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Remove Featured Article Status[edit]

  1. Ashley and Red (talk)There ia a rewrite template. The trivia section is very large and has poor elements (e.i The Magic of Oz thing) and there are some words in oast tense that should be in present.
  2. Mario (talk) My god, that history section.
  3. Icemario (talk) With a history section like that, I find it hard to believe this was actually successfully featured.
  4. Randombob-omb4761 (talk) Per Ashley and Red.
  5. DaisyLuigi (talk) Per Mario and Icemario. A history section like that scares me, it's so undetailed!

Keep Featured Article Status[edit]

  1. Epic Rosalina (talk) I've been waiting to do this for awhile, and I finally can now that the history section has been cleaned up. Any more issues that you have, tell me and I'll try to clean up.
  2. Mario7 (talk) This is an excellent article. It has a detailed history section, there is a lot of information on her, and it has a nice appearance.

Removal of Support/Oppose Votes[edit]

EpicRosalina and Mario7

  1. Ashley and Red (talk) @EpicRosalina, if you do it I may remove my vote. @Mario7: this isn't great, the story section is messed up and VERY detailed, this needs an trim. Also, are you blind???There is a rewrite template!!!!FA's can't have it.
  2. Time Turner (talk) The article Įstill has some very glaring flaws, as mentioned by Icemario. It is certainly far from being an excellent article. Remember, quality over quantity, and less can be more.
  3. Icemario (talk) Per all.
  4. Mario (talk) It's still a hideously padded article.
  5. Randombob-omb4761 (talk) Seriously? Their is a freaking rewrite template on that page. Per all.
  6. CoolYoshi27 (talk) Per all


  1. Yoshi876 (talk) The problem with the article is that it went into too much detail which caused it to be flowery, if that's been removed then your support has no merit.


@Epic Rosalina: What's been done was the tip of the iceberg; the article still reeks of flowery writing, still really needs some serious trimming, there's one instance of the writing looking personal and there are still several cases of misused tenses. Icemario (talk)

Will somebody PLEASE fix any issues that are left? I fixed what I could and I think it looks fine. Epic Rosalina (talk)

Excuse me, but I am STILL waiting for an answer, an if you look, I actually REWROTE some of the page, but you guys keep ignoring me. Epic Rosalina (talk)

I will look into it when I get the time Baby Luigi (talk)

Good job on the trivia @EpicRosa, but her story section is still awful. And I think that there is no neex for this "Profile and Statics" section. But I will remove my support if anyone do it.Ashley and Red (talk)

I've MASSIVELY trimmed down the story section, so hopefully, you are happy the way it looks now. Epic Rosalina (talk)