey: also I threw bubbles at a fucking magician
Superchao: And the aladdin one?
Shoey: that one is mostly nostalgia talking see my baby sitter had that game and it was amazing
Shoey: I also used to be great at it
Shoey: it's for the snes
Superchao: I see.
Superchao: So, beyond vidya and internet, do you have any other hobbies?
Shoey: Not really
Shoey: I mostly do these two things
Shoey: when i'm not watching lawman or listening to 1920's big band music
Superchao: Well, that was quick.
Superchao: Shoey, do you think this is the last question?
Shoey: I'd hope not
Superchao: Well of course not!
Shoey: seems like a shitty place to end the interview
Shoey: YAY
Shoey becomes lips

      • Marshal_Dan_Troop is now known as Lips

Superchao: First off, I need to ask you
Superchao: Will you sign this autograph for me?
Shoey: is it a document saying that i'm stupid?
Superchao: Nope!
Shoey: are you the ablatrossocuter?
Superchao: Nope!
Shoey: alright
Shoey signs the document
Superchao: HAHAHAHA
Superchao: And I'm the Albatrossecutor, not the ablatrossocuter! Your inability to spell caught you again, Lawstritch!
Superchao: Anyhow, on a serious note
Superchao: Thanks for being here with me today and finally getting this interview done.
Shoey: and anytime
Shoey: and by anytime I demand to be interviewed next month as well
Superchao: one interview per customer
Shoey: Then i'll just have to put on this fake mustache
Superchao: What a great mustache!
Shoey waves muppet arms
Superchao: Sir, I'm going to interview you next month, mr. neverbeforeseen guy! I'll see you then!
Shoey: YAY
Shoey rewaves muppet arms knocking off the fake mustache
Superchao: shoey you just ruined your chances of getting an interview
Superchao: good job
Shoey: blocky can I have your autograph
Superchao: is it an affidavit saying i'm an idiot and/or stupid
Shoey: nope
Superchao: are you the lawstrich
Shoey: nope
Superchao: signs
Shoey: i'm the lawman

      • Lips is now known as Marshal_Dan_Troop

Superchao: Well, I guess that's it.
Shoey: yep
Superchao: See you next month for Shoey's first interview.


Honestly, there isn't much to say that hasn't been covered by the interview, but I guess it's worth reiterating that Shoey's definitely become one of the most unforgettable community members. He's certainly left a mark on the community, and is definitely someone worth getting to know.

Addendum: The interview took place before Shoey's resignation and thus does not cover that event.

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