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Brawl Tactics

by FunkyK38 (talk)

What's up, Brawlers? FunkyK38 here with the latest edition of BRAWL TACTICS!

For this month, I will be starting a 3-part series examining the Pokemon Trainer and his team of Kanto starter Pokemon, I will be starting, naturally, with Squirtle!

Squirtle is a small- sized fighter that is very light. It has a decent jump for its size, and its speed is average.

Squirtle's Standard Special is Water Gun. Despite this move's useful nature in the Pokemon series, it is pretty much useless in this game. Your attackers will be repelled by a stream of water from Squirtle's mouth. Depending on how long you charge this stream for, your opponent could go far enough away for you to prep another attack. This is a good move to use if you need to get an opponent off of you who has been following you around relentlessly. Other than that, it's basically just a hose down for your opponents.

Squirtle's Side Special is Withdraw. When Squirtle uses this move, he glides along the stage, bashing opponents out of his way and getting away from any dangers that may have tried to corner him in the first place. Although this move is more effective than Water Gun, it has a fatal flaw that can be exploited by experienced Mario players: if you jump on Squirtle while he's gliding along, he will stop like a Koopa and your attack will fail. So be warned! If you don't want your Squirtle to end up like a poor Koopa at the end of World 2-4, always watch out for players who are more than willing to take the risk to stop your attack.

Squirtle's Up Special is Waterfall. It's one of his better moves, as you can use it in a couple different ways. First off, if you ride your 'fall on top of your opponent's face, you will adamage them. I suggest using this move to drag them upwards so you can get the full attack in. Start out with some basic attacks that draw them close, then attack with this move to finish off the combo. This move can also be used as a third jump if you need it, but be careful where you aim. Like most third jumps, Squirtle will be rendered helpless after using this, but he is relatively easy to push towards the side of the stage since he is so light. And this move actually goes fairly far, with no big tricks attached to it.

Squirtle's Down Special is Pokemon Change. This move is not an attack, it's just a change of place for Ivysaur. Like other transformation moves, such as Zelda's, Squirtle gets invincibility during the switch, but when Ivysaur comes out, be ready to fight. If you need to switch Pokemon, this move can be used pretty much anywhere, so give it a try if you're getting tired.

Squirtle combines with its Pokemon teammates to form the Final Smash known as Triple Finish! This is a beam-style Final Smash, so get to one side of the stage when using it. Squirtle's role in this is to blast opponents with its Hydro Pump, perhaps to cool them down from Charizard's fire? Not likely. Probably not possible when you're getting blasted with water at the pressure of a fire hose.

Well, that's all for me this month, Brawlers! Be sure to check in next month as I report on Ivysaur! Happy Brawling!