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Hey, all. I've heard a lot of online Final Fantasy spoofs, and even the first Final Fantasy game, call a character who looks really similar to this "Fighter." Does anyone know what's up with that? Are they different or is it just translation. Thx. -Stumpers EDIT: Yeah, that's the right name, so now it's just a matter of curiosity for me.

This is a lesson that if you leave me alone for long enough and with access to Google, I'll find stuff out. I'll be updating the article with what I now know! Oh, and for those interested, Fighter and Ninja are two TOTALLY different characters.

New Picture[edit]

I have a pic I downloaded from that is Ninja w/out his background. However, the update/upload pages aren't working for me: the file name keeps disappearing when I hit the submit button. Anyone know what's going on? -Stumpers

Glitch is over. Image uploaded... yeah... this page is totally vacant... -Stumpers


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