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Special Section VI

by Xpike (talk)
Article for a place I’m retired from.
Destroying fanboyisms and stereotypes

I made this special article with one topic in mind: stereotypes. As some of you may know, I’m Xpike, a retired User and ex-Fake News director who lives in the mountains of West England hunting bears. But A (SMB?) contacted me with a special request: write a special article for the Anniversary of The ‘Shroom. I couldn’t refuse, being the nice guy I am, so I decided to make an article about the biased comments video gamers make these days. This is just my opinions on these topics, so don’t go making a flame war because of it. So let’s start, shall we?

This is the best selling PS3 game. Not a shooter.
  1. Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 are full of shooters and/or “let’s see how many you kill” games
    This one is probably caused by the mainstream media, and it’s retarded coverage of games. Let me make one thing clear: if you believe this, you are a fanboy, no ifs, buts or ors. Just check the best-selling games for both consoles: The 360’s best selling games are... shooters... except for Fable 2... well crap. So the Playstation 3... best sellings games... good, there’s only 3 shooters. So now you know, the 360 IS filled with shooters, but the Playstation 3 isn’t filled as much (but it’s filled with racing games and Final Fantasy).
  2. The Wii is filled with kiddy and “casual” games
    Clearly the 16+ label means it's for kiddies.

    This one, as most of this wiki can back up, is really fake. Just see games like MadWorld and No More Heroes and tell me they’re kiddy. Now if they sell well... that’s another history.

Those are the only ones I’m going to touch, because they’re the ones that bother me the most, but trust me, I could write a 10,000 word essay on this topic, because fanboys are more retarded with each passing generation. Fin :)