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Should we mention on the Trivia what the Banshee is? This stage is, indeed, named after the ghost creature Banshee, but, is it worth nothing or not? My Bloody Valentine

The Cheep-Cheep in the course[edit]

It's not that I'm trying to deviate from the topic itself, but how exactly does that giant Cheep-Cheep get a racer? I've only seen it coming out of the water as soon as I entered the straight over which it jumped, and never had it catch me, nor had I seen catching anyone else. Can anyone explain this?AndyKusanagi 22:34, 21 June 2009 (EDT)

In fact, the Cheepcheep looked like it jumped to high up to be ABLE to get a racer. This is puzzling. GreenKoopa - Comments or questions? 22:39, 21 June 2009 (EDT)

my younger bro used a moon jump action replay code on the ds and a boo hit him and he spun out. YourBuddyBill (talk)