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Editor's Notes

by the Director

Oh boy...where to start today.

For starters, I have only 6 minutes to write this. This is because I'm extremely late in posting this. I apologize to all users eagerly awaiting this issue – you see, I guess I celebrated Mar10 today by playing the Pit of 100 Trials from 3 to 6 in the morning...that left me too tired to finish on-time. That also shows how obsessed I am with The Thousand-Year Door... again, sorry. ;) :P

One of our writers from last month, HK-47, has missed the deadline. You'll see his next editorial next issue as well as a reply to his first editorial. Additionally, Parayoshi has not been seen since he signed up – I'm not sure on his status. Finally, Maxlover2 will do half of "Did You Know That..." with Aipom next issue.

Speaking of next issue: there is some preference to have it on April Fool's Day, which is a Sunday, and just 22 days away. I am willing to have a fun and crazy issue for Issue IV, but I want general agreement among contributors. Leave your thoughts on the idea on my talk page. If you're the first, make a new section, otherwise add a comment in that section. Otherwise, Issue IV will be on April 7th, the following Saturday.

Finally...MarioWiki:Anniversary. When it isn't red, be sure to click. I want as many users as possible involved.

I hope you enjoyed our new Fun Section as well. 'Til then see ya!

Wayoshi, Director of The 'Shroom