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By New Super Mario (talk)

Hello all 'Shroom Readers! Today, we will be interviewing Yoshiwaker!

NSM: When did you join the wiki?

Yoshiwaker: I joined the wiki on September 25, 2010.

NSM: Do you have, or had any special rankings on the wiki?

Yoshiwaker: No, I'm just a normal user.

NSM: Do you have any positions in The 'Shroom?

Yoshiwaker: I write for the "PipeProjects Seeking Contributors" section of Pipe Plaza.

NSM: What do you think The 'Shroom could improve on?

Yoshiwaker: I can't really think of any specific things The 'Shroom could improve on right now.

NSM: Thoughts on Community Polls?

Yoshiwaker: I like how the polls show the community's general opinion on a certain subject.

NSM: Thoughts on "Did you Know"?

Yoshiwaker: I think the "Did You Know" section is a nice addition to the main page and a good way to learn interesting facts.

NSM: What do you think about the upcoming awards?

Yoshiwaker: I'm not exactly sure what the upcoming awards are, so I have no opinion on them.

NSM: Are you on Chat?

Yoshiwaker: I was on Chat for a little while, but I can't get on now.

NSM: Who do you think writes the best article in The 'Shroom?

Yoshiwaker: I think Edofenrir writes really great sections for Fake News and I particularly admire how he wrote all the sections with no writers for the 50th issue.

NSM: Are you on Userpedia?

Yoshiwaker: Yes, I am on Userpedia.

NSM: What would be your favorite Non-Mario game?

Yoshiwaker: My favorite non-Mario game is probably Supreme Commander. It's a really complex RTS game on a large scale. I especially like nuking people's bases.

NSM: What would be your favorite Mario game?

Yoshiwaker: My favorite Mario game is probably Super Mario Galaxy.

NSM: What would be your least favorite Mario game?

Yoshiwaker: I didn't really like Mario Kart: Super Circuit. I thought the controls were really bad.

NSM: What is the easiest Mario game you've played?

Yoshiwaker: In my opinion, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story was really easy. The only hard parts were Dark Star X and Bowser X, and those were optional.

NSM: What is the hardest Mario game you've played?

Yoshiwaker: If DK games count, the I'll say Donkey Kong Country 2 was very difficult. It was not difficult to the point of quitting, but many levels towards the end were very challenging, including the final boss.

NSM: What game consoles do you own?

Yoshiwaker: I own the SNES, N64, Gamecube, and the Wii.

NSM: What handhelds do you own?

Yoshiwaker: I own or have owned the GBC, GBA, DS, DS Lite, DSi, and the 3DS. I only have about half of those currently.

NSM: Thoughts on the 3DS?

Yoshiwaker: I really like the 3DS and the games on it. I don't always use the 3D, but is a nice feature.

NSM: What 3DS color do you want/have?

Yoshiwaker: I have a blue 3DS.

NSM: What do you think is the 3DS's best feature, besides the 3D?

Yoshiwaker: I think the best feature of the 3DS is it's amazing graphics and sound.

NSM: Thoughts on the Nintendo 3DS eshop?

Yoshiwaker: I like the new eShop, even though it was a day late (It came in the morning on June 7). I thought it was nice that Nintendo gave away 2 apps for free and they let you download E3 trailers for their upcoming games.

NSM: Thoughts on Mario Kart 3DS?

Yoshiwaker: Mario Kart 3DS definitely looks interesting, with the gliders and the underwater parts. I wonder what courses will come back and if they will be different because of the new features.

NSM: Thoughts on Paper Mario 3DS?

Yoshiwaker: My favorite part of Paper Mario 3DS is that it is an RPG! I also think it has interesting plays on the characters being paper, just like in The Thousand Year Door.

NSM: Thoughts on Super Mario 3D?

