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Mario Superstar Baseball[edit]

Remove featured article status[edit]

  1. Killer Moth (talk) So I just saw that my former issues with the article are fixed (thank you everyone who worked on that) I was about to remove my vote until I saw Electrical Bowser Jr.’s reasoning. I looked through the article again and have to agree that the “Permanent items” section needs work. Along with that having images for the “abilities” section will be nice as somebody who doesn’t own this game.
  2. Electrical Bowser jr. (talk) Per Killer Moth, though I also think the “Permanent items” section could use some brief detail on what the items do.
  3. Ray Trace (talk) Unfortunately, I don't think time was very kind to this article. The Gameplay section is a very bare minimum description of the sport and does not go into any mechanics at all (for comparison, Mario Sports Superstars's baseball section goes into much more detail). One example of gameplay mechanics is whiffing the ball, the ball direction going to the timing of your swing, the different types of pitches, that sort of thing. The characters section is missing information on their star skill or explanation on what strengths "technique" characters have (sub characters do get a star skill which i think is dependent on their class), plus characters in this game have unique star titles in the challenge mode that perhaps could be implemented in this table. The abilities section is missing images and has a very bland presentation and could use better organization. The items section also lacks images. I don't know why various game modes are headered under "stadiums". This shitty image captured from my shitty capture card is still up btw). And the reception section needs expansion.

Keep featured article status[edit]

Removal of support/oppose votes[edit]