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Director's Notes

The 'Shroom Christmas banner

Credit to Master Crash (talk) for making the banner for this issue. Thanks Crash!

And Happy Holidays! SMB here, with the Director's Notes for the Special Holiday Issue!

I would like to start by saying I am very pleased with this Special Issue. A huge amount of effort has been exerted by all of the writers, the Core Staff, and those who submitted guest sections upon being invited. It shows that a great deal of individuals are serious about improving The 'Shroom, making an impact in the success of the project, and that they generally care about the paper. So congratulations and thanks to those individuals that have made this Special Holiday Issue a very special issue!

This issue is one of extreme importance. An issue that comes out right around Christmas is one that we should gladly and willingly give to the userbase. An issue that is the last one of the year should end the year on a spectacular note, and should build up an energy that will sustain The 'Shroom through another entire year. An issue such as this Special Holiday Issue should be of the highest, finest quality, and should be made as perfect as humanly possible. And I feel that this Special Holiday Issue fits those qualities: it is a nice, big gift for our wonderful audience. The special features of this issue are: a great amount of different Special Sections, an End-of-Year Awards section, the Director Election, and a chat party.

The End-of-Year Awards are being given to those that have earned special recognition for their contributions to the paper throughout the past year. The Core Staff considered a great deal of individuals for each award, and went through the process of confirming each nominee for the awards they were considered for. So congratulations to everybody that has been presented with an award by the Core Staff!

The Director Election is also returning. For those who do not remember, the Director Election is the process in which the individual that leads The 'Shroom is elected by the community. All wiki users that have forum accounts are able to run and share their ideas for how the paper should be run. There will be several debates scheduled between the candidates (the dates will be announced at another point soon on the Director Election article itself), and the moderator will ask questions that they are given by the debate attendees (and is also allowed to ask his or her own questions as well). Near the end of the election, the presumptive winner will write a Directorial Address that reenforces his or her plans for the year and who the individual has selected to be on their staff team. On the release of the January issue, the winner's address is posted and the individual becomes the Director for the next year.

The 'Shroom Special Holiday Issue Release Party is being held live (at the point of this issue being posted, of course) in #mwshroom from 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST (5:00 PM – 8:00 PM UTC). Below is a schedule by which the release of this Special Issue will follow (dashes stand for nothing being posted during that timeslot, which allows for breaks or for a period of time in which the attendees may go back and read some sections):

Time (EST) Section
12:00:00 PM Director's Notes
12:05:00 PM Character Reviews
12:10:00 PM Fading Into Obscurity
12:15:00 PM A History of Video Games
12:20:00 PM Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner
12:25:00 PM Non-Marioverse Review
12:30:00 PM Brawl Tactics
12:35:00 PM Should Have Been
12:40:00 PM Interview
12:45:00 PM Pipe Plaza
12:50:00 PM Music & Artwork
12:55:00 PM Fun Stuff
01:00:00 PM Fake News
01:05:00 PM
01:10:00 PM Section of the Month
01:15:00 PM Special Section
01:20:00 PM Special Section
01:25:00 PM Special Section
01:30:00 PM Special Section
01:35:00 PM Special Section
01:40:00 PM Special Section
01:45:00 PM Special Section
01:50:00 PM Special Section
01:55:00 PM Special Section
02:00:00 PM Special Section
02:05:00 PM End-of-the-Year Awards
02:10:00 PM
02:15:00 PM
02:20:00 PM
02:25:00 PM
02:30:00 PM
02:35:00 PM
02:40:00 PM
02:45:00 PM Director Election
02:50:00 PM
02:55:00 PM
03:00:00 PM End of Party

And that is about all for this month's Director's Notes. Please be sure to come back on January 21st, 2012 to read next the first issue of 2012!

Until next month,

Super Mario Bros. (talk)

Sub-Director's Notes