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Why is the game cancelled? The second video game footage was, like complete. Super Waluigi 16:50, 5 October 2011 (EDT)

Unless you are looking for a source to add it to the article, this talk is more appropriate on the Forums. This page is for suggestions on improving the article, or adding information to it. Bop1996 (Talk)
K, see this. It is complete and was still being in DK development even after Rare's move when Rare was working on. The title with 2003 will prove it. Now do you know why the game got cancelled? Super Waluigi 17:30, 5 October 2011 (EDT)
I still don't get your point. We have no proof of why the game was cancelled, ergo it's not on the article. If you aren't making suggestions on how to improve the article, then this doesn't need to be here. Bop1996 (Talk)

Redneck Kong[edit]

I'm pretty sure that Redneck Kong was removed because it is totally racist Paper Mario Kart (talk)

I am 100% sure that isn't the reason. Super Waluigi 13:12, 6 April 2012 (EDT)


Should all the images in Category:Diddy Kong Pilot Images also be put under Category:Beta Images?

'Shroom Spotlight Shokora (talk · edits) 06:23, 25 November 2012 (EST)

Redneck Kong page[edit]

Should Redneck Kong have an article on this wiki? I know his only "appearance" was in a cancelled game, but he has an article on Donkey Kong Wiki.

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