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OK, in New Super Mario Bros. there are three Whomps in a row in a corridor in a castle, one afterwards on spikes, and one later on that looks slightly larger. Is this article only about that one? All that sets it apart is that it's slightly, almost innoticably larger, and it walks. If this article is soley about that one, "larger" Whwomp, then we should prolably simply add the information to the Whomp page, saying that "in New Super Mario Bros., a Whomp of lage size and the ability to walk about has been spotted in the World 3 castle", or something like that. I have read the NSMB Official Player's Guide over and over and over, and there is NO "Super Whomp" picture in there, or even a passing mention! In the map, it is simply referred to as a Whomp. 3dejong

One question. In the beginning sections of the official player's guide, there is a list of the name of every enemy in the game. Does the name "Super Whomp" appear in this enemy list section? If not, this information should be placed in the Whomp article. -- Son of Suns
NO. There are ONLY Whomps listed. 3dejong
Okay. You have permission to incorporate your info into the Whomp page. Make this page a redirect. -- Son of Suns

This page seems to contradict itself, it seems to refer to this as a species and a single being at once and I think the merge may be a good idea. -- Sir Grodus

Um.. yeah.. 3dhammer.gif 3D, man this conversation is OLD. 3dhammer.gif