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It has been decided that the Super Mario Wiki will no longer support this feature. This page is kept and protected strictly for historical purposes.

We allow users to submit polls for use on the main page. To get started, add your poll to the bottom of the page. Polls about Mario and game-related polls are encouraged, and must not exceed 10 options, or it will be deleted. Also, all non-Mario polls will be deleted. Polls that are the same as other polls will be deleted as well. Polls may not copy an awards question.

Then, users can vote either for or against the submitted polls. Polls are selected by their number of supporters, and those with 2 more opposes than supporters will be deleted.

If your poll does not get deleted after a week of it being on this page, you may add it to the archives. To do this, click the link that is furthest down the archives section. If there are less than 25 polls already on that page, you may add yours. If there are 25 polls, create a new page and put your poll on it (don't forget to link the new page to the bottom of the list).

This page observes the No-Signature Policy.


Note: Due to the archives being constantly gone through and changed, the pages have been protected until further notice. And because of that, the archives might not be full due to various reasons.

Poll Submissions