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Official name? Sorry if this is pointless, but "Moon Coin" seems to have caught on as a fan name. Technickal (talk)

Well, it's called Moon Coin because 1) it'a a coin with a moon 2) the message for collecting each of these says "You got all Moon Coins! Great!". --NewSMBU (talk) 12:38, 24 August 2012 (EDT)
IGN reference them as Moon Coins and they're pretty official. JackpotPersonolisedMiion3DS.JPGJordan 12:55, 24 August 2012 (EDT)
OK, it's a Moon Coin. But like Prima, IGN has been wrong at times. Technickal (talk)
You're right in saying so but we don't have any other sources so why not. Thanks for understanding though, JackpotPersonolisedMiion3DS.JPGJordan 13:22, 24 August 2012 (EDT)

Uh, didn't anyone notice MS's comment? You got all the Moon Coins! directly in game seems way more official than IGN and instead should be taken into more consideration. Moolala (talk) 08:23, 17 September 2012 (EDT)