Cube Crash

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Screenshot image of Cube Crash, a minigame in Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move
Mini Mario being launched at the cube

Cube Crash is one of the minigames in Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move. Unlike the other minigames, there are two variants of Cube Crash. The first levels of both are unlocked by default when the minigames are unlocked; the second levels are unlocked by collecting forty stars, and the last one by collecting eighty stars.


In Cube Crash 1, the player uses the touch screen to aim and launch the Mini Marios at a single, large cube using a slingshot to destroy it in sixty seconds. Each individual cube hit earns the player ten points. Occasionally, bombs may appear in place of blocks, which if hit detonate and destroy surrounding blocks; hitting a bomb earns the player one hundred points, as well as a bonus. Clocks may also appear in place of blocks which give the player an extra ten seconds to their time. Level 1 has the player destroying a massive cube, level 2 has the player destroying a diamond-shaped structure, with four metal blocks on the inside, and level 3 has the player destroy a similar-appearing shape with several metal blocks.

In Cube Crash 2, the player is given a certain amount of time to destroy as many shapes as possible. Point values for each item remain the same, although timers do not appear, and destroying a shape with a single hit doubles the amount of points the player earns. Level 1 gives the player 80 seconds, level 2 gives the player 90, and level 3 130. Additionally, with each difficulty increase, the shapes become bigger.

In-game instructions[edit]

Break the shape with Mini Marios!


In Cube Crash 1, use the slingshot to hurl Mini Marios at a large shape made up of cubes. Hit bombs to destroy large sections of the shape at a time. Timers will extend your play time by 10 seconds. Destroy the entire shape before time runs out!

In Cube Crash 2, many shapes will appear. Hurl Mini Marios at them to destroy them for points. If you take an entire shape out with one shot, you'll earn double the points for that shape!