Fly Guy Grab

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Fly Guy Grab minigame
Firing a claw towards Fly Guys.

Fly Guy Grab is one of the minigames in Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move. For this minigame the player needs 10 stars to unlock the first level, 40 stars to unlock the second level and 80 stars to unlock the final level. They get stars by getting perfects in the Main Game.


The player uses the Stylus to aim and launch the claw on the bottom screen to hit the miniature Fly Guys that appear on the top screen. Once a Fly Guy is grabbed it needs to be reeled in to collect points. Sometimes a Fly Guy will trigger a lightning attack and the player will need to tap the bottom screen to release the Fly Guy. The player must reach the wave goal score before the wave is over in order to proceed to the next wave. Each level contains three waves, and each wave has a different goal score.

Level Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
1 1200pts 2000pts 2500pts
2 1500pts 2500pts 3500pts
3 2000pts 3000pts 4000pts


  • Green Fly Guy from Fly Guy Grab. Green Mini Fly Guy: 200 points
  • Blue Fly Guy from Fly Guy Grab. Blue Mini Fly Guy: 500 points
  • Red Fly Guy from Fly Guy Grab. Red Mini Fly Guy: 1000 points
  • Gold Fly Guy from Fly Guy Grab. Gold Mini Fly Guy: 1000 points per Fly Guy on screen

In-game instructions[edit]

Grab the Fly Guys and reel them in!


Fly Guy Grab features a slingshot with a claw. You'll use a slingshot to aim and fire the claw at flying Fly Guys on the top screen, trying to grab one. When a Fly Guy is grabbed, the slingshot will become a reel and you'll need to reel in your catch to receive points. The Fly Guys will come in three waves, and you must earn the goal score to advance to the next wave.