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Should we make an article for "Fire Raccoon Bowser"? -- Son of Suns

Maybe, I guess it could work.... -- Sir Grodus

Does Bowser ever use the Fire power-up outside of the Raccon power-up, or does he use the Fire power-up only when he has the Raccoon power-up? That would mean that we technically never see Fire Bowser, only the combined form. -- Son of Suns

I can't quite recall, so i'll have to check, if he does only use his fire form together with his raccoon form, i'll make the proper changes. Oh yeah, just to mention, he's also called Bowser on the show, though only occasionally. -- Sir Grodus

Really? Was that in the later series, like SMB3 and SMW? -- Son of Suns

He's called it quite a few times in TAoSMB3 (atleast twice in "Princess Toadstool for President" for example) and I think rarely in SMW. -- Sir Grodus

Bowser only appears as Fire Bowser (without Raccoon Power) when the Power Pendant malfunctions at the end of the episode, and only for a few frames, when he's cycling through his super forms. Also, he was only referred to as Bowser in SMB3. - Booster