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Additional Note on the Rainbow Road Loop:

The fall occurs whenever the character losses speed, whether it be through an item or through crashing into the rail. However, I have seen an instance of when, instead of being picked up the the Latiku, the kart continued on its way on the other loop (it happened corkscrew to straight loop). The move is backwards, so the person ended up going from first to last.

More Jumps:

Just wanted to make a few comments: there are other jumps in the game in addition to the ones on Luigi Circuit and Bowser's Castle. For example, on DK Pass, at the "U" shaped turn that involves the snowball, one can use a mushroom or turbo boost (with most characters) and then hop to return to the previous part of the "U" without being picked up by the Lakitu. On Rainbow Road, after the part with the drop there is another "U" shaped turn. The same technique can be used to jump from the first part of the "U" to the second part of it. The more advantageous angles will end up with the character being picked up by the Latiku and the less advantageous ones will see the character flying off the side, so this is not a shortcut. A third jump is on Desert Hills. On the first turn after the hilly straight road with Pokeys, the edge of the turn angles up alot. If one uses a mushroom and hops, one can clear the out of bounds area and end up back on the straight road with the Pokeys but will have to be picked up by the Latiku before the first ramp on that Pokey road. This time a mushroom is required due to the heavy slowing down effect of sand. Furthermore, in addition to it being possible with a turbo boost (it is even possible with the Tyrant) and a mushroom on the first "hill" of Bowser's Castle, it is possible with a mushroom or a high acceleration turbo boost on the second hill as well, although this is much harder to pull off. Finally, though technically not really a "jump", there is a neat shortcut on Sky Garden that requires a mushroom or a hop (it is also possible but very difficult to do it with a high acceleration turbo boost as well) on the turn that leads to the first bridge and possesses two ramps, a short boost one and a longer wooden one. Instead of using the mushroom no the ramp, it is possible to use the mushroom and hop across the narrow gap to the next section of road, completely skipping the bridge and a nontrivial part of the course. As a post script, stars technically work for most of these jumps, but mushrooms are far more readily available as in time trials.

Confused CPU:

There is a glitch that involves confusing the AI as to where it is on places where road overlaps, most notably in Bowser's Castle on the circular rising turn right before the spinning bridge. If one knocks a CPU with sufficient force from the top part immediately before the spinning bridge onto the platform below (on either side), the computer will continue to believe that it is on the top level and attempt to get on the spinning bridge from one story down. As the computer will make no progress it will begin travelling in a circular direction to determine its location, only to fall into the lava (and find its location in that way instead). It has happened elswhere, but only here is it consistently possible to pull off.

No Water on Delfino Square:

On the side platform that has the ramp to the boardwalk, one can perform this action: turning left (the wrong way) and either turbo boosting with sufficient length or using a mushroom, one can go far enough as to bypass where the water is programmed and end up being picked up by the Latiku and released just after the area of the first item box. One can be released there sometimes eve if the water is not cleared.

Peach Gardens Hedges:

This strange glitch has an unclear cause that occurs on the area with many hedges and Chain Chomps. After being hit repeatedly by the Chain Chomp, on the mini-map I have seen the computer stay in place for a few seconds, as if blocked by the hedge, but suddenly go to (presumably picked up by a Latiku) the fountain area. I have never actually stayed and seen why this occur and have been unable to recreate it in Time Trials. Help?
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Reply: I had something similar happen when I was fooling around with an unlimited star cheat. I pushed a computer back from another part of the track back into the hedge section, they couldn't find their way out and after a few seconds got lifted to a further area. It might be a fail safe built in exactly for if a computer gets stuck (for certain areas at least). Yes I cheated, but the idea is the same: The computer players can't path find very well. They only follow a set path and if it gets disturbed so much that they don't realize where they are, they try to go back to where they were by traveling in a straight line to it (like the "Confused CPU" glitch mentioned earlier here). I even saw one take the "shortcut" on Mushroom Bridge after doing this because it was a direct way back to where they were (the other end of it, where I first started hitting them) although they hit the wall a lot in the process. -Satan915

Mission 5-7 Glitch:

Instead of driving through the gates, drive to the end of the track until you reach the "STOP" boarder. Go to the very top right of this border so that you are right up against the wall and the border. Hold down A and turn right (towards the wall), then left (towards the border) and then right again. If done correctly you should fall through the wall and into a black void. Lakitu will pick you up and put you on the other side of the border, so you will be on the part of the track that you aren't supposed to be on for this mission. Unfortunately by now, there won't be much time remaining left in the mission, so you won't have much time left to actually drive anywhere before failing it.

Mission Failed Glitch:

Right before you are about to fail a mission, time it so that you fail the mission while falling off the edge of the track or into lava (it's easier with tall ledges such as on DK Pass). Even though you failed the mission by now, you can still get a speed boost by pressing A right when you touch the ground again, and if you do, the menu will come up while you press A and the mission failed music will not play.

Question: Can we please get access to edit the glitch page so we can put some more on? Feel free to test the glitches out. -Satan915

Add more: Choco Mountain boulder glitch:

In N64 Choco Mountain, if the player goes to the lake and the water splashes before they fall, the boulder should hit them. If done correctly, they should start flying. The screen will then turn black as if they fell into the water. Lakitu will pick then them up. This glitch rarely works after the first time it's performed.

And Pipe Plaza Bob-omb glitch: In GCN Pipe Plaza, if the player has a Bob-omb and drops it near one of the pipe holes, another player or a CPU should hit the Bob-omb. If done correctly, the player should go through the pipe hole and he/she will fall. Lakitu will pick the player up as usual. This can also be done with a Super Star, but is harder to pull off.

A CPU glitch[edit]

When a CPU hits another CPU with a deployable item, you can hear the hitting sound at the entire stage. This only happens with shells. Only when they still hold it. Most notably when they got three shells.
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