Lost Mines

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The mysterious statues in the "Banana Robery" story of the Donkey Kong Jungle Action Special.
The cavern with golden Kong statues

The Lost Mines is a location on Donkey Kong Island that appears in the Donkey Kong Jungle Action Special story "The Big Banana Robbery". Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong learn that after the Kremlings stole their banana hoard, they took it to the Lost Mines. Donkey and Diddy ride Rambi to the mine shaft entrance and board a Mine Cart to ride the rails. After encountering the Kremlings' Mine Carts, Donkey and Diddy run into a wall; however, the wall is not solid, and it transports them into a mysterious cavern filled with golden statues of Kongs and cave drawings of Donkey Kong and Kremlings. The cavern also contains a giant door, which has a keyhole and a golden plate with the letters "D.K." written on it. Donkey Kong sees the contents of the cavern, but Diddy Kong does not, as his eyes are stuck shut. Shortly after exiting the cavern, Donkey and Diddy fall out of the Lost Mines through a hole in the wall. The origin and purpose of the statues, cave drawings, and the door remain unknown.