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From the Mushroom Vaults

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Neuron Mysteries

In the Yoshi’s Story level Neuron Jungle, melons are hard to come by. Most elusive of all is the last melon, which is invisible to all but the greediest of dinos. To find the last juicy fruit, every single loose coin in the jungle must be pocketed, making a melon appear by Miss Warp #4. Another secret to look out for here: From Miss Warp #1, go left and drop between a gap between a blue and yellow Neuron. Presto! A melon falls from the sky. Finally, after collecting this melon, trot left again to a red Neuron. It guards a secret; so pound it until it relents. Follow where the sign points, then fall right onto a couple of ledges with another pair of blue and yellow Neurons. Collect the trove of coins; shoot the melon in the bubble; ground-pound the ledge below the blue Neuron, and finally leap into the warp vase for a minigame race! Dive into the waters, collecting coins a Yoshi swims, and, hopefully, uncover seven melons. Oh, and those letters that appear when Yoshi eats a Heart Fruit are a secret, too! In each level, try to eat every melon, for eating six will cause a Heat Fruit to fall from the sky. Every so often, when a Heart Fruit is eaten, it will trigger a coin formation. Each level contains a formation in the shape of a letter. Spell them out for a message from Yoshi!

More Yoshi Secrets

The Character Coins of Yoshi’s Island DS are fun to collect… but some are extremely well hidden. For instance, the level High Speed Cart Race! contains a very elusive Baby DK coin. To collect it, it is advised not to ride the cart after going through a pipe blocked by a Wild Ptooie Piranha. Instead, leap over the cart, race to the highest part of the slope, and leap into the air. Flutter, flutter, FLUTTER until Yoshi hits wall, then drop down and switch to DK at the Stork Stop. Use his dash ability to slam over the flippers, then hit a switch and climb to the coin. Priscilla the Peckish also has a very well hidden Coin. In the second area of the castle, begin by going right. Jump over the spike pit, but wait! A bottomless pit! Or is it? There’s no reason to trust a gaping hole in the ground, but jump on in. It’s the entrance to a secret chamber that contains another DK Coin!

Flowers, too, are quite annoying sometimes. Especially in the World 5 level ‘’Find the Number Ball!’’ The first waits at the end of the first stretch. After the Hot Lips finishes blasting lava, shoot an egg and retrieve the first Flower. Run through the Number Ball area, and enter the main cave. Jump on the small ledge and shoot an egg at the Arrow Cloud; it’ll run a circuit and unlock a staircase. Now grab Baby DK at the Stork Stop and grab the Swing Hard. Jump off it to the vine and climb up to the top. Keep to the right and hop up the staircase. Grab the 2 Ball and use Baby Mario to make a staircase of M Blocks, but DK must climb another vine to the 3 Ball. Shoot the cloud to make a rope fall, then climb it to a door. In this area, slurp torches and melt block for a Stork Stop and a Flower. Switch to Mario here, too. Exit through the door on the right, leap on a Spring Ball, and shoot a Flower high above Yoshi’s head. Shoot two eggs where the arrows point; one to grab the key, another to propel it through the flippers. Retreat back to the main cave. Go down, down, and down to where the Winged Cloud staircase once was, but on the way, melt the ice again and switch to Baby Peach. Ground-pound through a large dirt-clogged chute for a 1 Ball. Go through the door, shoot the balls in their nooks, and use the key on a locked door. Now, catch the breeze with Peach and glide to a Flower near a spinning Fire Bar. On the left, hit the switch, and ground-pound back to the door. Get back to the main cave again, and then leap to the ledge (again). But now, instead of the Arrow Cloud, shoot the checkered block for a platform. Jump on it, then shoot the last Flower! Oh, and you can finish the level by yourself, can’t you? Good.