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I find it unfair the Fire Flower was removed. So what if it's a crop? The Coin, Koopa, Racoon Goomba, and Piranha Plant are crops too. Oh wait, I shouldn't have said that, because the admins are going to unfairly remove them too. :| --~ I'm Purple--Koopa--Bro. PKB FSB.png And I approve this sandwitch! ~

The problem is those art are meant to be part of the promo poster not to be cropped off, until there prove that solo art exist, it shouldn't be here. Alien Bunny Sprite.pngL151Onnanoko transparent WC98.png

So should they be deleted if their crops Goomba's Shoe15 (talk)

But it's still art. How many times has promo art taht has been revealed not be shown to be official art? I can't really think of any instances. --~ I'm Purple--Koopa--Bro. PKB FSB.png And I approve this sandwitch! ~

Plus, they are featured on the boxart. And the other art is from the full pic on the box. --~ I'm Purple--Koopa--Bro. PKB FSB.png And I approve this sandwitch! ~

It technically doesn't count, Piranha Plant and Koopa are definitely part of the background images as a promo to the game. This isn't fantendo where you can rip off any art from the background as you pleas, we are searching the official solo art from websites, media sources and products, any related promo group art as this MSWGamy-skis.png

Fantendo is not an official Mario wiki. --~ I'm Purple--Koopa--Bro. PKB FSB.png And I approve this sandwitch! ~

Where did the flagpole and propeller block artworks come from? BooDestroyer 18:41, 28 September 2011 (EDT)

If your going to remove the Koopa artwork, then you should also remove the goomba because it is too part of the promo art. -Mariosonic444

You know what, this game isn't even released yet so i'm going to put the Koopa back up. Until we 100% know its not it's own art. -Mariosonic444

Somebody try getting an artwork of the bee enemy? BooDestroyer 13:37, 7 October 2011 (EDT)

QUICK BooDestroyer 18:08, 7 October 2011 (EDT)

Really official or not? It looks cool.Fuzzy-NSMBU.pngYoshiGo99Yoshi Egg Tilted Artwork.png

Yes it is. BooDestroyer


I'm thinking about adding descriptions on how to receive the letters. I can't figure out how do you get the letter with Peach and the Tanooki Toads. Akfamilyhome!SMG2 Bob-omb Buddy.png 05:32, 17 November 2011 (EST)

(Un)official images[edit]

According to you, these images are official or not?

--Sfavillotto (talk) 07:59, 20 November 2011 (EST)

Official,pretty obvious add them to the Gallery. Donaldthescotishtwin

Look very official, I think you can upload them but I think you should take the logo thing away.Fuzzy-NSMBU.pngYoshiGo99Yoshi Egg Tilted Artwork.png