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Mafia: Tricks of the Trade

by Marioguy1 (talk)

Hello, ladies, gentlemen, and mafia players of all ages! For all your tips, tricks and strategies in mafia games, this is Mafia: Tricks of the Trade. I am your host, Marioguy1 (talk), focusing on a specific tip, trick or strategy for the month to help you improve your game. If you have any feedback, feel free to send me a PM or put it on my talk page.

This month, I have a tip for mafia hosts. If you don't get into your own games, the people playing those games won't get into them either. You have to spin amazing tales for the phase changes, be constantly keeping the thought train going in the game, keep people thinking. If you stop making stories, then the game will just be boring. So keep up the effort, it really shows in the overall activity of the game.

OK, there's my tip. Now I feel I should explain. Welcome to my new section, Mafia: Tricks of the Trade! A new section brought to you by the Mafia Hosts Guild. This section is to help people improve their game, so that they can have that much more fun in mafia. If you don't know what mafia is, check out my Mafia 101 section from the December issue, or look at the FAQ in the Mafia board on the forums. I'm hoping to have this section instated as a permanent section either in the Main Team or the Pipe Plaza, so look for it there next week. For now, it's a special section for the special issue. I hope you enjoyed, and I hope hosts learn something from this, to make their games just that much better (of course, there will also be tips for the players in the games). See you next month!