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Does this really need a page? Binarystep (talk) 22:24, 12 June 2015 (EDT)

Does it pass the generic subjects test?
  1. The subject must have a function which is different from the real world counterpart. If the differences are extremely minor, the subject may not meet this requirement.
  2. The player can consume or collect the subject for use. This does not apply to sports games.
  3. The subject is significant to the media's storyline.
  4. The subject is significant to the gameplay. This does not apply to sports games.
  5. The subject is determined by the users to be notable.
The "significant to the media's storyline" part is the only one that can possibly squeak by, but I myself view it as an article that fails the generic subjects test, from what it looks like in this article. Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 22:33, 12 June 2015 (EDT)
Also, real world reindeer don't fly, so it could squeak by with #1 as well. I see no harm in leaving it, but the Santa Claus article already covers everything here, so it'd be no big loss of info to delete the page, at least. - Walkazo 22:40, 12 June 2015 (EDT)
Well, of course reindeer don't fly, but that reindeer fly is not a Mario thing as much as it is a Earth folklore thing that's part of modern Christmas. So, the policy should honestly elaborate on the first rule, since I'm sure we are clearly thinking about Mario function, not general mythology. Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 23:55, 12 June 2015 (EDT)
I was just playing devil's advocate anyway; it could already be argued that the "real world counterpart" to these flying reindeer are the established flying Xmas reindeer specifically, so the rule doesn't need changing. - Walkazo 00:08, 13 June 2015 (EDT)
Ah, touché. So, is that a go or a no go? Right now, it's a "yeah, it's harmless, but we're not gonna miss it." Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 00:30, 13 June 2015 (EDT)