Red Eagles

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Pitcher selection screen for both teams. The Red Eagles are on the right.

The Red Eagles are one of two baseball teams in the Game Boy port of Baseball. They appear in both the USA mode and the Japan mode, just with different team members in each mode. They are, by default, always the first to pitch first. Their opponent team they play against in the game are the White Bears. Due to limitations of the Game Boy hardware, their in-game name is displayed as simply "R-EAGLES".

North American instruction manual description[edit]

  • USA Mode: Strong-armed pitcher INAHO, has an excellent battling lineup to support him.
  • Japan Mode: Team batting centers on left handed batters, and pitching on left handed speed ball pitcher RANDY. This is a team of strong individuals.


For full detailing on their stats, see here.

USA Mode[edit]

Pitchers Luigi • Phil • Randy • Sam
Batters Joe • Louis • Teddy • Steve
Peter • Scott • Brian • Jeff
Pinch hitters Duke • Jason • Mac

Japan Mode[edit]

Pitchers Tonbi • Yama • Keshi • Inaho
Batters Fuku • Jiroh • Hario • Futo
Kado • Ochi • Nomu • Toyo
Pinch hitters Hide • Erito • Irose