Team Jump

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Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario Team Jumping on Mount Brrr.

The Team Jump[1] is the first Trio Move learned in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.

No matter what icon is the player selecting, they can press X Button to activate the Team Jump. It makes Mario, Luigi, and Paper Mario jump at the same time, and also hover for a short while. This is useful to jump over small gaps without having to press A Button, B Button and Y Button. The Team Jump can reach further horizontal distance than ordinary Jumps, but doesn't go as high; the player is unable to hit any ? Block while Team Jumping, and is also unable to jump over certain ledges that normal Jumps can cover.

Team Jump shares the same button with using the Dash Socks, in that by holding down X Button and also a direction on the Circle Pad, the trio can start dashing.


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