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I don't really know who "Gloomer" is, but the guy who greets Mario and his party is named Freddy... Should it be moved? I think Gloomer might be a seperate NPC... --YellowYoshi398

Create an article for Freddy then...are u sure it's Freddy? Using Gombella's tattle she said Gloomer. Paper Jorge

I think Gloomer's a different NPC. I'm replaying PM:TTYD and haven't beaten Doopliss yet, but I once tattled on what seemed to fit as a piggified Gloomer before... I'm near-positive that the greeter's "Freddy". --YellowYoshi398
I beat Doopliss again, and, when I returned to Twilight Town, there was a person standing where the pig that Freddy got turned into, and Goombella really did say his name was Gloomer! I think this might be a mistake on Nintendo's part, and he's called both "Freddy" and "Gloomer" (sort of like the name issues with Mokuka). I'm still sure it was "Freddy" that greeted Mario and his partners, just because I found it funny when Dour said "Oh no. Freddy's gotten turned into a pig now." or whatever it was. --YellowYoshi398 19:27, 31 December 2006 (EST)

Or like Jr. Troopa and Jr. Koopa. Paper Jorge

Yeah... I think I might change the article so it talks of the Freddy/Gloomer issue now, if that's not too extreme... --YellowYoshi398 19:39, 31 December 2006 (EST)

The last sentence is ridiculous TucayoSig.png It shuold go in BJAODN

Maby Gloomer is someone else? Ninja Toad5


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Should this be moved to "Freddy", considering that name is used more in the game's script than "Gloomer"? It's also more consistent with the original Japanese name, if that means anything. Niiue - Who has lost his tail? 22:55, March 8, 2020 (EDT)