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Brawl Tactics

by FunkyK38 (talk)

Welcome, Brawlers, to this month's edition of Brawl Tactics! Since Sonic is wrapping up his 20th birthday celebration, I thought I'd put a little blue spin on this month's issue. I will be covering Green Hill Zone!

Anyone who has played a Sonic game, from classics like Sonic the Hedgehog to newer games like Colors or Generations, has played on this stage. It's probably the most recognizable location in Mobius, to say the least. It received the Brawl makeover- looking totally new yet still possessing the retro spin that older gamers enjoy. Throughout your battle you will see Tails, Silver, and Knuckles running around on the loop in the background, but don't let them distract you too much!

This stage has some pretty significant advantages and disadvantages. The first and foremost are the sides. This stage has very strange sides. When you start to go off screen, the camera will not follow you. Although there is a bit of room back there, you will take damage for being off camera, and that will hurt you in the long run. The edge also comes up fast once you're off camera, and that makes for an easy KO. I've done a few right at the beginning of the battle when my opponent has almost no damage done. If you get an assist trophy of Knuckle Joe or Little Mac, keep your opponent near the sides, because these two pack a wallop when it comes to launch power, and one hit from one of them is enough to send your opponent off the screen. The shallow sides are perfect for Final Smashes like Jiggypuff's or Donkey Kong's, because your opponent will have nowhere to hide if you are right in the middle. Ironically, though, this stage does not give Sonic much room to run around, so if you are playing as him, be careful not to go too far off screen when using his Final Smash or you will have no time to recover.

The second notable trait is the way the loop will give way if you pound on it too hard. Using bombs, Pokemon, assist trophies, or Final Smashes can do major damage, so be careful that you're not standing on the ground when it gives way. If you miss your recovery jump, or if you are playing a Final Smash where you will drop after using it, such as Samus, be careful. The other thing to do when the stage collapses is to get your Landmaster to the edges where the pilot can jump out safely. I don't think I need to elaborate on what will happen if you don't.

Thirdly, the balloon bumpers make things interesting. They do a lot of damage if you hit them hard enough and they have a lot of launch power. Set them off near the edge of the stage if you can and box your opponent in so that they will be KO'ed when the bumper hits them and knocks them back.

Finally, watch your views. Although you will get some view when you are off-screen, it will not be much, and there really is no way to tell what's going on. Due to the stage's box-like construction, mid-battle shots are out of the question when you're in the loop, as the land will get in the way when you are trying to get a new angle, making the only decent shot on this stage straight at the front.

Well, that's all for me this month, Brawlers! Enjoy using the Green Hill Zone, and I'll see you next time on Brawl Tactics!