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GG445 Me!Wiiheehee! "It's bright in here." I request this because there is an exact replica named the same thing. Either delete this one or that one. the other one is here. there is a difference: the redirect near the top

Uhm, as the message at the top which you pointed out implies, "Bowser in the dark world" is a redirect to this article; it's not a replica. It's not named the same either; the capitalisation is different, which matters for names where not every word is capitalised. Typing "bowser in the dark world" in all lower case would not take people to this article without the redirect.--vellidragon 14:13, 28 September 2010 (UTC)

Then does the redirect message disappear if someone is redirected or not?
GG445 Me!Wiiheehee! "It's bright in here."

The message is shown after the user has been redirected to a page, to let them know that they were taken to the page by a redirect and what the name of said redirect is.--vellidragon 23:05, 28 September 2010 (UTC)