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Is this an actual student....or just a wrong name, like Kroop calling Mario "Murphy"? If the later, this article should be deleted. -- Son of Suns

Either way, she is a minor NPC who is only mentioned and never even seen in the game. This article only provides 2 sentences filled with worthless information. It should be deleted. My Bloody Valentine
Well she wouldn't be an NPC if she is merely a name, not a character. Officially named Minor NPCs are allowed. The "stub" issue is different of course (and may be grounds for deletion). But I don't even think this is a character... -- Son of Suns
Er, good point. Agreed, I think Goombella was just accidentally called Goombriel by Professor Frankly. My Bloody Valentine
The problem is we don't know is this is an accidental name or not. We need like a quote or a PM:TTYD expert. =( -- Son of Suns

Here's the quote from a game script guide: "Ah. Yes. You. Now, you, uh... I've seen your face before...Yes, that face... Wait for it... Just a moment... Don't tell me, now! Silence! I'll get it right! Ummm... It's not Goombriel... Err... It's not Elizagoom..."

So it looks like neither Elizagoom or Goombriel are actual characters. Frankly does not say that the two names are from Goomba University students - he is simply struggling to remember the name. Both articles seemingly should be deleted (although the names could be mentioned as trivia on the Goombella page). -- Son of Suns

Yeah, it's never said they are in fact characters. - Cobold (talk · contribs) 15:27, 5 October 2007 (EDT)
Agreed, delete. No, actually, I have a better idea. My Bloody Valentine