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Hello there everyone! That was an exciting game! 'Shroom Mafia II just ended over at the forums, and it was fun! Here's the game thread, if you missed it. There is still discussion going on in the lounge if you want to participate.

The game begun with the innocents losing some key roles, like the reviver and rolecop. A clever conversion by the mafia then effectively eliminated the entire mason party. Tucayo figured out who the convert was and vigged them. After that, Bop1996 and Yoshi123 used their cop powers (daylight and insane cops, respectively) to try to uncover mafia. They uncovered Superchao, then Quizmo. After Quizmo's death, St00ben cleverly deduced that the Godfather was Packy and vigged him and then, due to a lucky shot in the dark, the innocents managed to lynch Superchao.

The MVPs of the game were Packy and Becky (for the mafia), Tucayo, Bop and Yoshi123 (for the innocents), Mario4Ever (for the third party) and Stooben (because he's awesome and has his own party). However, overall, if I had to pick a game MVP, I would pick Yoshi123. Yoshi123, Bop and Tucky all worked very well towards eliminating the mafia, however Yoshi123 did the entire thing with the handicap of being an insane cop. So I'd consider him to be the overall MVP.

Lucky for you guys, I managed to get some answers out of four of those elitist mvps (not really, but they did answer a few questions) which I will now share with you.

Question: Overall, how do you think this game turned out?

Tucayo: Pretty good. It was fun, but it would've worked better if more players were active
Bop1996: Fairly well, even if the mafia beyond Blocky and Quizmo didn't seem to put up much of a fight, and killed me waaaaaaaaaay later than I should have been killed.
Palkia47: I think it turned out really well. It was really fun.
Yoshi123: I feel this game turned out really well.

Question: How well do you think you did in this game?

Bop1996: I think I did fine, although I definitely could have done better. I did catch Quizmo and Blocky, and helping Timmy understand his insanity was very helpful in the end, but I could definitely use some practice at scumhunting since I haven't survived until the end as innocent a whole lot still.
Tucayo: Heh, I'd like to think I did great. At least I didn't kill any innocents (or did I?) and I killed Becky, so I guess I contributed importantly to the game's outcome.
Yoshi123: I think I did pretty well, but only because I was the cop. XD I honestly was expecting to have a "Got overly excited when Smasher showed up as mafia." for a negative.
Palkia47: I guess I did okay... I regret being inactive around the first part of the game (I was nervous about being the godfather), and I got screwed over by Quizmo. So... I could have done better.

Question: Did you have any sort of strategy going on at any point in the game, or were you just playing it by ear?

Tucayo: It was mostly random voting/voting the inactives, except for those times we actually had a lead. Oh, and I successfully guessed Becky was the convert.
Palkia47: I didn't specifically have any strategy. Just the usual that most mafia members do - try to act like an innocent and see where it goes from there. I don't know if it would have worked any longer because of Quizmo, but... oh well.
Yoshi123: Nah, I didn't exactly have a strategy, but then when I learned that I was insane I had to change things up a bit. =P
Bop1996: My strategy was to get inside your mind figure out who you'd assign mafia roles to and check them before they checked me.

Question: If you could change one thing that happened, what would it be?

Yoshi123: I'd change the part where I became all excited when Smasher showed up as leading staff but he actually wasn't.
Bop1996: I would have bought five spotlights instead of two that night that Zeuzio visited me.
Palkia47: Should have killed one of the bigger threats in the game instead of some other people - should have killed people like Stooben and Tucayo.
Tucayo: I would have let Tucayo live. Or at least die last.

Question: Were there any major flaws that you noticed with the game?

Tucayo: Not really a major fault, but I would have liked the stories to have continuity. I wanted to see if the revolution failed. Oh, and I would've liked to have some sort of resistance, instead of everyone following the bandwagons. It made us win, yes, but it could have been more interesting.
Palkia47: I don't think there were any major flaws, just the inactivity sucked some of the fun away from it...
Yoshi123: Hm, I guess that the player list was lacking proper info and didn't get updated on the right days.
Bop1996: Inactive mafia, which wasn't really a host problem. Also, Crash wasn't' the mafia roleblocker, but that's a minor issue.

Question: Do you have any suggestions to pass on to other mafia players, from your experiences in this game?

Palkia47: Never. Trust. Quizmo. >:( Nah, just do better than we did - that's probably the most blatantly obvious advice I can give.
Yoshi123: If you're a cop, always do more checks and don't get too excited if one of your early results is a mafia. You could be an insane cop!
Bop1996: Sometimes, psychology helps almost as much as logic.
Tucayo: Always try to lead the innocents. If someone else is leading and you are mafia, kill him or get him killed. If you are innocents, simply confirm his innocence.

Question: Any other comments?

Palkia47: Just like to say thank you, MG1, for letting me participate in the 'Shroom Mafia. I really, really appreciate it. Sorry that I was rather inactive for part of the game.
Tucayo: Last mafia game was a flop, so major props to MG for making this game so good and choosing a great theme. And thanks to everyone who played!
Yoshi123: Was a great game and had fun! ^____^ And HELL YEAH MVP