Yoshiwaker: Super Mario 3D appears to me as sort of a handheld version of Super Mario Galaxy, because it has 3D and 2D parts. I like some of the throwbacks to SMB3, such as Boom Boom as a boss, and the Tanooki Suit. It also appears to have some very interesting additions, such as spiked pillars in 3D and that combination Piranha Plant-Blooper enemy.

NSM: Thoughts on Mario and Sonic at the London Olympic Games?

Yoshiwaker: I've never played the Olympic Games series, but this still looks interesting to me. I like the Sonic characters and there are the Dream Events look fun. However some things don't look too fun, such as Judo(that reminds me of the Pokemon Throh).

NSM: Thoughts on Luigi's Mansion 2?

Yoshiwaker: I just got Luigi's Mansion not too long ago, and I really enjoyed it. Nintendo must have known the fans were waiting for a sequel to Luigi's Mansion. I wonder what the story behind the mansion will be this time. It looks to me like there will be many new ghosts with special ways to defeat them, like that mummy that appeared in the trailer. On thing I slightly dislike about this is the appearance of the ghosts. I liked the more cartoony look from the original better.

NSM: Thoughts on Super Smash Bros. 4?

Yoshiwaker: I really liked Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and I can't wait for the sequel. I hope there will be some more third party characters. I hope most of the characters from Brawl will return, too. I await a trailer of this.

NSM: Thoughts on Mario Party 9?

Yoshiwaker: It appears that Mario Party 9 will add new elements to the series, such as different modes and types of minigames. I hope that DK will start being playable again. I think those minigames that involve Bowser Jr are either a team variant of a duel game where both players work together to beat Bowser Jr. Either that, or they are a duel game where the object is to be the one to defeat Bowser Jr.

NSM: Thoughts on New Super Mario Bros. Mii?

Yoshiwaker: I hope New Super Mario Bros. Mii is just a prototype game and will not actually be released. I don't hate Miis, but I don't think they should be a main character in a Mario game.

NSM: Thoughts on E3 in general?

Yoshiwaker: I liked E3 this year a lot because Nintendo revealed many games and reveled more information about others.

NSM: Who is your favorite Mario character?

Yoshiwaker: In case you couldn't tell by my name, my favorite Mario character is Yoshi.

NSM: Who is your favorite Nintendo character, besides a Mario character?

Yoshiwaker: I really like N from Pokemon Black and White. I think he was the character that really made the storyline good.

NSM: What Mario character is your least favorite?

Yoshiwaker: I dislike Wario because he's greedy and he is annoying.

NSM: Mario or Luigi? Choose one, and explain why:

Yoshiwaker: I like Luigi better because he has actually been given a personality, unlike Mario.

NSM: Which Paper Mario game do you like the most?

Yoshiwaker: My favorite Paper Mario game is the second because it has a good storyline, good graphics, and great gameplay.

NSM: Which Mario & Luigi game do you like the most?

Yoshiwaker: My favorite Mario & Luigi game was Partners in Time because it had good gameplay and was not too easy, unlike Bowser's Inside Story.

NSM: Which Mario Kart do you like the most?

Yoshiwaker: My favorite Mario Kart game is Double Dash because I really liked the idea of two people in a Kart. I also liked many of the courses and all of the battle modes.

NSM: Name some of your hobbies:

Yoshiwaker: Besides playing video games, one thing I like to do is ride my bike.

NSM: Can you play an instrument?

Yoshiwaker: I can play the trumpet; I have been playing it for 3 years.

NSM: What is your favorite food?

Yoshiwaker: My favorite food is baked ziti. It has pasta, meat, tomato sauce, and cheese; what more could you want?

NSM: Do you have any pets?

Yoshiwaker: I have no pets, mainly because my mom is allergic to cats and dogs.

NSM: Anything else you would like to say to the readers?:

Yoshiwaker: One thing I'll say is this: if you actually read this whole thing and didn't skip to the end, congratulations! Also, if you edit the articles about these upcoming games, be sure to site your sources for added information, otherwise it will be removed.

NSM: Thanks for a great interview Yoshiwaker!