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Isaac voicing Bowser? Where's the actual proof?[edit]

I gotta do something about this since no one else will.

Years ago, in my efforts to properly credit the voice actors of Mario Party 1 and 2 (because I was suspicious of the application of Eriko Ibe) I found credits for the Japanese version of Mario Kart 64 on From there I saw the blanks fill themselves in: where those voices came from, and why there were so few credited in Mario Party. Needless to say I am the reason why the names Julien Bardakoff, Thomas Spindler and Tomoko Maruno are a lot more prominent.

Anyway, with those squared away it was obvious what Ibe did at that point: the one voice that had been completely forgotten about - the announcer. Now with that experience it's clear what happened: Martinet had been pigeon-holed to Luigi and Wario in MP simply because he was the only credited male and Ibe was supposedly the female not-Peach, aka Toad. Obviously this has been proven wrong, which brings me to the subject at hand.

Isaac Marshall, like Ibe in Mario Party, was merely pigeon-holed in the US version of Mario Kart 64. In this instance he was designated to any male voices that weren't a Mario brother or one of their dopplegangers. While this was certainly effective in nailing Toad, he had also been pinned to DK and Bowser with nothing else supporting or rejecting this assumption. Again, time and proper sourcing relieved this, leaving Marshall to merely be implied to be Bowser in Mario Kart 64.

That being said, what other primary source has ever said anything about him being voiced by Marshall? He certainly wasn't credited in either version of Super Mario 64 (where these Bowser samples originated), and some evidence suggests sound effect manipulation. All I've ever seen that officially relates to Marshall are the games he is actually credited in and those quotes of his you have on his page - quotes that don't even have a source. I think that in itself says just how bad the situation is. It's clear what happened: Marshall's being pigeon-holed in Kart 64 spread to Mario 64 and, by extension, every game that has ever used those samples.

Another example of Marshall's 'being there for whatever reason' is Star Fox 64, where he is supposedly the voice of Peppy Hare; some even say he reprised the role in the remake (SF643D), where he sounds COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. This example is beyond the realm of this wiki, but it just shows how much is supposedly done by this individual.

To those who read this, thank you for your time and patience. I hope this reaches the right ears so that all of this can finally be set straight. Kyubihanyou 21:49, 17 July 2012 (EDT)