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Mario Merchandise

by ChrisAlassal

Merchandise Review: The Super Mario Bros. Super Show Boxset

What Mario fan who grew up in the 80s/early 90s doesn't remember the Super Mario Bros. Super Show? No matter how cheesey, ill-conceived, or completely off the plot of the games the show was, it had all our favorite characters and we loved it.

Which is why I think most of us will be very pleased with the complete series, in the form of two boxsets packaged by SHOUT! Factory, containing not only every episode from the series(Including the live action segments), but the following extras:


  • An interview with Captain Lou Albano, who played Mario during both the live segments and the cartoon.
  • Original storyboards of the title sequence
  • Original storyboards of the "pattycake" routine.
  • Original background art galleries.


  • Interactive tour of the Mario Bros. Plumbing live action set.
  • Short film on Captain Lou's autograph appearance for boxset 1.
  • Original background art galleries.

Additionally, in the first time since their original TV airings, the previews for upcoming Zelda episodes are preserved in the live action segments.

Sounds like they got everything, right? Unfortunately, no. The 80s tunes that appeared in each episode back when the show was on TV have all been removed due to copyright limitations, instead replaced with instrumental versions of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 songs. This is the only setback, and if you can get past that, it's an enjoyable collection that no Mario fan should miss!

I rate the Super Mario Bros. Super Show DVD collection with a 9/10. Go buy it whenever you can!