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they can't be defeated only by flasgpole...Can it be defeated by star power...



Are you sure they're the real translated names, and not just thought up? Some reasons why I think they're thought up:

  1. The Japanese name here is "kinubiru", literally King Bill, thus. However, a Bullet Bill's Japanese name is "kira", being literally "Killer". And while "King" translates to "kingu", the lowercase version (being thus just "king") translates to "O". Note that the Japanese icon is not part of katakana or hiragana, but a different icon that depicts the whole word (like "red").
  2. This creature has a Dutch name? Most enemies just keep their English names in Dutch. Like Bullet Bill. A nice example is Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games where Big Bullet Bill keeps his English name in the Dutch version. Or did you expect it was "Grote Kogel Bill"?
  3. Apparently, all the translations literally mean King Bill. Not any special, since all Bullet Bill's translations also are literally "Bullet Bill", except for the Japanese name. But look at Banzai Bill: it's German name is "Riesen-Kugelwilli", which is "Giant Bullet Bill" (or "Willy"). The Japanese name shows "magunamu kira", "Magnum Killer". The European French name is "Bill Bourrin", "Brutal Bill". All the translations of Banzai Bill we have (except Latin Spanish) shows no literal translation to Banzai Bill. And all the translations we have here are exactly King Bill.
  4. You saw this one coming: there are no sources. Or someone forgot to cite them, but if that's true, then they were all cited already.
  5. I'm kinda surprised that chinese" is included. Of course, there are games translated to Chinese, but we haven't a Chinese name on this wiki for Bullet Bill yet. We do have a Korean name, which we don't have for King Bill.

So, to return to my question, are those translations true or fake? 60px-ArendLogoTransparent.pngrend (talk) (edits)