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Is there any difference between this and a normal Tromp? YELLOWYOSHI398

OH CRUD! There's a normal Tromp?! Sorry about that... Anyway, I think the Spiny Tromp refers specifically to the Super Paper Mario one, so you can take out the Paper Mario stuff. Sorry about that; I didn't know. :P - Smashgoom202 00:56, 21 April 2007 (EDT)

Aren't the Spiny Tromps the small ones in Yold Ruins? The Spiny Tromp Catch Card just shows a picture of them on it. -- Sir Grodus

Okay... So SPM features both normal and Spiny Tromps? I don't really know; I am completely lacking of SMP. YELLOWYOSHI398
No, no, no! Those smaller ones are SPIKY Tromps. - Smashgoom202 18:30, 21 April 2007 (EDT)