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What's the proof that Big Bully is a character, and not a species? Two Big Bullies can appear at one time in Lethal Lava Land. -- Son of Suns

They can? I've only ever seen one at once... - User: Ultimatetoad

Beat the three regular Bullies on the island. A Big Bully will fall down. However, the first Big Bully (the one fought for the first power star) will still be on his island. -- Son of Suns

Ohhhhhhh. I stand corrected... - User: Ultimatetoad

That doesn't mean there's 2! that's just a glitch!

The programmers could have easily removed one of the Bullies - it's not a glitch. -- Son of Suns

yes they appear to be very much a species. Luigibros2